Guns or Legal Weed? Pennsylvanians Must Choose

Guns or Legal Weed? Pennsylvanians Must Choose


You can have a license to buy guns, or a medical marijuana card to buy weed. But Pennsylvania is determined that you won’t be able to do both.


There’s some logic in there somewhere. If you’re regularly smoking weed then you might not be the best person to have an AR-15. That said, the town drunk can largely get a firearm, depending on their criminal record.


So it seems a little unfair to ban people that are naturally going to be a lot more relaxed and less aggressive, from owning a weapon.


Pennsylvania is rolling out a statewide program in early 2018 to provide medicinal cannabis products to patients suffering from 17 serious health conditions. But they’ll have to give up their guns and that is a concern for some people that see gun ownership as an enhrined right, rather than a bartering chip.


“It’s hypocritical,” said lawyer Andrew Sacks, the co-chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Medical Marijuana and Hemp Law Committee.




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