Great Christmas Gifts For Gun Enthusiasts 2018

Christmas gifts for gun enthusiasts



Are you looking for a gift for a gun enthusiast? Step right this way, we have some real options for you.


These are the things that they may never quite justify buying for themselves, but they’ll love the people that buy them for them. It will show that you truly get them…


So what are the best presents you can give a gun enthusiast for Christmas 2018?


Well forget giving them a gun. You can do it, but technically it’s illegal and it is a lot of paperwork to put right. So either buy a gift certificate to the value of the gun from the likes of Brownells, or get them something else. A voucher is hardly sexy, so yeah, we say get them something else and show them you love them like this.


Oh, and if you don’t have anybody to buy these for you, then you probably have the spare cash and the free time to do these things for yourself. So don’t be sad.


Here are 10 awesome gifts for the gun enthusiast in your life, which could be you…




MantisX firearms training system


1. MantisX Firearms Training System

  • Price: $149.99




There are a few of these systems floating around and Targetize is the biggest name.. The general feeling, though, is that MantisX is a better system.


It’s a simple concept, you strap the sensor to the accessory rail of your gun and it records vast amounts of data at the range to help you analyze and break down each and every shot. It will help you or that special one in your life make better use of their range time and bring hard data into a world of feeling and sensation.





The system identifies basic problems and means you can work on your technique and iron out issues before they become hardwired habits. Thanks toi the smartphone link you can also run dryfire training drills with targets that register hits as if you were firing live rounds. It’s a fantastic way to hone your home defense and room sweeping skills and the concept is just going to get more advanced with time. We seriously cannot be far away from full Virtual Reality dryfire weapons training and this is the kind of system it will be built around.


For now, it’s a cutting edge shooting instructor ready to give you feedback on every shot, as well as drawing technique and even your stance and grip. Any range shooter would love to have this, if only to download their data at the end of every session.


It’s an absolute winner of a christmas gift for a gun enthusiast and it isn’t even that much money!






2. Leupold Reflex Sight

  • Price: $324.99



The beauty of the Leupold is its flexibility. This is a sight that can switch between a handgun, AR-15 and shotgun and it will make a shooter’s life easier and their aim more true with each and every one of them.


Again it’s a piece they may not buy for themselves. It’s a left-field choice, but the ones that did go for it absolutely love it.


This is a seriously competent sight that some people prefer to the much more expensive RMR Trijicon thanks to the clarity of the glass. Leupold is one of the best when it comes to glass and this reflex sight has a fearsome reputation among serious shooters.


It’s different to the standard blue-green RMR and it will certainly be better in some circumstances. For some, it’s better in almost all of them.







Sig Sauer Elite 9mm discount ammunition




2. 1000 Rounds of Top Quality 9mm Ammunition

  • Price: $275.00



Every gun enthusiast goes through crazy amounts of ammunition and a true connoisseur still gets excited by a huge box of the good stuff.


A new bullet is like presenting a wine buff with a new vintage. It’s a chance for them to discover something new and they’ll love you for that.


9mm is about as safe as it gets. Everybody has a 9mm of some form and this Sig Sauer ammunition is truly interesting stuff. It made it on to our list of the best 9mm bullets for sale in 2018 and the truth is if you buy enough of them then you get a good deal. $0.27c a round makes this cheap 9mm, as well as great 9mm ammo.


It isn’t a hollow point. Instead you get a full, smooth copper jacket that turns this bullet into an impact based wrecking ball, rather than a mushrooming ripper. It’s a bullet that people might not try unless it’s presented to them. Once that happens, they might never go back to old school hollow points ammunition for sale.


If you want to hedge your bets or give them something really different, then you can order several real offbeat types of ammunition and effectively make them a sampler pack. That’s always fun and you can include a few of our best 9mm bullets for sale in 2018.


Just buy all of those, in varying quantities, and it’s like giving a gun nut a luxury food hamper.




Wheeler Gunsmith Tool KitA

3. Wheeler Fine Gunsmith Equipment Armorer’s Toolkit

  • Price: $269.99



Any gun guy will tell you there are never enough tools and we tend to assemble random and incomplete collections. Unwrapping a total boxed set like this, it’s a joy that not everybody would truly be able to comprehend. OK, maybe it’s weird…


You get all the basic tools here and there will be at least one thing that saves the day when a gun needs emergency surgery, probably more than one and more than once.


It isn’t the most advanced set of tools on the planet, but it is a well organised basic kit that can be relied upon in an emergency or used as the cornerstone of a much bigger and more manic collection of tools, vices and half-built AR-15s.




Magpul MOE Furniture Kit - A great gift for a gun enthusiast

4. Magpul MOE AR-15 M-Lok Furniture

  • Price: $108.00



For the AR-15 person in your life, this is basically a way of giving their rifle a visual refresh. Magpul MOE is basically as good as it gets, you get the full buttstock, foreguard and pistol grip. IOt’s all Mil-spec, which is good, and the M-Lok system on the foreguard will give any rifle a new look and added functionality.


Basically you can’t go wrong with this one, because any shooting enthusiast knows that eventually they need to change the furniture on their AR-15. it might as well be Christmas Day…




How to give a gun as a gift at christmas


5. A Gun

  • Price: $200 for a Hi Point or $10,000 for a sniper rifle…


It sounds like a great idea to buy a gun for someone for a gift doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s a horrible idea.


There is a way to do it, but if you buy the gun then present it to your friend or lover then technically you just committed a crime. Probably nothing will happen, but it can make the other person nervous and cast a shadow over what should have been a cool act of generosity.


The only way to buy someone a gun for Christmas is to go to a shop, yes, you heard this right. Don’t buy through us, we can’t fix this for you. Go to a shop, pay for the gun, take a picture with it an leave it there. On Christmas Day, they get a card from their new gun informing them that it’s waiting to be collected like a dog at the shelter.


They then go and do the paperwork the right way and you don’t have any issues. This is how to buy a gun as a gift.


It also gives them a chance to change it before the paperwork is underway if you’ve got it badly wrong and bought them a Tiger Stripe gold Desert Eagle….





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