HK SP5K 9mm Semi Auto Pistol – $2,349

HK SP5K Semi Auto Pistol 9mm

HK SP5K 9mm Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm

Price: $2,349




This modern day tribute to the MP5K is a thing of beauty.


It’s evil beauty, but beauty nonetheless.


Mercenaries And Security Love Their HK


Private security love the compact size of a serious gun that can hold up to 30 rounds with the biggest mag and can still just about remain concealed.


Special forces from around the world have adopted this gun as their own, too, thanks to its portability and light weight.


This one is semi-automatic and it’s an almighty gun for target shooting,especially run and gun ranges.



No Stock Affects Balance


The lack of a butt stock means the sling stabilized the weapon when you need to keep steady and accurate.


Inevitably, then, the HK SP5K lacks the long-distance precision of an AR-15, but it’s not that kind of weapon.


It is the one you want in close quarters, sweeping a building or fighting for your life in a sudden attack.


It really is an equalizer in the worst firefights, thanks to the size of the mag if nothing else.


It’s Beautiful To Look At


You get German engineering and just a mesmerizing looking gun.


I mean look at it!


I have seen so many bad films with frogmen emerging from the water with one of these bad boys that I automatically think the new gun has to be a winner.


The original MP5, in all its forms, has appeared in some iconic films too. It  starred in the Die Hard films, Ronin, Bad Boys and Neo even used one in The Matrix.


It has heritage and, perhaps more importantly, it has charisma and even street cred.


Anybody would think twice when confronted with this weapon.



The HK SP5K has the X-Factor.


It comes with a 4.5 inch non-threaded  barrel and the same fluted chamber as the original MP5K.


You get a removable Picatinny rail on the top that gives you grip options.


It’s awkward to hold in a standard pistol grip, but that’s not the point. This is a gun that’s worn at the hip or out in front and can be relied upon to even the odds in a heinous firefight.








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