CZ P-10: A Cheaper, Better Glock 19?

CZ P-10 A Budget Glock 19

CZ P-10 9mm

  • Price: $499.99
  • Barrel Length: 4.02 inch
  • Total Length: 7.3 inch
  • Capacity: 17+1

Think of most of the mods you’d make to a Glock 19 to turn it into an ideal pistol. CZ has done them all, then sold its 9mm semi-automatic for less money.

These guns were designed for the Czech military, so these glass-fiber reinforced polymer handguns have felt the bite of the harshest Eastern European winters and just kept firing.

A pronounced Beavertail means slide bite is a thing of the past, the trigger guard is undercut and there’s just the right amount of stipple. The slide comes with serrations that make it easier to use in the field and it is just right for the job.

Solid, Precise Engineering Makes The CZ Different

These are simple guns with solid build quality. That includes a cold hammer forged barrel and a unique trigger set that some people prize above all others.

CZ aimed for the cleanest double-action trigger pull possible and claims a 4.5-5lb pull and rebound, which is pretty close to the sweet spot

Direct Swap For a Glock 19

It’s 7.3 inches long with a 4-inch barrel. So it’s basically interchangeable with a Glock 19. It weighs 2.4oz more, but that’s weight you can live with.

The CZ P-10 even fits holsters designed for the G19. Doesn’t it speak volumes that a lot of people prefer this cheaper weapon?

You get 15+1 rounds between reloads, which is more than enough for most situations and it also makes this a great range gun. The double stack magazine is exactly what you’d expect,if you’ve shot a Glock, well, ever.

A Fun, Scary Accurate Range Gun

Load up with a bargain bucket of 9mm ammunition from Lucky Gunner, head down the range and work on your technique with this straight, true and pretty much perfect 9mm handgun.

CZ P-10 vs Glock 19: That’s a Tough Call

Is the CZ P-10 better than a Glock 19? All the serious reviewers seem to agree that it is. The Glock 19 Gen 5 does muddy the waters a little. A Glock is always a start point for serious enthusiasts. A trigger set, sights, a new slide and a match-grade barrel all follow in short order. But the Gen 5 is a gun you can shoot clean out the box.

The CZ is the same. It’s good to go, out of the box, and you won’t need to modify it. That really does make it a better pistol than the Gen 4 and a solid match-up for the much-improved Gen 5, especially at this price.

Get yours today, from our partner!

Also, have a look at the Archon, which is an interesting alternative. Then check out these 19 Glock rivals that includes both guns.


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