Cop Guns To Get Cameras

Cops to carry cameras on guns

West Hennepin in Missouri is piloting use of cameras on every service weapon to show exactly what the officer saw at the time of a shooting and ensure that everyone is held accountable for their actions.


It’s a novel approach and we have to say we’re ambivalent on this one. It does prevent the cop mounting a laser on his weapon, or a lamp, but that’s life and the camera could well prove useful as long as they do everything right during a chase, a shootout or an apprehension.


The bodycams cops already wear, though, would surely be more useful than these gun-mounted devices that will definitely take some getting used to. It’s a large camera, clinging to the bottom rail of a Glock 19 and taking all the available space.


Shooting Tips; Heavy Cameras Will Cost You


That will affect anybody’s aim, so I’d advise West Hennepin’s finest to book in for some range time with this new appendage. It will make more of a difference than you think.


At the end of the day, distrust of the police has reached epidemic levels and half the time it seems to be a political cause from Leftists. Society is fracturing down the middle right now, but the best the police can offer is total accountability and video evidence of each and every encounter.


That seems fair, if we’re honest.


More of us are using cameras to record hunts, or even day-to-day interactions. The world is that much fun right now, which is why you should have your Concealed Carry Weapon on you at all times.


Of course, it couldn’t then hurt to have a camera showing just what happened. So if you want to go the same way as the West Hennepin cops then you can order your own bodycams and pistol cams here.


As a private citizen it’s going to look pretty odd if you’re constantly recording, but a dashcam honestly makes sense to record what’s going on outside and inside the car these days.


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