Steal of the Week: 250 Super X 12 Gauge – $60

Steal of the Week: 250 Super X 12 Gauge – $60

25 x Winchester Super X Heavy Game Shells

Price: $7.19/25 Rounds. $.29/round

Do you want to stock up on turkey shells? Then Brownells has an awesome deal on 12 Gauge heavy game load shells.

These 2 and ¾ inch, 1-1 and 1/8oz, shells are tailor-made for game hunting and they’re well loved by hunters around the country.

You get a heavier load and they cost just 29c a round.

25 Shells for 29c/Round

We don’t think you’ll find a better deal than that for branded shells from a company like Winchester.

Now this deal won’t be around forever. So by the time you see this then you might have missed out.

If so, don’t worry, Brownells carries all kinds of deals and we’re just trying to give you a flavor of what you can expect when you bulk order ammo online.

Get Ammo Delivered in 48 Hours

Brownells has a great reputation and they pride themselves on getting the ammo to your door in two days.

So, if you’ve had a bad experience ordering ammunition for sale online, then try again and get ready to feel the difference.

We will keep shining a light on the best deals as we find them, because you can save a fortune and have the very best ammunition if you just shop smart and stock up with you spot the deals.

You can never have too much ammunition, too, and if you own guns for home security, hunting or even the big SHTF moment, then you need to have more ammo than you do right now.

So stock up when we send you these awesome offers. You’re welcome.

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