MK47 Mutant: The Modern Day AK47 – $1593.79

CMMG Mutant MMK47 for sale, Review, buy online



The AK47 is a legendary Russian staple that was first introduced in 1948, just after the Second World War.


Now you can get a modern-day, American made homage to the mighty Kalashnikov that takes the bigger ammunition and the better parts of the classic AK and blends them with the best parts of the American AR.


It sounds like a perfect match and, well,  it kind of is.


CMMG Mutant MK47 review, for sale, buy guns online


The AK47 Changed History


Had it been finished a few years earlier, the Russiann AK could have had an impact on the last Great War. It went on to become a favorite of armies and  militia in all corners of the globe thanks to its accuracy, reliability and 30-round mag and has been the deciding factor in so many conflicts it’s hard to put a number on it.


Right now, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Middle East and the furthest corners of Russia, the AK47 is still in active service.


It’s a pretty common joke that you can drop the AK47 to the bottom of a swamp and it will still fire.


That’s not always true, but it was pretty hard to jam up a Kalashnikov.


I know this gun is American and FPSRussia is, well, Russian. But his voice is hilarious and he makes awesome videos. He even blows the shit out of an old Mercedes at the end.


Watch it, you’ll  love it.


You’re going to see  more of him here.



Mutant MK47 Uses AK Magazines


The magazines in particular are famous for their reliability. That’s why the new, slicker, modern-day version of this all-time icon from CMMG uses original-style AK magazines.


Yes,really, drum magazines, rusty old knackered AK mags you bought at a fair, all of them work.


To achieve that, the company had to radically rework the AR lower receiver, so there is some serious engineering in this semi-automatic rifle.


It’s a beautifully simple gun to look at, though. It’s minimalist, with a telescopic stock and a drilled and railed 16.1 inch barrel that you can grip at any point.


Mutant MK47, Light, But Spectacular


While it’s stripped down and lightweight, though, at 7lb 3oz, it’s seriously  over-engineered at every point. So although it’s a hefty price, parts on this gun will last a lifetime.


A decent sight will really set it off, too, but you have to go high tech or it spoils the lines.


That clear barrel design should be good for cooling and this is a reliable hunting weapon that’slightweight and can sit on oyur shoulder all day.


It hit the market in 2015 and combines an AR-10 sized Bolt Carrier with an AR-15-based trigger assembly, safety and buffer tube.





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