20 Best $1000 AR-15s For Sale in 2019

ZEV Tech AR-15 Forged Receiver


A $1000 AR-15 for sale isn’t pushing the boat out too far, but it’s not cheaping out either. This is effectively the mid-range sedan of the rifle world, the Toyota Camry class, beneath the piston-operated Ferraris and Porsches.

We all know the premium manufacturers. Daniel Defense, Knights Armament, FN and more are waiting to take your money if you have more of it to spend. But the standard class is probably more important to the firearms world as a whole.

There’s lots of competition, price is a keen selling point and yet the very best rifles give that added touch of perceived quality to a cost-effective direct impingement design.  

Best AR-15 for $1000 is Fierce Contest

This is the hot-zone, in rifle terms, where manufacturers really have to deliver a stellar experience or a rival will simply step up and take their business. Without the volume sales, the high-end AR-15s just won’t happen.

These are the trenches for the likes of Colt, Springfield Armory, Ruger and more. They are the volume sellers that keep the halo guns flowing. Rifles like these grease that turns the wheels of this old firearms trade.

They are also judged mercilessly. Cheap rifles get a little leeway, but the mid-range rifles are in one of the most competitive sectors in the firearms industry and they just  have to deliver.

So what are the best $1000 AR-15s for sale in 2018? Some of our picks might shock you, we’ve gone seriously off-brand here.

But we have found some of the best value rifles on the market and we think these are the best AR-15s you can buy online.

Best online stores for AR-15s

Before you buy your rifle online here at the USA Gun Shop, always check the sales at the gunbroker. You never know what rifle sale is happening right now.

Your dream rifle might be just there, but we know it’s a massive hassle to check all the sites. So we have done it for you. Just click the links below and we’ve done the search for AR-15s on sale.

Now, back to the action…

POF Constable - Entry level AR-15 from Patriot Ordnance Factory for sale. Is this the best AR-15 for $1000? Yes, we think so. Buy guns now!



1. Patriot Ordnance Factory P-15 Constable

  • Price: $999.00
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch (Collapsed)
  • Weight: 6.1lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

You can spend thousands on a POF rifle and you won’t hear many people saying they feel short changed in the online user reviews. It’s a premium rifle that normally comes with a premium price tag.

The entry level POF Constable is on sale right now and this price is an absolute steal. It might not be around for long and this is a fantastic deal for what is, in essence, the consumer-grade POF Renegade.

You really do get a carbine-length gas block. You also get a Wylde Chamber that can handle .223 Remington as well as 5.56 NATO. That’s a good start for a semi-automatic rifl in the classic Eugene Stoner mold.

This semi-auto rifle comes loaded with Patriot Ordnance Factory’s patented E2 Dual Extraction technology, an anti-tilt buffer tube and some other premium touches.

Mil-spec Everything on the POF

The upper receiver, lower receiver, bolt carrier group, trigger and furniture is all Mil-spec. The barrel is a Nitride-coated special in carbon-steel and you get a hard chrome BCG.

A POF drop-in trigger for your AR-15 costs more than $150 on its own. This rifle, then, is worth way more than the sum of its parts and even the muzzle device looks the highest quality.

It’s optics ready, so you’ll have to install your own front sight, rear sight or something more exotic like a red dot. That’s the only small complaint, if you can call it that. We all have sights somewhere…

This is an awful lot of rifle for not that much money. If anything, this is too much gun for the price tag.

This is one of the best deals we have seen in a long time and the POF Constable for sale might be the best AR-15s under $1000.

A Gateway Drug for POF Customers

This is a way for POF to snare the budget conscious buyer with its wares, before upselling the hell out of them with future rifles. That sounds plausible, to be honest.

Whatever the reason, this is one of the best budget AR-15 right now and if you’re in the market and have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket and just do not want a Colt, get the POF and never look back.

Check out a selection of POF AR-15 parts and accessories if you’re not quite ready to blow your wad on a rifle just yet.


2. Ruger SR556 Varmint Rifle

  • Price: $1049.99
  • Barrel Length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 32.75-36 inch
  • Weight: 7.1lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

This is a rifle that dared to be different. It’s an AR-15 with a longer barrel, smaller capacity and a gas-piston operation at a price where that normally doesn’t happen.

In short, this gun is excellent. It isn’t quite a standard all-rounder. It’s a real small-game hunter, coyote gun and pretty much everything in that wheelhouse. It’s really an AR-15 sniper rifle, designed for laying in wait and ambushing unsuspecting critters with a headshot from well over 100 yards.

The patented two-stage gas piston design is a Ruger initiative to bring premium AR-15 features to the budget sector. There’s a four-position adjustable valve to tailor the gas flow and this is a big deal in this price bracket.

This looks for all the world like a $1500 rifle. With a different brand, it would be.

Ruger’s Cheap Rifles Perform Well

It’s clearly a plan, because both here and in the $500 AR-15 sector, Ruger has done an admirable job of giving you the customer too many features for too little money.

It’s a clever idea and the others will try and follow. I am not sure they will do it this well.

AR-15 With 20 Inch Barrel

That 20 inch 410 stainless steel barrel means this AR-15 just feels pin sharp. It’s not too heavy, despite the additional 4 inches on the end of the gun and it’s a marvel of packaging and weight reduction.

Basically it’s the same weight as an average AR-15, but it’s much more capable. This is one of the best factory two-stage triggers in the business, at any price, with a 2.4lb first stage and a clean break at an aggregate of 4lb in the second stage.

This rifle also isn’t an all-rounder, so making it the winner would be weird. The best AR-15 kind of had to be a modern M4 clone.

Varmint Rifle is Specialist AR-15

But we’ve got no problem putting a specialist AR-15 on the podium, and telling you that you just don’t know what you’re missing. You need a Ruger SR556 in your life.

You will need to fit your own sights and there is no flash suppressor on that stainless steel, chrome-lined barrel, but you just won’t care. This is an absolute bargain of an AR-15 and technically might just be the best AR-15 on this list.

Get one, before the price goes up.

ZEV Tech AR-15 Forged Receiver



3. ZEV Technologies AR-15 Forged Rifle

  • Price: $919.99
  • Action: Direct impingement
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32.5 inch (Collapsed)
  • Weight: 6.43lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

This rifle sneaked on to this list simply because we found it on sale. We didn’t expect to see it here, but there we go.

It’s sub-MOA on the range and that’s a guarantee. This is effectively a performance center rifle, the best of the best.

We don’t know how long this offer will last and this is normally a $1,250 rifle. So take advantage of their good nature while you can and get it just under the clean $1000 mark.

Is it the best $1000 AR-15 in this price range? It can certainly give the Colt and the POF a run for their money and could well be the best AR-15 here if you want a basic competition rifle.

Match Grade Barrel is a Treat

The receivers are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and anodized for a hard-coated finish. The direct impingement rifle has a match-grade barrel, floating handguard and a mid-length gas system that prevents overgassing and reduces the felt recoil. 

You also get a Manganese Phosphate-coated bolt carrier group and a sturdy steel gas block, as well as that perfectly machined flash suppress. It’s the little touches…

Magpul Furniture a Neat Touch

The furniture is real Magpul and the trigger group is Mil-spec, as you would expect from a company that made its name in custom Glocks.

It’s pretty much a perfect AR-15, and we have featured the pistol version on our recent post on assault pistols. That comes in 300BLK, as well as 5.56 NATO, but this rifle is perhaps the purest expression of the ZEV Technologies AR-15.

It’s a work of art, right down to the cold hammer forged match-grade barrel. And we want one. The billet version of this gun, by the way, goes for $2,500. A lot of the basics look the same.

Premium Touches on a Budget AR-15

The compensator, full length rail and chunky pistol grip look like they crossed the rich-poor divide and this really is a great weapon for the money. It’s optics ready and there is no front sight or fold down rear sight, but iron sights are hardly a dealbreaker for most of us.

Check out ZEV Technologies’ parts & accessories for the AR-15 and Glock here.

Sig Sauer M400 Tread. A great mid-range AR-15 rifle for hunting, home defense or general plinking.

4. Sig Sauer M400 Tread

  • Price: $843.99
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch (Collapsed)
  • Weight: 7.3lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

Did you know you could get a Sig Sauer AR-15 for less than $1000? Well you can and it’s an absolutely brilliant rifle.

It might get overshadowed by the more glamorous MCX/MPX carbine platform, as well as the Sig handgun line that has pretty much taken over this year.

Don’t forget the M400 Tread if you’re rifle shopping, though, as it’s built to the company’s legendary standards and is a razor-sharp AR-15. It isn’t the lightest rifle in this company, but there is a feeling of quality that goes with that added heft.

It’s not heavy, it’s just not super light. That aside, this is a top drawer AR-15 rifle for this kind of money.

Quality AR-15 at a Bargain Price

This isn’t much more than the bargain basement $500 AR-15s we covered recently, and this is a different league entirely.

Just look at the pistol grip and the slimline shape of this rifle. It’s a work of art, even within the tight parameters of the AR-15.

It’s an accurate, sturdy, solid AR-15 that you could technically depend on for decades. There’s no creep to the single stage trigger, it resets positively and it’s an eager rifle.

A 1: 7 twist rate to the barrel means it can stabilise heavier rounds and give you more options when it comes to your shooting and home defense set-ups.

There is a flared magwell and a raft of other top touches that we would think should put this rifle into a higher price range altogether. As it is, a company that isn’t exactly known for undercharging, has made this rifle for a  bargain price.

I would upgrade the muzzle brake in short order. But that’s part of the point of gun ownership. Budget AR-15s can soon become expensive AR-15s when you start to play.

Fit this gun with a suitably killer reflex sight or red dot and you have got a weapon on your hands right now though…

Primary Weapons Systems Mk116 Pro For Sale - A Great AR-15 under $1000.

5. Primary Weapons Systems Mk116 Pro

  • Price: $994.46
  • Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56×45 NATO
  • Action: Gas piston
  • Barrel Length: 16.1 inch
  • Total Length: 32.75-36 inch
  • Weight: 7lb

Idaho-based Primary Weapons Systems has based its reputation on CNC machining almost every part from billet for it’s high-end rifles.

It also makes AR-15 upgrades, parts & accessories. Basically its own rifles are collections of the best it can sell you for your own firearm, depending on your budget.

The rifles are a shop window and marketing tool, as much as a profit center.

So they have to be amazing.

The Best AR-15 For the Money?

This one is built to a price point, but it’s mighty impressive and it’s too much rifle for this much money if anything.

You get a Wylde chamber that handles the .223 Remington, as well as 5.56 NATO. Whether you end up using that feature or not, it’s generally a hallmark of quality. It should be, as this is a forged PWS Mk1 MOD 1-M lower receiver produced from finest aircraft aluminum. The upper receiver is a PWS Proprietary Piston

So is the 416 stainless steel barrel, button rifled and with a 1:8 twist for optimum accuracy. This is all high-end gear, the best AR-15 parts you will find anywhere near this money. And the parts add up to more than the sum of its parts.

Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine Rifle on sale. Discount guns at the USA Gun Shop.

6. Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine

  • Price: $929.00
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32-35.3 inch
  • Weight: 6lb

The Armalite Rifle was the one that started it all. It was the first AR-15, but some casual fans don’t even know that the pioneer is still going strong and selling great firearms like the Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine rifle.

The Modern Sporting Rifle wouldn’t be the same without this company, and you can still find some real classy M4 clones, Designated Marksman Rifle variants and more from the founding father of the modern AR-15.

A Wylde Chamber is a solid start, the optic ready, full length Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny rail is a nice touch and the forged receivers are made from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

Armalite Makes Most the Parts

The free float Key-Mod handguard is Armalite’s own work, the barrel is CMV steel and all the main components on this semi-automatic rifle are present and correct. It’s a solid entry with its own form of brand cache.

The Armalite rifle is not the be all and end all anymore and plenty more have joined the modern sporting rifle party. This is a solid semi-auto, all purpose rifle, though, and the original is still one of the best.

Colt M4 Carbine MAGPUL SL for sale. The classic Colt M4 AR-15 with that dramatic free float handguard and fixed front sights, folding rear sights and a collapsible stock.

7. Colt M4 Carbine LE6920

  • Price: $1079.99
  • Barrel Length: 16.1 inch
  • Total Length: 32.5-35.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.95lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

Colt’s decision to pull out of the AR-15 market only makes the classic Colt LE6920, or close relatives, even more desirable. It also means they’re a bit harder to find these days.

Where to buy a Colt AR-15?

Various gunbrokers are clearing the shelves of these guns and you’re going to have to dig through the sales. Or you could just use these ready-made searches, but prepare to see a lot of ‘out of stock’ signs.

When you’re looking for a rifle built to a price point then you really have to try to look past the Colt M4 carbine for sale. It isn’t just one of the best AR-15s for sale, it’s one of the best AR-15s and arguably best assault rifles of all time in full auto form.

With $1000 on your Amex card you can go for this basic spec Colt Carbine rifle. It’s basically the classic Colt LE6920 military spec rifle that goes to war with foot soldiers, law enforcement officers, special forces and rebel forces around the world.

It is a tried and tested assault weapon, in fully automatic or semi-auto rifle specification. There are no surprises with the Colt LE6920, that’s the point.

Colt AR-15 Accessories are Everywhere

You can buy a vast number of upgrades and custom parts & accessories for your AR-15, and you can build out the rifle on your dreams on top of an American legend. But the basics are, pretty basic.

The Colt M4 Carbine is a direct impingement rifle for sale that should serve you faithfully and loyally for years to come. Those sights do fold down and you can fit your own RMR or scope, depending on your needs. We don’t use irons much, but we do like that front sight on the Colt.

It’s a great all-round rifle and will basically do every job well. It’s a home defense AR-15, a hunting gun and a tin can blaster if you’re that way inclined. You know that the bolt carrier group, upper receiver and barrel are all solid and when Colt says Mil-spec, it really means it.

This is basically the best all-round AR-15 right now. It’s the safe option and you will never regret buying a Colt M4 of any flavor. There are lot of them.

There are pages and pages of parts & accessories for the Colt AR-15.  Whatever modification, custom part or military facsimile you want for your Colt LE6920, you can get out there.

It’s the best AR-15 in terms of sales, and at this price point you will struggle to find a better rifle.

Adams Arms Mid Base Piston rifle for sale - discount guns for sale. This one is just $699.99

8. Adams Arms Mid-Base Piston Rifle 14.5

  • Price: $699.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel: 14.5 inch barrel plus pinned muzzle device
  • Total Length: 32.5 inch
  • Weight: 6.4lb

Adams Arms is a niche supplier that’s starting to get the attention it deserves thanks to deals with the likes of Rainier Arms and Buds Gun Shop.

Now this is something different on offer at Rainier Arms, a short barrel rifle with a pinned muzzle device that deftly dances round the tax stamp and means this is definitely a rifle, as far as you’re concerned.

It also has a short stroke gas piston system, for less than $700. The one piece bolt comes with an integral piston strike face. I don’t know how long this discount guns deal will be here for. Right now, this looks like an absolute bargain.

It isn’t the prettiest rifle out there and you don’t get a full-length Picatinny rail, but as budget AR-15s go then it’s a solid effort. You get a pretty basic polymer M4 handguard and the Mil-spec butt-stock is solid and comes with six adjustable positions.

The barrel is 4150 Chrome Vanadium Steel, the receivers are forged 7075-T6 Aluminum and the bolt carrier is one-piece with an integral piston strike face. That and a coated Bolt Carrier Group make the business section of this firearm a formidable set-up indeed.

Springfield Armory Saint Victor for sale - A great starter AR-15 rifle for close to $1000. Buy guns online here.

9. Springfield Armory Saint Victor

  • Price: $1055.99
  • Caliber: .223 Remington/ 5.56×45 NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Weight: 6lb
  • Twist Rate: 1:8

The Springfield Armory Saint Victor might not have the military pedigree of the Colt M4, or the outright skills of the ZEV Tech AR-15. It is a dependable, solid, Mil-spec AR-15 that the user reviews suggest is one of the best AR-15s for sale in 2018, at least at this price point.

I have a bit of a man crush on the Springfield Armory Saint Pistol, which comes with a 7.5 inch barrel and looks the absolute tits if I am honest. That’s $929.99 and if the rifle wasn’t on this list then the pistol would be. It’s here, if you’re curious.

Springfield Armory Saint AR Pistol for sale. A great AR pistol in 5.56 NATO or .300 AAC Blackout ammunition.

See what I mean? Sexy, isn’t she?

Back to the rifle, it’s a five star gun for the money and a lot of the gun reviews online agree with me.

Now the manufacturer has been all over the place of late with its AR-15s and has reshuffled the line-up with the introduction of the Saint Victor.

The recently launched Springfield Saint Edge doesn’t seem to have found a market, so it has incorporated a lot of the tech on to the lesser priced Victor.

Hopefully that means the entry-level Saint will come down in price even more and we could be looking at a $500-$600 entry-level model in the end.

Springfield Armory Saint Perfect Starter Rifle

As it is basically the Springfield Armory Saint Victor for sale is basically the perfect all-round starter AR-15. This is a straightforward semi-auto rifle if you want to spend reasonable money on a reliable, accurate and fun shooter.

It’s sturdy, but not quite heavyweight and that helps you out with reduced felt recoil. More than a few teenagers have bought this as their first AR-15 and they got off to a good start.

If you’re in the market for a solid AR-15 and you’re not a fan of the standard names for whatever reason, you will enjoy this gun.

In 2016, the company ventured on to the AR-15 battlefield. It has done itself proud in the end, even though it has gone round the block to get there.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum and CMV Steel

The anodized aircraft-grade 7075 T6 aluminum forged upper receiver mates to a chrome moly vanadium barrel, a mid-length gas system to further reduce the recoil and a SA proprietary trigger group that is always going to be crisp, clean and near perfect.

You get a Bravo Company Manufacturing trigger guard and a BCM Mod.3 grip and six-position Brave Company stock. These are serious AR-15 parts & accessories on a relatively cheap gun for sale. See for yourself how much BCM parts cost if you choose to buy them off the peg.

The iron sights flip out the way if you want something a little more high-tech and this is an AR-15 rifle that ticks all the boxes.

It’s Mil-spec, the whole way, and at this price it’s a tempting proposition even on this list of the best AR-15s for sale.

Caracal CAR816 A2 Rifle for sale. This AR-15 is a new entry and one of the best budget rifles for sale in 2019.

10. Caracal CAR814 A2

  • Price: $699.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 33-36.3 inch
  • Weight: 7.4lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

Update: This rifle has dropped from well over $1000 to $699.99 and stayed there. I suspect Rainier Arms has an ongoing permanent sale. At this price, it’s an absolute bargain. 

This is what we mean by checking the sales and finding something awesome

This is just a little left-field, and we think it might be a chance to snatch up a very decent AR-15 on the cheap as it’s on sale at Rainier Arms right now.

If you haven’t heard of Caracal, don’t beat yourself up too much. It sounds like an off-brand piece of Target junk, but it really isn’t.

The company is based in the UAE, so it doesn’t have the heritage, but it has followed a simple path and built a state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility in the Middle East.

A Mission To Beat HK and Sig Sauer

Then it basically wrote blank checks to the designers of the HK416 and Sig M400 and told them to come and build a better rifle.

This AR-15 is the fruits of their labors and there are some neat touches. It’s a direct impingement system, but the USP seems to be in the durability that has given the company the confidence to issue a lifetime warranty for material and workmanship defects.

Durable, Sturdy AR-15

That is standing by your product. The rifle isn’t a lightweight, although it is better than the HK416, and it cycles faster than the Sig.

As for the other stuff, it comes with an A2 flash hider, a Magpul MOE handguard and Magpul CTR carbine stock. You can’t go too far wrong.

You get a full-length Picatinny rail and solid material construction. This is genuinely a well screwed together rifle. 

Basically it doesn’t quite have the X-factor to challenge the biog dogs, but it’s an exceptional rifle that is probably worth its place on this list.

That’s saying something, and if you see a Caracal CAR81a A2 out there in the wild then have a closer look. You might be pleasantly surprised with this left field American built AR-15 with its roots in the deserts of the UAE.

Smith and Wesson AR-15 with Magpul furniture

11. Smith & Wesson M&P15T M-LOK

  • Price: $995.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch
  • Weight: 6.7lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

Some folks would put the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Tactical higher up the best AR-15 list, especially the cheaper S&W M&P15 Sport versions that do start from just over $600.

This is a seriously kitted out rifle, a higher spec of materials than the base-level rifle, with Milspec M-LOK furniture in the form of a 10.5 inch quad rail up front. You also get Smith and Wesson quality control and customer service.

How does this rifle stack up against the opposition? Well the furniture is good, but you can fit that to any AR-15 within reason. Look, here are more than 100 Magpul rifle parts you can buy online right now.

So you really have to focus on the rifle, and yeah, beneath all the bullshit this is still a high-end Smith & Wesson M&P15. So it’s good.

You get Magpul flip-up iron sights, 5R rifling and a 1:8 twist rate in that cold hammer forged barrel. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but Smith & Wesson has done the basics well. This rifle, in some form or another, has been with most of us for a long time now.

If you would prefer a budget AR_15 rifle for sale, then get this Smith & Wesson Sport II and you’ll get change from $600….

Smith and Wesson Sport Optic II For Sale

Mossberg MMR Tactical for sale. A great AR-15 for $1000 that does everything you want your Modern Sporting Rifle to handle.

12. Mossberg MMR Tactical

  • Price: $1039.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16.3 inch
  • Total Length: 33 inch
  • Weight: 7lb

Mossberg has produced a solid direct impingement rifle that has proved popular with the general public looking for a home defense and general purpose AR-15.

The Mossberg MMR Tactical doesn’t excel at any one thing. But it is a durable, simple and reliable gun. It’s everything you would expect from Mossberg then.

The trigger is a JM Pro Drop-In Match trigger with a clean 4lb break that Jerry Miculek supposedly had a hand in. The M-LOK forend is a 13 inch, slim line unit that free floats over the Mil-spec, Phosphate coated barrel with a 1:8 twist.

An A2 flash hider, an ejection port cover and a solid Picatinny rail up top are all good ingredients for an all-rounder of an AR-15. The Bolt Carrier Group is right up there with the best of them here too.

Magpul Furniture on This Discount AR-15

A Magpul MOE grip and trigger guard join forces with a Magpul six-position stock. So the Mossberg is largely an assembly of other people’s work.

But Mossberg knows how to build a good rifle and if it has taken the best of the best, and at a price point it sort of has, then the end result is going to be an honest AR-15.

That’s what the Mossberg MMR is. It’s an unspectacular entry, but it’s certainly a safe bet.

F-1 Firearms FU King AR-15 on sale here - Buy your rifle now from the USA Gun Shop and Rainier Arms.

13. F-1 Firearms FU King F15

  • Price: $799.99
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length:
  • Weight: 6.1lb

F1-Firearms made its name in custom parts for the AR-15 and now it has brought us an entry-level rifle with a comedy name. It’s going to sell like hot cakes and you can get yours now for the bargain price of $799.99.

The F-1 FU King F15 is a basic rifle, but F-1 Firearms says it’s Mil-spec all the way. It’s also a light rifle, which we like a lot. This new rifle tips the scales at 6.1lb and when we start to get the feedback and user reviews, which matter way more than gun site reviews, this forged rifle could well climb the ranks.

It’s forged FU King F15 forged receiver set that you can buy off-the-peg, together with most of the other parts. That’s F-1 Firearms’ main business, although it does do a line of premium AR-15s. The focus there is on lightweight and largely skeletonized parts.

This one comes with basic and yet totally functional furniture. It’s an F-1 Firearms 15″ M-LOK free-float handguard over a 16 inch barrel capped with an A2 muzzle device. It’s a Nitride-coated barrel, which isn’t the most advanced finish but it should prove durable.

F-1 Firearms AR-15s are now within reach for the average gun customer. And the company’s reputation in the AR-15 aftermarket spares and accessories sector means it has to deliver a real solid rifle that gets 5 star reviews online.

AERO PRECISION - AC-15 5.56X45MM NATO 16" MID-LENGTH RIFLE. Buy guns online now with the USA Gun Shop.

14. Aero Precision X15

  • Price: $739.99
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch
  • Weight: 6.25lb

Aero Precision made its name in precision barrels for the AR-15 and then with its innovative naked rifles that you can dress up with your own furniture. These were budget AR-15s we could get behind.

If you’re too lazy for that, though, Aero Precision will sell you a complete X15 AR-15 rifle that is ready to go.

Under the skin its that solid engineering that has made the company famous. The 4150 CMV steel barrel with a mid-length profile gets a hard-wearing QPQ corrosion resistant finish.

The M16 BCG is made from 8620 steel and phosphate-finished, with a chrome lining for additional durability.

The major parts are pressure tested and go through Magnetic Particle Inspection, too, and it’s all good. Apart from the furniture.

This is the lazy man’s Aero Precision, because you can buy the naked AR-15 for less than $500,. That leaves you a chunk of change to shop online for AR-15 parts & accessories.

The handguard and stock aren’t amazing, by any stretch, and if you put in just a little more then you can get a great Magpul kit or something even better.

Aero Precision sell a series of awesome naked rifle and pistol kits, too, which are just waiting for your furniture. The company that specializes in AR-15 barrels and other AR-15 Parts & accessories also has a few other impressive complete rifles.

Get a naked rifle and you can post on DIY AR-15 build forums about the highs and the lows, the hard work, the sweat and the dedication. Then you can show off your own custom gun, kind of, with an Aero Precision rifle and your own furniture.

The DPMS Recon Tactical 5.56 NATO rifle for sale. A great AR-15, but is it the best AR-15 on sale in 2019?? No, is the simple answer. There are much better....


15. DPMS Recon Tactical Rifle

  • Price: $933.49
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32 inch
  • Weight: 6.7lb
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Twist rate: 1:9

DPMS earned its place on this list by simply stomping the opposition and producing the best $500 AR-15 on the market by a country mile. We love the DPMS Oracle and think you should own at least one. It’s a beater rifle you can do anything with and not worry about too much.

So what happens when you give DPMS more money? Well you get the DPMS Recon Tactical AR-15 rifle. Does it replicate the success of the DPMS Oracle in a higher price bracket? Not quite, but it’s a great rifle on its own terms.

Selling AR-15s Since 1986

This is a company that has been in the AR-15 sales business since 1986 and it knows what its doing. Positioning the brand as the working man’s AR-15 hasn’t stopped it building a great premium rifle, but it’s simply got to convince people that the brand is a match for the likes of Sig and POF. That’s not the easiest sell.

You get top of the line Magpul furniture, including a quad rail up front. You get a top quality flash hider and everything looks to be top quality. Even the collapsible stock is solid as a rock.

The 16-inch barrel comes with a 1 in 9 inch twist rate and there is actually a unique tech touch here that we like. Even the flash hider is a beefed up unit designed to handle 300 AAC Blackout.

It’s a full-length gas system, compared to the mid-length gas system that features in most of these rifles. It’s a premium rifle touch that most the others on the list avoided like the plague.

Could this be the USP? The front of the gas system finishes just a few inches shy of the flash hider and it’s something new at least.

Low Felt Recoil is One Surprise Benefit

In theory, the DPMS should offer softer recoil than any of the other guns on this list, but recoil is a subjective thing and it’s all about the feel. It isn’t really that big a deal on an AR-15 either, at least a well screwed together one like, well, all of these.

The barrel is just short of Mil-spec, as is much of the gun. That makes it one of the best AR-15 rifles on a budget and a solid compromise across the board. This is meat and potatoes, direct impingement, done well.

You also get a few nice extras, like that quad rail up front and the folding rear sight and fixed front. These would all ramp up the cost of some of the others here.

Indeed, on a purely technical level, the DPMS is a close match for most of these rifles and possibly even had the edge. It’s just you can have a Sig for the same money, or a Smith & Wesson for less. That makes it a tougher call.

Cheap AR-15 Maker Goes Upmarket

To go back to the car analogy, Kia does awesome business in the economy sector. But this gun feels like its mid-range offerings.

Absolutely specced to the limit, it offers more than other rivals in its class. But it never sells in big numbers, because prestige, heritage and cache really start to matter.

Even if you don’t buy the full rifle, DPMS AR-15 parts & accessories might be an answer for you. There are lots to choose from and you can start here.

Rock River Arms LAR-15. A great AT-15 and one of the best Modern Sporting Rifles on sale.

16. Rock River Arms LAR-15

  • Price: $1,139.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 36 inch
  • Total Weight: 7.5lb
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Twist Rate: 1:9

Rock River Arms made its name in the AR-15 parts & accessory sector, but has quietly kicked ass with its own rifles and an increasing number of Law Enforcement Agencies have officially endorsed this relatively cheap AR-15.

These aren’t just local Sheriff departments on a budget either. The FBI, DEA and more have adopted Rock River Arms products in recent years. 

Now there are a few to choose from, but the stocks aren’t consistent and we’re honestly kind of happy to find any kind of steady supply. We have done it now, but you might want to use this link to see the full range of Rock River Arms rifles for sale. 

You will find .308 Win rifles there, too, but you might find that most of them are out of stock. Take that as a sign that this is a good rifle and demand is high. The gun reviews online tend to bear this out too. 

This RRA LAR-15 Tactical Rifle is chambered for .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. That Wylde chamber is a big deal if you want to flip between 5.56 NATO ammunition and .223.

5.56 NATO is Cheap Ammo

5.56mm NATO is cheaper than ever, though, especially if you opt for a 12,500 round barrel of bullets from Brownells.

So if you’re not going to use that dual ammo capability, then think long and hard whether the notional improvement in accuracy is worth the extra money for the more expensive Wylde chamber on the Rock River Arms rifle. 

The upper receiver is an M4 forged aluminum effort, the 16-inch barrel is Chrome Moly Vanadium steel and the collapsible stock is a six position system that users love.. 

Read the user reviews and you will hear all about a rifle that is as much fun to shoot as anything else on the open market. It’s accurate, it’s reliable and it isn’t overly complex. 

This rifle is also 100% American-made and it’s American tactical gear at its finest.

Ruger AR-556 MPR 18 inch barrel for sale. A sniper rifle of an AR-15 with a stylish asymmetrical and slimline muzzle brake and lightweight handguard.

17. Ruger AR-556 MPR

  • Price: $832.99
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel: 18 inch
  • Total Length: 35-38.25 inch
  • Weight: 6.8lb

If the gas piston Ruger Varmint rifle doesn’t do it for you, then you can get a solid, direct impingement and basic as meat and potatoes AR-15 in the Ruger AR-556 MPR. It’s a relative bargain, too.

This gun is such a comparative bargain that we featured the base Colt M4 clone it on our top $500 AR-15s list, too, because it’s close enough. Considering the DPMS Oracle is the best gun in the $500 class, that shows you just what a beast of a discount gun deal you’re getting here.

Ruger AR-556 MPR is a Legend

The classic Colt M4-style Ruger AR-556 MPR offers a cold hammer forged barrel with precise button rifling for improved accuracy. There’s a carbine-length milled gas block with a low glare finish and more. These are improvements and AR-15 upgrades in most cheap rifles. Not this one.

OK, you might want to improve upon that standard six-position stock and handguard, but at this price you can cover this gun in MAGPUL furniture on sale and have an epic rifle for bargain basement money.

Ruger Mini-14 Tactical. It's a left-field AR-15 alternative if you want a different way to shoot your 5.56 NATO.

18. Ruger Mini-14 Tactical

  • Price: $949.00
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel: 16.12 inch
  • Total length:
  • Weight: 7.2lb
  • Capacity: 20+1

Yeah, I mean we know. But the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical is awfully close to an AR-15 and does indeed get listed with them on many an online gun store. Leftists hate the ‘assault’ version too.

The folding ATI stock, Picatinny rail up top, box magazine and pistol grip are all very AR-15 style. The design may differ, but in spirit these guns are pretty close.

So you might prefer to ignore the modern classics and stick with the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical, a much underrated gun if we’re honest.

It’s really only famous as a way to illustrate how little Leftists know about guns, as it is always picked out as an assault rifle. But it’s better than that.

Is it a better AR-15 than the best AR-15 on this list. Well that’s a different question, and the answer is no.

Spikes Tactical ST-15 AR-15 For Sale. Get your Spike's Tactical AR-15 right now when you buy guns online.

19. Spike’s Tactical ST-15 FDE

  • Price: $877.50
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32.5-35.75 inch 
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Capacity: 30+1

We know this one blows the budget, but Spike’s Tactical is getting some serious love from the gun community and it’s only $50 too expensive.

You can also choose cheaper Spike’s Tactical rifles for sale and the buy button takes you to a selection of AR-15s under $1000 and over. There are some great semi-automatic rifles on sale and you can score a bargain if you hit the right day.

Spike’s Make High Spec Rifles, Cheap

This is a great gun, overspecced in almost every area. It’s still direct impingement, but the gas system is as slick as you’ll find in the sector and the gas block itself stands up to pretty much anything here.

The upper receiver and lower receivers are 075 T6 aluminum, it has full Magpul furniture and folding sights that give way to a much more serious optic.

The front sight is the classic stand-up affair, while the rear is a nicely engineered Magpul folding rear sight that really gets out the way.

Space Age Coating for Spike’s Rifle

The barrel gets a 1:7 twist and pretty much everything gets a space-age coating. The M16 bolt carrier group comes covered in lashings of Phosphate and the upper and lower receiver is Cerakote finished in Flat Dark Earth.

This is a seriously good looking, well engineered and well designed AR-15 and if you dig the color then you might already be on the order page getting ready to buy guns online.



And the Wildcard…

Kel-Tec RDB 5.56 NATO is an AR-15 alternative that is winning friends and influencing people

20. Kel-Tec RDB 5.56 NATO

  • Price: $799.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56×45 NATO
  • Barrel: 17 inch
  • Total Length: 27.4 inch
  • Weight: 7lb
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Twist Rate: 

We know, we know, it’s not strictly an AR-15. But the bullpup design has a lot going for it, so hear us out…

Now the big news with the Kel-Tec is that it fixes the age-old issue of bullpup rifles firing spent casings into your face.

This rifle ejects the shells downwards after sending them on a diversion over the top of the mag, which is quite clever. But it really shouldn’t be grabbing the headlines.

It’s the cherry on the cake of what is a sensational rifle for this kind of money. It’s basically the same length as an AR pistol, but it gives you the accuracy of the longer 17 inch barrel. That’s the really good stuff..

A Proper Gas System For Your AR-15

It’s a compact rifle and it comes with an adjustable gas block to tailor the rifle for a suppressor or different kinds of ammunition. That’s a serious gas system, even in this copany.

That’s a premium feature in the world of AR-15s and that’s why you end up with direct impingement or a big bill.

Best Selling Rifle in America

This could be enough to turn this into one of the best guns for sale in 2019 for some people. Hell it was the best-selling rifle in America at one point. 

The receiver and barrel sub-assembly is all steel and the actual rifle gets a polymer frame to save weight. It is optics ready, you get a standard A2 flash suppressor and you probably want to go for a red dot up there.

It’s the best bullpup rifle on the market by a country mile right now, and you might find you like it more than the big-name AR-15 rifles for sale. 

The Best AR-15 Could Cost a Little More, Couldn’t It?

You know the game by now. You start out with a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II in your online gun store basket and then suddenly you have a Daniel Defense in your hands, some Bravo Company parts, and a big bill.

Well you know that quality does cost and the likes of Daniel Defense and Bravo Company have earned their reputations and their price tags.

If you want to step into the world of gas piston AR-15s for sale with a pixie dust coated bolt carrier group, then prepare to spend a little more money and feast your eyes on these:

Predictably, the Daniel Defense DDM4 is our pick for the best AR-15 on sale in 2019, in terms of bang for buck. But we do have some rifles that you might actually prefer in the same price range as the Daniel Defense and POF headline acts.

What are the best AR-15 parts & Accessories?

Hiperfire triggers, Patriot Ordnance Factory everything and now ZEV Tech are absolutely top drawer. Geissele has been knocked off the top spot by Hyperfire of late, but its competition triggers are still more than solid.

Aero Precision, Grey Goose Competition, Wilson Combat, Faxon Firearms and more are waiting to sell you an upgraded barrel, bolt carrier group, gas system, charging handle flash suppressor, pistol grip and everything else. You’ll basically never run out of AR-15 parts you can buy.

Will all of them be actual upgrades? That’s another question, and the answer is no. But for the best AR-15 upgrades, you can start here:

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