Las Vegas Gun Stores, the best gun shop in las Vegas Nevada

What is the Best Las Vegas Gun Store?

Las Vegas Gun Stores, the best gun shop in las Vegas Nevada

Gun Shop Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But you can visit an awesome gun shop and bring something home that you’ll actually be happy about. So what are the best gun shops in Las Vegas?

Well, before you go nuts and start hitting gun shops on the strip, remember that Vegas is always expensive. There is an alternative, then, and that is to buy your guns online and use one of the many local pawn shops to do the transfer. Then you just order online.

Some of the best gun stores in Las Vegas do have a shooting range and you can even rent fully automatic machine guns for some fun. So, we’re not talking smack about the gun stores in Las Vegas. Some of them are pretty good!

Within the city limits, inevitably you will be limited to an indoor shooting range. But if you want to travel, Nevada has wide open spaces, and some great outdoor gun range facilities. Get outside and you can shoot machine guns, Gatling Guns and just about everything else.

Guns Vegas, a little gambling and the bright lights of the big city. There are worse ways to spend your days and you definitely should visit and indoor shooting range as a tourist and have some fun.

But it will be cheaper to buy your guns online and we have the best trick for you. Basically all you need is a pawn shop where you can have your guns delivered, and there are plenty in Las Vegas, and then you can save a fortune buying guns online.

The Best Online Gun Stores in the USA

I will show you where right now, and then you can order from any one of the five best online gun stores in the USA.

We work really well with Brownells, and can’t recommend them highly enough. Check out the sales on offer right now and see if you want to pick up a bargain. Then you just get your gun delivered to your nominated pawn shop, who becomes your FFL dealer, and do the background check in store when it gets there.

You can order your firearm to be delivered to downtown Las Vegas and do your background check etc at the shop as normal.

Let them know your gun is on the way. That’s really all you have to do.

Your FFL Dealer Is Probably Already Registered

The best online gun dealers already have a copy of their FFL certificate on file, so basically just let them know the firearm is coming and you’re good to order from whoever you want. That’s powerful, because it gives you access to the absolute best guns for sale online and it means you can get some great prices.

Check here for some inspiration: USA Gun Shop

We keep live links to the kind of guns we think you want to buy, so you always get the lowest possible prices and a Las Vegas gun shop simply can’t match our prices.

Check here for some more gunporn and awesome guns you’ll want to buy:

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You can also browse an epic collection of guns, in all conditions and vintages at the actual store. They’re a great gunbroker in Las Vegas in their own right and you might find yourself digging deep and taking two guns home.

If you buy guns in Las Vegas, you probably already know about Bargain Pawn, but if not you should take a look.

It’s not the only pawn shop that you should be aware of either. Of course the best gunshop in Las Vegas depends on your definition. Some people liked used guns for cheap prices and you might just like what you see in the shop.

Pawn Shops Have Cool Vintage Firearms

If you can find a cool source of vintage firearms, or whatever scratches your particular itch, for used prices, then that’s a good thing.

If you’re looking to buy guns in Las Vegas, we think pawn shops could be a surprise in terms of the quantity and quality of the guns for sale. Nevada has a lot of guns, they’re expensive and that means they find themselves in pawn shops more often than you’d think.

You can use that to snag a bargain, if the shop owner is reasonable and you build a relationship.

Check out TNT Pawn, which features on Pawn Stars, too. They have pages of firearms listed, literally pages of them, and some interesting things like a Ruger Blackhawk pistol for $439.99. A lot of the lower end stuff shouldn’t interest a gun connoisseur, but that’s the thing with a leftfield gunbroker like TNT Pawn.

You never quite know what’s coming through the door and it’s worth keeping an eye on their stock and getting on first name terms with the people down there if you’re a collector.It’s a cool store anyway and there’s always something a bit weird in there that’s worth looking at.

And the staff are kinda famous, so they could make for an interesting Facebook post.

Now, those are the oddball options that might throw up something really interesting. Now, though, it’s on to the mainstream gun stores in Las Vegas.

Sometimes you just need to buy firearms ammunition or spares in the flesh, at the store. We understand…

So if you’re looking for a gun shop near me, then here are the best options.

5 Best Gun Stores in Las Vegas

1. The Gun Store

2900 E Tropicana Ave, Downtown, NV 89121, USA

Where To Find The Gun Store, Las Vegas

This place is basically famous for its shooting experience and you can rent hundreds of handguns and rifles, from the Desert Eagle to an original M1 Garand.

You can seriously shoot a fully automatic AK-47 and World War II sub-machine guns from both sides. Yes, really, you can hit the shooting range with machine guns. How cool is that?

Shoot a Dirty Harry 44 Magnum or some serious military hardware. Machine Guns Vegas is a seriously popular web search, so that tells its own story.

Fire off a ridiculous amount of rounds, try Dirty Harry’s gun, shoot Deadpool’s Desert Eagles and then buy a gun from them before you lose the high.

2. Briarhawk Firearms and Ammunition

5715 W Sahara Ave #102, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA

Where to find Briarhawk Firearms and Ammunition

Briarhawk Firearms and Ammunition has a five-star Google rating, which is pretty hard to do. Is it the best gun store in Las Vegas? With the kind of reviews it gets, it really has to be.

It offers FFL transfers, too, but if you’re going to build a relationship with a gun shop in Las Vegas then you might want to see what they have in stock first.

They will order anything you want and will probably try and price match or at least give you some advice on the right gun to buy, which may or may not be in the shop.

Brierhawk firearms ammunition and spares are among the best in the Las Vegas firearms industry.

3. Freedom Firearms
7150 S Durango Dr, Ste 160, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Where to find Freedom Firearms, Las Vegas

This is a seriously big shop with a big selection of firearms.

You will find something you want, on the premises. That’s pretty much a guarantee with thousands of handguns, rifles and shotguns to choose from.

If you’re in the area, then stop by and check out Freedom Firearms for yourself. If you don’t find something to buy, you’re the problem.

4. Discount Firearms & Ammo
3084 S Highland Dr Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Where to find Discount Firearms & Ammmo, Las Vegas

Discount Firearms & Ammo has a range onsite and offers classes, as well as offbeat shooting experiences like the SWAT team session, which gives you access to most the weapons a SWAT team member has access to.

The company has an ecommerce site where you can see some of the guns you can buy in the store, and some more. It’s a great gunbroker and they’ll fix you up with whatever you want, even if they have to order it in.

You can also rent individual guns, including machine guns, for time on the shooting range. If you’re on the fence about buying a gun, then try it first.

You can also fire a fully automatic M4 Carbine as part of the SWAT package. Soif that tickles your fancy, then get in touch.

5. On Target Guns and Accessories
560 N Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89110, USA

Where to find On Target Guns and Accessories, Las Vegas

Expert advice, on-site CCW classes and a personal service are the USPs of on Target Guns and Accessories.

It’s a smaller Las Vegas gunbroker, but it’s still pretty high tech. That’s because you can order off the website, access special members discounts and pick your gun up at the store.

It’s a nice system and it means On Target Guns punches above its weight in terms of stock for such a small place.

Nevada Gun Laws

Nevada has some pretty sweet gun laws. You only need a permit for a CCW. Therre is no State-level permit for a handgun, rifles or shotgun. They are pretty much fair game. Nevada is a ‘Shall Issue’ State when it comes to CCW permits and it is pretty much a gun lover’s dream world. There are better States for gun aficionados, but not that many.

Nevada also has the open spaces to go out and play with these firearms. The desert is one of the few places you can let loose with 50 Cal rifles and 100-round drum mags.

Open Carry is all good in Nevada, there are no NFA restrictions and it’s a gun-friendly State, which means you can buy pretty much anything in the open market at a Las Vegas gun store.

You can get more information on specific Nevada gun laws here.

All we know is that Nevada gun laws make most of America jealous. If you live there, you deserve a big pat on the back. Go out and celebrate, buy a gun…


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