Is The New Glock 45 The Best Compact Handgun?

The Glock 45 is a carry pistol version of the Glock 19 with slight mods that might just make it the best every day carry 9mm pistol out there.

Glock G45 For Sale

  • Price: $605.00
  • Barrel Length: 4.02 inch
  • Total Length: 7.44 inch
  • Width: 1.34 inch
  • Weight: 1.8lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

The Glock 45 9mm is upon us and although we are not Glock fanboys round these parts, we have to say this gun has staked a claim for the best EDC for sale in 2019.

Now the Glock alternatives are making a compelling case for themselves right now and this is by no means clear cut. But we do have to say that the Glock G45 does a pretty solid job of fixing all the problems with the Glock 19 and have turned it into a real contender for your Every Day Carry gun.

What are the differences between the Glock 45 and Glock 19?

When you compare the Glock 45 and Glock 19, it’s a slight apples vs oranges comparison, because the 45 is actually a Glock 17 frame and a 19 slide under there.

In truth, though, the Glock line-up has carved itself up into niches we’re not sure we needed and you’d need the whole Glock pistol line-up for sale in your hands to really see the subtle differences.

Glock 45 is a Service Pistol For Cops

The Glock G45 was designed firmly as a police service handgun and was a response to requests from cops who wanted the G19X, but didn’t want the Coyote Tan color-scheme. It’s much more than a black G19X. Well, a bit more…

It comes with front serrations on the slide, which means no more tiresome additional slidework. The trigger is also much sharper and it comes with a flared magwell.

Hallelujah. A Glock you don’t need to modify. You can just shoot the thing…

Problems With Glock 19 and DIY Solutions

That was always our main beef with Glock. The Glock 19 is manufactured to a price point, in part due to the generous police subsidised sale program, and it always felt like the start of a gun.

It needed a new connector plate, or preferably a new trigger. It needed better stippling, an aftermarket magwell and a Glock 19 is really the start of a DIY project if you actually want to have fun with it.

If you just want it for self-defense, then you don’t need to do those things. But most of us can’t resist in the end. There’s a massive market in Glock Parts & Accessories for that very reason.

Glock Took Ideas From Custom Gunsmiths

Glock appears to have learned lessons from the wealth of tuners out there making big bucks from optimising the basic Glock 19. Agency Arms, ZEV Technologies and more came up with a lot of the same solutions for custom Glocks.

Check out our list of the best custom Glocks on the market right here.

So the Austrian firearms icon watched and learned. Then it went to work on the Gen 5 Glock G45 for sale.

New Slide a Step Forward For Glock G45

Those front serrations mean you can live with this slide now. It seems to balance the design of the Gen 5 Glock 45 and turn it into a much more elegant gun as well.

The proportions are right, it’s still minimalist and yet it has that touch of, dare I say it, flair.

That is not a word you hear in connection with Glock design all that often. Reliability? Yes. Accuracy? Yep. Durability? Natch. Those are the Glock trademarks. But the Glock 45 Gen 5 is actually almost pretty.

Glock is Still Not Pretty

We won’t say it’s a stunner, it’s not. It’s a 6. But it’s no longer an ugly, frumpy, Plain Jane. It’s a step in the right direction and we have to applaud that.

It’s a Glock 17 frame and people have been trimming the frame for concealed carry for years. But if you don’t mind the added height and are used to carrying a service pistol, this could well be the best EDC for sale in 2019.

And we don’t say that lightly…

Sig P320 Compact

Glock 45 vs Sig P320 Compact

This is the real battle for the title of the best compact handgun for sale in 2019. We thought the Sig P320 Compact smashed the Glock 19, but the Glock G45 has closed the gap to a hair’s breadth.

Now the Glock G45 is the better gun for concealment and the minor evolutions, the improvements, have eaten into the Sig P320 Compact’s advantage when the gun is in your hand and firing.

Glock on the Offensive

The sharper trigger, reworked slide, pronounced stippling and undercut trigger guard mean this is one of the first Glocks you don’t have to modify at all.

It’s all done for you and torture tested to death. So you get all the Glock OEM goodness, like reliability and accuracy, as well as ease of concealment, without the old trade-offs.

And it is still just 1 inch wide at the slide and 1.34 inches overall. It still conceals like a CCW Champion, and now it shoots like an EDC Compact champion too.

The Glock 45 really could be the best carry gun out in 2020. At least it looks it right now.

The compact 9mm handguns from Sig Sauer, FN, Springfield Armory and even ReX are absolutely pushing the envelope right now, though, and it’s just down to you whether you think Glock has done enough to take the crown.

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