Browning Black Rail 1911-380

Browning Black Label 1911-380

Browning Black Rail 1911-380

Price: $679.99 (On Sale)

Browning has produced a truly unique hadgun by combining two innovations: the 1911 handgun shrunk down around the .380 ACP ammunition. It also shrank the cost, which is a stroke of genius. A full-size Browning is a $1000 pistol, but this one is significantly cheaper.

The end result is a 7.5-inch 1911 that weighs just 1.1lb. That makes it much lighter than a Glock 19 and some people prefer the age-old engineering of a traditional 1911, especially with the grip safety that means it’s always ready to go.

You get a 4.25-inch barrel, so this is an accurate weapon and you also get 8+1 rounds, which is enough for most situations.

There’s an accessory rail underneath the barrel for a light or a laser, but this is also a minimalist gun that comes with reasonable night sights on board.

So you can run it as it is, and it is just about small enough to go for concealed carry. It’s a slimline design with a single-stack mag, so if you can find the right place for it to sit against your body then you could really bond with this gun.

In an open carry state, it would probably be one of the more comfortable and stylish 1911s you could show off. Because in open carry situations, fashion counts too.

Skeleton Parts Look Light And Cruel

It gets a lightweight hammer and drilled out trigger and the skeleton parts look the part. This is the special edition Black Rail that comes with a polished slide, matte black finish and custom grips.

It’s an imposing gun that comes with serious psychological impact, which means it’s a viable everyday carry gun. It gets self-defense points, as it’s one of those guns that will make anybody think twice when it’s pointed in their general direction.

The .380 ammunition provides serious muzzle energy and down range kick, but it’s also seriously potent as a self-defense round. At close quarters, this gun loaded with top end hollowpoints would be more than enough 95 times out of 100.

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