Woman Calls Cops Over Pro-Gun Shirt

Woman calls cops over pro gun T shirt

A woman actually called the police because she was concerned by a man’s pro-gun slogan on his T-shirt.

Don’t  be under any illusion, this was a plain and simple attack on Free Speech. This was a Libtard who believed that saw something she didn’t like and thought that was a good enough reason to call in the cops to do her bidding.

Sounds like a totally snowflakey, Californian type thing doesn’t it? You’re wrong, this happened in Texas and the really messed up thing was Troy Johnston was open carrying. She didn’t mind the perfectly legal hadgun, clearly displayed, but she thought the T-shirt was going too far.

So what did it say?

Gun control is a touchy subject in today’s day and age. The issue isn’t guns, it’s people. If parents could just learn to control their kids and take responsibility, we wouldn’t have all the issues we do today. Instead, it is much easier to point the finger at proud gun owning Americans and attack our 2nd Amendment rights.”

Savage, huh?

The truth is it just triggered her, and that was enough. She was offended, therefore the police must step in.

If this isn’t a clear cut case of why we must resist gun control, we don’t know what it is. Because if the Leftists get the Second Amendment, they’re coming for the First.

Truthfully, this is also epic marketing for Johnston, who owns Warrior 12 clothing and, I’m just taking a stab in the dark here, this was one of his shirts…

Still, Benbrook Police has confirmed the incident took place. And, to be honest, some of the BS social media messages he’s getting sound kind of familiar. It all rings true.

“I’ve been having people accuse me of being responsible for the school shootings, of having blood on my hands,” he said. “They are conflating a shirt about constitutional rights and personal responsibility with horrific acts of mass murder.

“Guns don’t cause violence. If we can examine and work on the actual root causes of violence, then that’s when we’ll see a reduction in violent acts.”

I get messages every week from these idiots, confidently telling me they’re coming to take our guns away and that I basically started Parklands, Columbine and possibly World War II.

But we know that these people are weak, and they won’t do shit. What they will do is whine and cry until the government do their bidding.

If Hillary had won, this would already be happening. So bear this in mind, remember the guy with the ‘offensive’ T-shirt and always know that these Leftist fools will call the cops if they don’t like your views and they will expect you to cave in.

We’re on the verge of a Fascist state, created by LIbtard scumbags.

So, to coin their favorite phrase which makes them sound like the plucky underdog, when nothing could be further from the truth, resist.

Stand up for the Second Amendment. Stand up for free speech and make sure these idiots don’t get traction.



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