Police Planted Toy Guns On People They Shot

We have all seen films where the bent cop drops a gun on a suspect, but we really didn’t think it happened in real life. Turns out it does, and it’s even more ridiculous in the real world.

That’s because a huge trial in Baltimore has now revealed that cops systematically planted toy guns, really toy ones, on potentially ‘bad shoots’.

It’s part of a much wider investigation into corruption in the city police force. So far officers have admitted to stealing drugs, cash, jewelry and falsely claiming overtime to the tune of thousands.

Toy Guns For Clean Shoots?

But planting Airsoft guns on suspects is perhaps the worst offence. This trial is going to create a hell of a mess. It shows the police, who are charged with protecting our safety in a world that is rapidly going to hell, in the worst possible light.

If it’s happening in Baltimore, it could happen in other major cities and this is a tale of total, absolute corruption. It’s innocent men being gunned down, then framed, and vast amounts of theft.

Constitutional rights were routinely ignored and 125 cases have now been dropped due to the involvement of the tainted officers.

The Gun Trace Task Force is thought to have stoplen $300,000, 3 kilos of Cocaine, 43lbs of Marijuana and almost 1 kilo of Heroin. This is not small stuff…

Trackers, Surveillance And Robbery

Special task forces have admitted fitting trackers to known drug dealers cars so they could rob them at the best moment. Badges and guns gave way to knuckledusters and machetes as the police acted more like underground hoods than upholders of the law.

The DEA was responsible for bringing the Baltimore Police Department down, after catching one of its officers talking to a major drug dealer. It was the end of a piece of string that has unravelled the city’s think blue line.

Now the cops have admitted they routinely carry replicas, or BB guns, to plant on people if they get involved in a shootout and a gun provides an easier explanation.

Was Tamir Rice Shot Legally?

12-year-old Tamir Rice was gunned down by officers in 2014, and a toy gun was found on him in the aftermath.

86 people have been shot by police in the US in the last two years thanks to a toy gun. Mistakes happen, but could this be a systematic approach?

We can’t say, but it certainly makes for uncomfortable reading.



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