Amazon’s Best Kydex Carbon Fiber Holsters Cost $40!

Amazon’s Best Kydex Carbon Fiber Holsters Cost $40!

Carbon-Fiber Kydex Molded Holster: Perfect Concealed Carry

Price:  $39.99-$80.00

At first glance, these carbon-fiber Kydex holsters don’t look to be the most  comfortable solution for concealed carry. Especially if you’re used to an old-school belt holster.

But they fit neatly under your belt and every contour is tailored perfectly to the individual gun.

Suddenly there are no sharp edges. There is nothing to dig in as these holsters are basically a shield for you. A simple clip goes over your belt and nobody should know you are carrying, until you want them too.

You can go for a bigger holster with a pad, but try one of these first. They’re pretty unobtrusive and people love them.

This Concealment Express Kydex holster for the M&P Shield has more than 850 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 Star rating with more than 2,200 sales. That tells its own story.


This one, for the Glock 19, is held in similarly high regard.

The Springfield Armory XDMOD2 is well catered for, too.

It’s Comfortable And  Adjustable

You can adjust the angle up to 15 degrees and find the perfect place for you.

There’s minimal drag when you draw and relatively little wear to the holster itself.

There is a retention point that is calibrated so it’s easy to break through when you want to, but it should stop you dropping your gun accidentally.

You get a solid and reassuring click when the gun slides fully into the holster, too, so you know it’s not coming out of there unless you need it.

Then just put it over your belt and you’re good to go.

Holster Is Easy To Clean

It’s hygienic, too, as the carbon-fiber is easy to wipe down and won’t absorb sweat and household dirt like leather. That’s good, because this holster could be on your hip for years and you don’t want it getting all sweaty.

You need to order the right holster for your gun, obviously, because they’re a custom fit.

Amazon is a surprisingly good source of them, though, and there are Kydex carbon-fiber finish holsters for everything from a Glock 19 through to a lightweight Ruger LCP 380.

So check that list and see if they’ve got something for you.

It’s a high-tech solution and a lot of people are happy with leather. But, if you want to try a different kind of holster, then this could be for you.

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