8-Year-Old Kids Get Gun School In Kansas

423 million guns are in the hands of US citizens, and 8.1 billion rounds of ammo!

Kids as young as 8 are learning how to safely handle a firearm, thanks to the First Shots program in Kansas.

It’s every parents’ nightmare that their child gets hold of their guns and every responsible gun owner makes sure they’re safely locked away. Accidents do happen, though, especially when kids get hold of a concealed carry weapon.

So, education might be the answer.

Anti Gun Lobby Does NOT Like This

Of course, the scheme has met with resistance from the anti-gun lobby, which is outraged that children are being indoctrinated into a world of handguns. But the simple fact is that the guns are out there and basic instruction could mean the difference between a non-event and a fatal accident.

The kids learn to shoot a .22LR pistol, which is low on recoil and drama. They learn the basics, including always pointing a loaded weapon away from people and how to make sure a weapon is safe.

Handle a 22 Rifle Safely. That’s Good School Right There…

More advanced classes allow the kids to move on to 22 rifles and this is a solid program that means parents aren’t forced to teach their children about guns. But we’ll have to wait and see what the wider world thinks about First Shots, as we have a feeling that it’s not going to go down too well in more liberal areas of the nation.

We hope the people in charge can make a solid case for firearms education with younger kids. Demystifying the guns and instilling a healthy respect for firearms safety along the way could be the answer.


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