Biometric Rifle Safe -$749.99

Biometric Safe for guns


Biometric Safe

Price: $749.99

If you keep firearms, valuables or even cash in the house, then you might want to look into a biometric gun safe that means only you can get in.

Of course, if you look elsewhere on these posts, you’ll see we’re not the biggest fan of biometric gun safes. Nor are the big name manufacturers.

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Gun safes are serious business and, if you don’t have one, you really need to get  with the  program. Gun safes save lives and it could just be yours.

So if you have spent thousands on guns and gun safes like this seem too much money, you have your priorities wrong.

This biometric rifle safe has two shelves at the top for ammunition, handguns and valuables. It’s  57″ high and 13.75″ across and deep too, so it has space for a small collection of rifles.

Keep Your Guns Ready

You can program who has access, so you can have guns loaded, safety off and ready to go.

That’s because you can sleep sound in the knowledge that your own weapons cannot be used against you.

Conceal This Safe For Total Security

You could turn this safe into a permanent installation, inside a wall cavity, so you could conceal it altogether for another level of security.

If you’re going to do this then you might also want a mini vault in your bedroom for complete peace of mind.

This one gives fingerprint access for $171.29 and has space for one handgun, so make it a good one.

A lot of customers prefer the Hornady Snapsafe gun vault, though, with a simple electronic access system and a traditional pincode.

Hornady SnapSafe Dropbox gun vauilt for sale. A simple hidden gun safe

Good For Valuables Too

Of course you might just have a lot of valuable stuff that you could put in a safe. If that’s the case, then this could be ideal.

It’s elegant enough to become a feature, if you’re that way inclined, or it will go in a cupboard.

It’s part of responsible gun ownership to keep yours under lock and key. This biometric safe provides complete peace of mind and you know you can access your weapons with a single finger when you need them most.

Ideal For Apartment Living

If I lived in the city, I’d seriously consider a vault like this. Your guns are close to hand, but nobody can stumble across them or get hold of them against your will.

Mount it to secure foundations and the five deadbolt system will never give up the goods. The safe weighs in at 114lb, but anchor it properly and it will prove almost unbeatable.

It’s a big  investment, but this is a solid gun cabinet that should be a once in a decade purchase. If it protects you and your family from your own weapons, then it’s cheap at any price.

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