How To Build An AR-15 Rifle

Noveske matched receivers are a pretty extravagant start for a DIY AR-15 build. So if you want to build an AR-15, come here for some tips.

It really isn’t rocket science to build your own gun.

I mean, it’s ballistics science and engineering. So it’s close, but it really isn’t as difficult as you might think to put together your own near-perfect Glock or indeed a DIY AR-15.

You can build an AR-15 for less than $700 that should be, or could be, a match for much more expensive off-the-shelf weapons.

Give Your Rifle a Facelift with
How To Build An AR-15 Rifle

Don’t Build a Bad AR-15

Of course, you always have the chance to get it badly wrong.

Mismatched parts, poor attention to detail and even not knowing when to stop can give you a complete mess of a gun that you spent too much money on.

But get it right, or close to right, and you can spend months switching out parts on your home-made gun, improving and refining, to create as near as damnit the perfect AR-15.

Now we’ve already partnered with Brownells, and they’ve got a great series of short videos that explains exactly how to build the AR-15 of your dreams.

It even includes a checklist of the parts you need and there’s a PDF of that here:

AR15 Parts List For DIY BUILD – Brownells

We’re really not going to improve upon these videos, so here is the link!

Brownells – How to Build an AR15

Brownells also have awesome deals on all the parts you need to create your AR15 from scratch.

Give Your Rifle a Facelift with
How To Build An AR-15 Rifle

You can even put one together and they’ll build it, but it’s way cooler to handle the nuts and bolts yourself.

Having said that, for your first build you might want to keep it simple. You can buy complete or stripped receivers and a complete kit will save you time.

Brownells has a great deal on an AR15 upper receiver, complete with a Nitride-finished barrel, for just $299.99. You can upgrade all of these parts over the course of time, but this is a great price point to get you started and it should save you money on building the gun piece by piece.

How To Build An AR-15 Rifle
How To Build An AR-15 Rifle

Watch the Sales For AR-15 Parts

Always keep an eye on the sales on Brownells too. Right now, you can get a real nice Geissele two-stage trigger kit for 30% off retail. You could also buy a complete Aero Precision kit that costs less than $500 with a full Cerakote camo finish.

When you come to order your gun, you might find a Noveske lower receiver.  You might find a killer optic or even a Blackout Rifle conversion kit with a full upper receiver and barrel.

You can switch between the two if you get a second upper receiver, dedicated to the Blackout rifle set-up. So there are all kinds of variables that could take your gun from $750 for a perfectly  good AR-15 through to thousands for the best of the best.

Shop Around For the Best Deals

Make sure you shop around, too. Rainier Arms has some amazing deals and you could  mix and match the perfect rifle between these two suppliers and get it all for an insane price. That’s the dream when you build an AR-15.

Rainier Arms has a Gen 3 upper and lower receiver from Noveske for $550, which would be the heartbeat of a world-beating AR15.
Just always keep an eye on your overall cost and then re-evaluate if you want to build or just buy.

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Springfield Armory AR-15, a great rifle you can buy right now.

Complete AR-15 Rifles Can be Easier

A quick look at the sales section on Brownells reveals a complete AR-15, ready to fire, from Springfield Armory. We’re in love with their handguns right now and the SAINT AR-15 looks like an awful lot  of gun for the knockdown price.

Would you prefer a Ruger AR-556? We could understand that. What about a Daniel Defense DDM4 V7? Yep, we can hook you up with all those and more.

Have a look at these posts for convenient groups of the best AR-15 rifles for sale in 2020.

This won’t be there by the time you go looking for it, but just click the AR-15 tab at the top of the page, then firearms on the left. You can even limit it to the guns on sale and you’ll soon see some serious hardware for not too much money.

So, should you build an AR-15?

It can be fun. It will also give you a fuller understanding of your AR-15 and it will deepen your bond with it as you keep improving it with new parts.

When you’re feeling full of cash, check what’s on sale at Brownells and slowly upgrade your AR-15 to world class competition spec.

Titanium everything, a Noveske barrel and other leading accoutrements could turn yours into a $2000 AR15. But then you’ll have the ultimate Modern Sporting Rifle and you will have built it yourself.

That kind of rocks to know when you get in to position and take aim.

Give Your Rifle a Facelift with
How To Build An AR-15 Rifle

Get Cheap Ammo For Your AR-15

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