FAIL: Investigators Can’t Buy Illegal Guns Online

Government tries to buy illegal guns, comes up empty

Federal investigators have revealed that they tried and failed to tempt online gun sales outlets into skirting the regulations an epic 72 times last year.

They failed each and every time.

There’s an illusion that the web is awash with illegal firearms and that you can buy guns online from pretty much anybody. But you can’t.

Reputable dealers protect their license first and foremost and will not take unusual requests. Here at the USA Gun Shop, we have been asked to ship guns to New Guinea, or send them under plain brown wrapper.

But it’s not the business plan for anybody that wants to be around for long.

Prohibited People Cannot Own Firearms


Investigators from the United States Accountability Office tried to buy guns from 72 different online sources and tried specifically to get them to sell to people prohibited from owning firearms.

It didn’t work, not even once.

This wasn’t the dark web, where the investigators did secure an AR-15 and an Uzi. It was the government cheekily trying to entrap the companies on the surface into selling guns illegally.

We guess they’re doing their job and we’re proud to say that the industry was found to be totally watertight. So now go and buy your AR-15 online with pride, or a 1911 pistol for $2000 if that’s what you’re looking for. We can help with shotguns too…

A solid performance like this means that you the buying public will have more faith in the online gun sales industry and we’re happy to tell you that there is no threat to the internet sales of firearms as it stands.

How to Buy Guns Online?


That’s because the online gun stores are all keeping their house in order and focusing on passing huge savings to you the customer.

If you’re still not sure how to buy guns online, then here is a handy guide.

And if you want some bargains, Rainier Arms has a Cyber Monday sale still going strong…


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