iTarget: A Portable Practice Gun Range

iTargetPro turn your home into a firing range, guns

Update: You can see more high tech targeting options at this URL and we don’t recommend the iTarget Pro anymore. Find better alternatives for firearms training here.

iTarget Pro: A Firing Range In Your Own Home

Price: $89.00

You don’t always want to go the shooting range. Now, with iTarget, you can turn your living room or your garden into a real gun range thanks to the magic of your iPhone and a dry fire bullet you can load into a real gun.

So you can set up the target, literally anywhere, and practice shooting.

This is a big deal, because you can train yourself with a new gun for hours, through thousands of virtual rounds, without ever setting foot on the shooting range.

That will save you time and a serious amount of money.

It’s a neat system. You set up the target, position your phone in front of it in the included sled and then load the laser-equipped dry fire bullet into your gun.


Rimless Bullets Stay In The Chamber

The bullets come without a rim, so they don’t auto eject, and you can just remove them when you’re done with no damage.

You can order the following calibers:

  • 9mm
  • .45 ACP
  • 40 S&W
  • .380 ACP
  • .357 Sig

The app on your phone links up with the bullet and does its best to replicate the look of a paper target taking heavy fire.

Is iTarget accurate? Well we haven’t tried it, yet, but it seems so. iTarget claim total accuracy to 25 yards in the house and, at night, it functions to 100 yards outside.

Daylight screws with the laser, so don’t expect it to work when the sun’s out. But, at night, this could be better than the range.

Expose Problems With Your Technique

Dry fire training with an iTarget laser bullet can be a great way to get used to a new 9mm subcompact gun without spending huge money on bullets. You can also use this system to calibrate iron or laser sights and adjust the sensitivity of everything.

When the red dot and your iTarget agree on a direct hit, and the app registers it, then it’s safe to assume you’re good to go.

It will highlight any problems you might have with your technique, such as a jerking trigger action, limpwristing or recoil anticipation. And you can spend all night adjusting your grip and firing round after round into the target without a SWAT team bursting through your door.

There’s a quickdraw feature, too, so you can hone your technique. Gut feelings can go by the wayside.

Now you’ll know how long it takes to reach for your gun and you can make changes to your concealed carry holster set-up to save those critical fractions of a second. Your drawing and shooting technique will improve.

Practice Home Defense Situations

The iTarget Pro laser bullet firearms training system can also make you take a fresh look at your home, through the sights of your gun.

When you need it most, this simple training kit could prove to be a lifesaver. From drawing and shooting through to long range accuracy. This firearm training system can do it all.

It will also let you play with your guns in your own home. Like your new concealed carry 45 ACP handgun, for instance.

That’s a good enough reason for us.

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