Sig Sauer Sig50 50 BMG Long Range Sniper Rifle

Price: $8,938.49

Sig Sauer 50 BMG Long Range sniper rifle for sale. Buy yours online today

Update: The Sig Sauer is officially discontinued now. So if you want to buy the best 50 BMG rifle for sale in 2022, then check this post.

Now it takes a specific kind of person to buy a sniper rifle online. Normally a special forces sniper, a hitman or a really lazy hunter.

But imagine the day when society breaks down and you can see the Mad Max-style marauders homing in on your property.

If only you had a 50 cal gun and some armor piercing rounds then you could stop a truck in its tracks and then take care of the threat.

A Sniper Rifle Could Save You In The Zombie Apocalypse

Or, worse, the zombie apocalypse finally comes. Imagine seeing 30 crazed, undead creatures cresting the hill…

You could even be sat on top of a shopping center, with some time and some ammo to kill.

You could break out your other guns and wait until you can see the whites of their eyes. Or you could break out this bad boy and pick them off one by one while they’re still basically a speck on the horizon.

The Best Sniper Rifle In The World Costs Money

Now it isn’t cheap, but this is a specialist gun that will deal with a specific set of circumstances.

You get a match-grade 29-inch barrel that is fluted to keep the weight down and the gun cool.

The stock is Duracoat-finished fiberglass, which again keeps the weight bearable.

4 port muzzle brake on the monstrous Sig Sauer 50 BMG Sniper rifle. Buy a 50 BMG online now.

The Sig Sauer Sig50 Is Heavy

It’s still a 23.5lb beast, but then this isn’t the kind of gun you need to run with that often.

Inevitably, considering this is a sniper rifle, there’s all manner of adjustability so you can get comfy and hit the target.

That includes a cheek rest, a pistol grip stock with an adjustable butt plate and you can also take the stock off to pack it in a case – Hitman style.

A Remington trigger is set for 3.5lb, although again you can adjust it to your particular preference.

It’s a beautiful gun, finished in desert camo beige. Only the elite will have one, but then if you get one then prepare to be the envy of your gun-loving friends.

Alternatively, do what everyone else does and buy a Barret M95 or something like that.

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