Rebel Arms RBR-15 Mod 3 – $1749.99

Rebel Arms RBR-15 Cerakote finish is a stunning custom AR-15 with some pro touches. Get a competition spec custom AR-15 for sane money.

Rebel Arms RBR-15 Mod 3

  • Price: $1,749.99
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Weight: 7lb

Update: Rebel Arms, like so many others, seems to have stopped producing high-end AR-15s. Boutique companies either work, or really don’t. So if you want the best AR-15 around $2000 can buy, then check here.

We’ll keep these posts up to date, so you can actually buy those rifles…

Robel Arms: Big Spec, Big Value

Rebel Arms used to raise eyebrows with their prices, but anybody that has taken the plunge and ordered a modern day AR-15 from this American company is an instant convert.

The Rebel Arms RBR-15 Mod 3 is one of the most respected all-round AR-15s on the market right now. Yes, it comes with a premium price, but it’s worth every cent.

Simply put, the Pennsylvania firm makes the highest quality parts that will often outlast the rest of the gun combined when you mix and match your uppers and receivers.

Are you looking for a premium AR-15? We got custom rifles, Daniel Defense, POF and boutique brands that will blow your mind.

Buy Once, Buy Well

So, if you want the best quality AR-15 at a sane price, then you might want to take a look at the Rebel Arms line-up over on Rainier Arms.

Just let them screw the highest quality parts together for you and you’ll end up with a gun that shoots straight and true for years.

It will also be one of the lightest in any collection. Even with a scope it will weigh in at substantially less than 7lb.

You can get an anodized, entry-level Rebel Arms RBR for $1,599. So you’re paying $150 for the Cerakote finish.

It’s a lot, but you can choose the finish off your gun, from smoke grey through to full camo, and it should last a lot longer.

It’s worth it.

Frankenstein AR-15s Are Never Perfect

You can make an AR-15 from assorted parts for half the money and you might get lucky. But even the best individual parts don’t fit together perfectly and you always know  you’re firing Frankenstein’s  monster.

The Rebel Arms SBR is designed around a forged lower and upper receiver that fit perfectly together and keep the weight down. The 14.5” 4150 CMV Nitride barrel is chambered with 5.56x45mm NATO.

Triple port muzzle brake is perfectly engineered. Get your AR-15 parts & accessories at the USA's favorite online gun store.

You get a 1×7 twist in the barrel that can stabilize anything up to 77 grain. It comes with a patented  muzzle brake to quash recoil and muzzle climb.

The company has re-engineered the concept of the AR-15 upper with no forward assist and no E-clip. These are weak points that can require maintenance, so there’s some  simple,  but ingenious design highlights on this Modern Day Sporting rifle from Rebel Arms.

An Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group uses the best bearings and a complex  system of reduced contact to keep the bolt slick at all times.

The mag release is contoured to fit your finger, it’s  easy to fit ambidextrous control  levers and the charging lever is the rather splendid Raptor, by Radian.

Every Detail On A Rebel Arms Rifle Is Perfect

So pretty much every detail is perfect and, like all AR-15s, you can tailor this one to suit your own individual quirks.

A Rebel Arms RBR-15 is expensive, we can’t deny that. But it could also be the last AR-15 you buy.

That would make it a bit of a bargain.

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