Adams Arms 16” Carbine Tactical Evo Rifle Review

Price: $1326.60

Are you looking for a slightly off-brand AR-15? Do you just like to be different? Well Adams Arms might be the AR-15 rifle manufacturer you have been looking for.

Well that’s not an accident,this is an evolution of one of the best-selling assault rifles of all time.

Before You Buy An AR-15 Online, Read This

So, if you’re looking to buy an AR-15 online, then take a look at this seriously smart rifle that has got a lot of subtle improvements that all add up to create a fresh take on the classic design.

For a start, you get a gas system that uses a piston, rather than direct impingement, and the whole thing is made in-house.

Not The Usual AR-15 Mash-Up

Most AR-15 variants these days are a mash-up of parts that do or don’t fit together particularly well.

This gun is like a tailored suit in comparison. Each part was made to fit each other and nothing else.

A Simple Design Mod Prevents Dirt And Jams

So, the way this gun uses the small and separate gas chamber means that it won’t get dirty and you’re more or less guaranteed thousands of rounds without interruption.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, that could be the difference between life and death. I mean that’s probably not going to happen, but this is a performance advantage that doesn’t necessarily require the walking dead to be useful.

AR-15 Accuracy With AK47 Reliability

Complete reliability with unerring accuracy, which sounds like a pretty solid recipe.

It’s a short-stroke piston rifle, like the M1 Carbine and SKS. It weighs less than 7lb, which is impressive for a hunk of firearm like this, and the extended handguards mean you can get a comfortable grip.

We have some other options for you, of course, and check here for some of the best lightweight AR-15s for sale in 2020.

Start With 30 Rounds And Build From There

It comes with a 30-round Magpul magazine, which is a pretty solid start, but this is a rifle that you can tailor to your own requirements. If you’re a serious shooter, you will.

If it’s just for peace of mind, rest assured that this rifle will look the part and should sit idly and then, when you need it, take care of business without a single jam.

Want to Spend More on Your AR-15?

Of course if you want to spend a little more on your AR-15, then we can help you there too. Check out these posts for some inspiration when you buy guns online.

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