Ritter & Stark MTR SX-1 – $7,699.99

Ritter and Stark SX-1



Ritter & Stark MTR SX-1

Price: $7,699



Now we have to be honest, this is a seriously expensive gun.


But the Ritter & Stark isn’t just a gun. This is the absolute peak of long distance performance and it’s such a good sniper rifle that most snipers couldn’t afford one.


Ritter & Stark is pushing this towards military and law enforcement. The switchable calibers could help its cause, but you just get the feeling that even the elite fighting forces will go for something simpler and cheaper. The US Secret Service can call on the similarly-priced FN Ballista if it needs sniper cover, the US military has just done a deal.


The Navy SEALs use the Remington 700-based Mark 13 Mod 7 and police forces control their own spending and probably won’t stretch to this.


It’s a competition gun, then, and only the very best marksmen could actually make the most of it. But anybody can buy it, and that means it’s going to be the new fashion accessory for well-heeled hobby hunters.


It reminds me of that phrase in Dawn of the Dead.


“The only guy who could miss with this gun is the fool with the money to pay for it.”




Long Range Legend


This is a gun that hit a target at 2240m recently, at the Skiritai field in Italy. Digest that fact for a moment. This is an insane distance gun and it’s really too good for taking bad guys out. Any self-respecting sniper would want to get in closer.



Ritter and Stark pistol grip SX-1



It’s a dream machine for special forces around the world, but we might need to start a Kickstarter for them.


But don’t think of the Ritter as one seriously expensive gun.





Ritter & Stark SX1 Is A Gun Collection In One Body


Think of it as a collection of guns in one easy package and the price gets much easier to bear.


Everything is adjustable or interchangeable. You get three different calibers to choose from: .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag. 6.5 Creedmoor would be pretty sweet, too, but then we can’t afford the rifle so our opinion probably doesn’t matter.


This particular kit comes without the .300 Win Mag option, but you can order that separately.


Ritter and Stark SX1 adjustable butt

Everything Is Adjustable Or Replaceable


The height, angle, recoil pad and the length of the pull are all adjustable, so you can get into the perfect position. Never miss your shot because you’re compensating for your equipment again.


The downside is that if you miss with this thing, it’s on you…


Any AR-15 pistol grip fits the standard thread, any Remington 700 trigger can slot right in. You can also double stack magazines and the box-type entry is as simple as possible to give you the most options.


Custom options are available, too, so if you have a particular favorite style of magazine then Ritter & Stark will make it work.


If you desperately want to strap a drum mag to this beast and pick off big game from the top of a tower, you can. Don’t, that would be overkill.


Keep Barrels And Scopes Together


The gun is full of neat touches, like a Picatinny Rail that allows you to keep a certain scope on a certain barrel, so you don’t have to recalibrate when you switch ammunition or barrel length.


You can order bull-barrel or fluted finishes, too, so you might just want to change the action if things aren’t going your way.


Change The Barrel In Minutes


The gun is designed so that you can do that in minutes in the field, too. That makes this a great hunting rifle, as if you need to make adjustments on the fly then you might just want to opt for a different barrel that is already set up.


You would need to be hunting golden geese, or just be the richest hunter in the whole world.


Every part of the gun has been treated, too, to make sure it stands the test of time and although it weighs 10.3lb, that’s actually not too bad for a long-range weapon of this caliber and it’s clear to see there’s no excess fat on the body.


Buy An Arsenal, Or One Exceptional Gun?


So before you buy an arsenal, consider whether you want one gun that will be a hunting rifle and long-distance shooter, or just one amazing gun.


You can only use one gun at a time and you can keep the Ritter & Stark set-up for what you need on any given Sunday, or Monday, or Wednesday.


It’s a special forces wet dream, but it’s also a Swiss Army Knife of a long distance and hunting rifle. There’s almost nothing it cannot do, from 200-2300 yards.


One Expensive Gun Could Save You Money


So the Ritter & Stark could actually save you money in the end, and it will almost certainly be the finest gun you’ve ever held in your own two hands.


That part makes it priceless.




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