Gun Cylinder Pen Holder – $14.95

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Barbuzzo Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Price: $14.95

Amazon Customer Rating: 4.7 Stars

Looks like the photo in the Amazon page. Not too shiny and it has a slightly worn look like you would expect on a firearm. Really does look like a cylinder for what would be a huge revolver.

“The pen openings are approximately 3/4 inch in diameter and easily accept all my pens. It’s a heavy piece and very solid. Some times novelty pieces are a let down when you open the box but I was really impressed with this,” Amazon Customer Review

This beautifully engineered penholder means you can have the spirit, if not the whole body, of an old-school revolver on your desk.

It’s a great gift for the gunlover in your life, it’s really cheap and yet it will bring a massive smile to their face.

It feels like the real deal. You get heavyweight machined aluminum and this penholder and paperweight weighs in at about 1lb.

Gun cylinder penholder

This is just a neat ornament with a purpose, which makes it even better. Gun people like functional stuff like this and it is the perfect addition to  any study or mancave.

It holds six pens in relative comfort, or  more if you want to crowd it.

Put it in your cubicle and it might serve as a subtle warning to your coworkers not to mess.

More likely, though, you’ll find yourself on a toxic masculinity re-education program.

That’s not the penholder’s fault, though, to be fair.

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