Airsoft Colt – $95.80

Airsoft Colt

Airsoft Colt Handgun


Price: $95.80

I don’t know how to truly relay my love of this air pistol. It’s my first blowback and I fear I’ve set the bar so high nothing else will compare. I had an issue .45 while serving as an MP in the Army and this thing feels and fires so similarly I won’t even bother with the differences because they truly are minor. It’s ridiculously accurate and easy to shoot,” Amazon Customer Review.

It Looks Real, And Feels  It

It looks kinda real doesn’t it? This handgun is the right size, is all metal and really doesn’t look too dissimilar to a Colt if you squint.

That’s a $1000 handgun and this clearly isn’t. It’s cheap, but it’s heavy in the hand and comes with an imitated recoil from the innovative blowback system.

It’s powered by a 12g Carbon Dioxide cartridge and an 18-round magazine. So it feels like a real gun, it kinda acts like a real gun and you can use it in your garden when you can’t get to the range.

You Can Train With This Gun

Now it’s a training aid and a toy, not a real gun, but then it is kind of cool in its own way. Airsoft weapons are pretty much a novelty, but at this price it never hurts to have something that you can shoot in the comfort of your own property.

Not all States will give you that luxury, but you know the rules where you are. So if you’re free to have an airsoft gun, get some targets and it can be fun for you to play with at home.

You can perfect your quickdraw and aim technique and shoot targets up to 30 yards with pretty solid accuracy. So you can turn this into a training tool for home.

It’s A Cheap Way To Shoot

Every round is much cheaper this way, with no range time to pay for and no expensive bullets piling through the chamber.

You can get 6000 BBs for $8 and shoot at targets all day long. So it’s a cheap way to practice and learn new skills.

It’s also just a fun toy and most the owners are blown away with it.

So get an Airsoft pistol today, even if it’s just a toy to play with in your back yard.

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