Does Bear Creek Arsenal Make Good Guns?

Bear Creek Arsenal BCA-15. Does Bear Creek Arsenal make good guns?

Last updated July 2nd 2024

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Do Bear Creek Arsenal Guns Suck or Not?

Man this is one of those names that divides the gun community like the political divide. You’ll very rarely hear that Bear Creek Arsenal are OK. There’s no middle ground here. 

Basically, you’ll either get they’re amazing guns for basically pennies, or a total crock you should stay away from. 

As always, the truth is kind of in the middle. We sell Bear Creek Arsenal products because we really think this relatively new company is getting there, and it’s one of the few that can possibly challenge Palmetto State Armory’s dominance in the budget sector. It’s not quite there yet, but we think it has the potential.

For the price, these really can be brilliant guns and that seems to be the case for like 90% of buyers. But if you get a dud, then you might find you’re one of the angry minority on the forums cursing out a relatively new company that is kind of making magic when it all works, and doing their best when it doesn’t.  

For what it’s worth, we still think Palmetto State Armory is a safer bet if you can afford to spend more on your budget AR-15. But if you can’t, or you want one of their more unusual designs bad enough to take a punt, then you’re probably going to be OK and love your BCA rifle.  

Originally known as Moore’s Machine Company (MMC), the company rebranded as Bear Creek Arsenal after facing issues with quality control and reputation.  

Their second attempt under the new name aimed to address past criticisms, and it is doing much better. But some issues still remain.  

Quality Control Issues 

One of the most frequent complaints about BCA involves inconsistent quality control. Customers have reported various issues ranging from improperly machined parts to rifles failing to function correctly out of the box.  

These problems have significantly impacted the company’s reputation. Users on various forums, including Reddit and, often share stories of frustration dealing with defective products. For instance, some have mentioned barrels not being properly aligned or rifles arriving with visible damage. 

With one last inspection, or test fire, or whatever they need to do to make sure the gun leaves the factory in a functional state, every time, they would be on to a total winner.  


You can say you get what you pay for, and yeah kind of. But when it works, you get way more than you pay for. They make really cool side charging rifles, as well as bufferless options, and you can get a fully functioning classic Mil Spec AR-15 for just North of $350.  

The company can sell you an AR-10, a Pistol Caliber Carbine and it is starting to show some real interesting finishes. You can buy a BCA cerakote rifle off the line, which is a big deal in a way. The complete uppers are starting to make a name for themselves, too, and they really are getting there.

Positive Reviews 

Despite the issues, BCA has received numerous positive reviews, particularly from budget-conscious consumers. Lots of satisfied customers say they are reliable, durable and awesome performers for the price point. Nobody is expecting a Daniel Defense for this money, but those that go in with their eyes open are often amazed at the bang for buck you get with these rifles.  

YouTube Reviewers’ Opinions 

YouTube reviewers have also weighed in on Bear Creek Arsenal firearms, with mixed opinions: 

  • Garand Thumb: Flannel Daddy was really impressed with the durability of the BCA for the price point, although he did point out that the QC tends to be a crapshoot. He says for a noob on a budget, BCA can be a reasonable option, but buyers should be aware of potential issues and be prepared to troubleshoot or return defective items. 
  • Sootch00: Another prominent reviewer, Sootch00, has given BCA more favorable reviews, praising the value for money and overall performance of their firearms. He acknowledges the quality control issues but suggests that for many users, the savings outweigh the risks. 

General Sentiment 

The general sentiment around the web reflects this duality. Forums and social media platforms are filled with both satisfied customers and those who have had negative experiences. Consider the fact that a happy customer will tell a few people, while an unhappy customer will tell everybody, and you can start to rationalize this a bit.  

Still, it appears that the luck of the draw plays a significant role in customer satisfaction with BCA firearms. Get a good one and you’ll become a loyal customer and brand advocate, get a bad one and you’ll be CAPS LOCK guy on a forum before you know it.  

Comparison to Competitors 

Comparing BCA to other manufacturers in the same price range, it’s evident that they are not alone in facing quality control criticisms. However, companies like Palmetto State Armory (PSA) and Aero Precision often receive slightly better reviews for their consistency and customer service. 

Bear Creek Arsenal is cheaper, though, and it’s often by a big margin. The company does some amazing promotional sales and you can get a complete rifle for just over $300 on a good day. The direct to consumer sales model gives BCA the flexibility to do deals and run constant sales and you’re gonna have to try hard to beat their prices. You can also finance an AR-15 for as little as $40 a month with the Credova payment plan.

Customer Service 

Customer service is another area where BCA needs to learn some lessons. Reports suggest that while the company attempts to address issues and does stand by its product, the response times and resolutions are not always satisfactory.  

Market Position 

Bear Creek Arsenal occupies a unique position in the firearms market. Their low prices make them accessible to a broader audience, including new shooters and those looking to build budget AR-15s. This accessibility has undoubtedly contributed to their popularity despite the quality concerns. 


Bear Creek Arsenal firearms can be a good choice for those who are willing to take a risk on potential quality control issues in exchange for significant savings. The company has made real strides since its rebranding from Moore’s Machine Company, but it still faces challenges in delivering consistent quality. The positive reviews and affordable prices make BCA a worthwhile gamble.  

The mixed opinions from prominent reviewers and the general firearm community reflect the complex nature of BCA’s market presence, where affordability meets variability in quality. But we think they’re getting there, and they’re definitely worth a punt.  

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