Low Budget Tactical Rifle Lazer Optics – $95.99

Low Budget Tactical Rifle Lazer Optics – $95.99


Budget Tactical Rifle Laser Sight

Price:  $95.99

If you’re looking for a low cost range finder optical sight with integral laser, then this one is on Amazon and it’s getting great reviews.

It has a 4.4 rating from 43 customer reviews right now and pretty much all of them are saying it’s a great sight for the money. If you’ve just bought a cheap AR-15 online, this could be the sort of price range you’re looking at.

Clearly it isn’t a Nikon or some of the other $1,000 scopes featured here. But then at this price the fact that it has allowed customers to group shots from 100 yards pretty much straight out the box is a pretty positive sign.

Low Budget Tactical Rifle Lazer Optics – $95.99

Lazer Sight For Any Weapon

You can ‘paint the target’ with a powerful laser, too, which can switch between red and green. It’s effective up to 300 meters, which could boost your strike rate when you go out on a hunt.

You can use the optical site, which gives you a 50mm objective lens that gives you 4-16 times magnification. Put this on any AR-15 and it becomes a devastating hunting rifle.

You get windage adjustment and elevation, but keep this at relatively short ranges. If you’re going for the big guns like the Ruger Precision Rifle then you need to go up a class in sights.

But if you’re a hunter that wants something simple, easy and cheap, then this is a great sight for short to medium range.

It mounts to Weaver and Picatinny Rails and should go on your gun with no trouble whatsoever.

It might not be a big name, it might not be too fancy, but at this price this optic is certainly worth a punt.

Already Getting Rave Reviews

Most of the buyers can’t believe the quality for the money.

Brian Thaxton, an Amazon Customer Reviewer, said: “What a great deal! I have had many different scopes and most of the time paid way too much for them.

“This scope is high quality starting with the packaging. I honestly cannot believe the great price! Perfect for sitting on top of any rifle! Mine sits on my sport AR-15 and works great! Looks awesome as well. Great tactical look to it!”

That’s about the best endorsement we can give you, from an actual buyer.

So, if you’re looking for a scope that cuts the cost, not the quality, then give this one a try. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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