Media Push 18 School Shootings In 2018. It’s a lie.

School shootings are horrific and we are as dismayed as anybody by the latest episode at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida. But the media narrative that has sprung up about school shootings going out of control is simply untrue.

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Don’t think we’re making it up, these aren’t fringe loons. You can see it here.

ABC News: “There have been 18 school shootings in the first 45 days of 2018, according to a nonprofit group.”

New York Daily News: “There have been 18 school shootings so far this year, including one that claimed 17 lives at a Florida public school Wednesday.”

WUSA9: “Within the first couple months of 2018, there have now been 18 school shootings across the United States.”

Suicide Counts as a School Shooting. I Mean, Really?

Here’s the problem, two of those were people shooting themselves. On January 3rd, a man shot himself in the parking lot of a building that used to be a school. That counts, apparently.

A teen shot himself in the bathroom of a school. Technically that’s  a school shooting, but let’s get serious here.

On four other occasions, a stray bullet went through a school or school building’s window and absolutely nobody was killed, hurt, or touched in any way. Yes it’s scary, but that’s not what we’re looking at here.

On January 25th, a kid in high school set off a gun in Alabama. The next day, someone opened fire from a car in a parking lot. There were no injuries.

School Shootings This Year, Case by Case

Now one school shooting is too many, but here are the real incidents so far:

  • Jan 20th – Winston-Salem – Teenage male, shot and killed.
  • Jan 22nd – Italy, Texas – A teenage girl was wounded with a handgun.
  • Jan 22nd – Gentilly, Louisiana – A teenage boy was hurt in an accidental shooting.
  • Jan 23rd – Benton, Kentucky – Mass shooting, two dead and 15 injured.
  • Jan 31st – Pennsylvania – A man was shot and killed outside a school.
  • Feb 5th – Maryland – Teenager shot and injured outside their school.

So, three students have died and 35 people have been injured. It’s still too many, but the numbers came from the anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety. Clearly, they have an agenda.

Gun Control Fails, Arm Teachers Instead

Now we face another gun control debate instead of taking the only logical option, arming teachers and perhaps taking the left-field approach of having veterans on the premises who can deal with the matter. And even teaching kids the basics.

That’s our recommendation, to be honest. We think they’d give far more than protection, they’d actually be a positive influence on these kids and they have seen someone on the ragged edge. They know the signs from the battlefield. And maybe a good guy with a gun is the answer…

So we don’t think they’ll just be pumping kids full of lead, we actually think they might save a few from getting to that point.

Other Awesome Lies

We’re being told that the American public demands gun control. And it’s true 54% of Americans want to change gun laws, but they want to to make it easier to possess a firearm. They want assault rifle bans thrown out as with Illinois. It would help if the NRA got involved too.

The National Rifles Association has drawn criticism for backing bump stock bans and generally staying silent in the face of creeping legislation, despite massive fundraising.

We need the NRA to stand up for us, because we want to get the best AR-15 for sale today. Not the California compliant version.


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