Rainer Arms 9mm, 500 Rounds – $159.95

Rainier Arms - 500 rounds - 9mm

Rainier Arms 9mm 500 Rounds

Price: $159.95

Any gun nut will tell  you that the bullets just keep disappearing. So it’s important to get a steady supply of low cost ammo, and we can happily endorse the folks at Rainier Ammunition.

This 500-round can comes packed with 124Gr 9mmm rounds.

They’re Full Metal Jacket, Round Nose bullets and they’re made from Rainier Arms own recipe of brass.

500 Round ammo can - Rainier arms

Clean, High Quality Ammo at Discount Prices

Add a clean burning powder to that, and you’ve got a solid bullet that won’t leave unwelcome residues and jam up your weapons over time.

That’s all you really want from a basic bullet: Do the job and don’t damage anything along the way.

We’ve got a series of recommendations for different kinds of guns and shooting exercises. But for now, let’s get the basics covered and it’s reassuring to know you’ve got a few cans of solid 9mm ammunition ready to go at any time.

Check this post when you’re done for the absolute best 9mm Luger rounds for self defense.

Let’s be honest, this is the go-to ammunition for range shooting and it will also make sure your 9mm handguns don’t go hungry.

In the event of a natural catastrophe, or even if the world breaks down, there simply won’t be time to stock up.

At those times, ammunition is just as important as the water in your cellar and it’s arguably more important than your choice of guns.

Stock Up On Basics, Top Up With Specials

So make sure you stay stocked up with these basic cans of bullets. If you want to add hollowpoints or copper to that mix then at least you know you’ve got the essentials covered.

Because I you’re running low and that’s the day the zombie apocalypse finally happens, you’re going to look a bit silly throwing your arsenal of guns at the mob that is at your door.

Order up now, and make sure you’re covered for any and every event.

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