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Best Online Shotgun Store in the USA

DP-12 double barrel shotgun pump action



Best Online Store To Buy Shotguns in the USA?


It really is much simpler to order guns online these days, and pick them up from your local pawn shop. You know the little shop with a few handguns in the window? Yes, they have an FFL license. You don’t ever have to buy a gun from them, but you can get yours delivered and pick them up for a small fee.


If you literally don’t know how to buy a gun online, though, it can be scary and you can just never do it. But you’re missing out, this is the best way to buy a gun and you’ll save time, as well as money.


So you can order turkey hunting shotguns, tactical shotguns, even a high-capacity shotgun with some neat tech from Tavor and Kel-Tec. If you’re looking for a Saiga-12 for sale then we can help with that, too, because we’re just nice people.


You don’t have to pay your local gun store’s premium prices anymore. You can find the best price for guns online and then simply send them to the pawn shop instead. Gun shops don’t always like to do FFL transfers, because you’re reducing them to an overblown UPS man.


Pawn shops are cool, work with them. Your pawn shop becomes your FFL dealer from that point on, and they are the best FFL dealer, because they really can’t try and upsell you into anything else and they have to do the background check and that’s it.


Remington Shotgun 870 TAC-14


Then you can go looking to buy a gun online and I would start with:



FFL Transfers Are Easy


Basically you do the paperwork and the background check in the store as normal, you just buy the gun online on your card in advance.  Then for a fee that is normally in the $10-$25 ballpark, your FFL dealer will receive and hand over your guns after doing the background check etc in the store.


You pick up your firearm like a UPS parcel. Well, it’s a tiny bit more involved, but not much as your FFL dealer needs to make this a streamlined process to make any money.


Do it once and they’ll have your details on file. The second time around this will be the easiest it has ever been to buy a gun. In a few months, you’ll wonder why you ever went to the gun store near you.


You know that your local gun store has an allegiance to Benelli, or Mossberg, or Remington. It’s rare to get all the best shotguns in the world in one place. Even if you do, the times are changing and the newer guns, well you might have to buy a gun online as they just aren’t in the shops.


Get a Mag-Fed Shotgun, It’s Time


The Tavor TS-12 is a monster of a shotgun, but it’s high-tech. Elsewhere, mag-fed shotguns are starting to cross over to the mainstream. Mossberg has two mag-fed shotguns and will sell you a 20-round mag as an option. Remington’s 10-round mag seems more sophisticated and less picky, but there’s no doubt these two brands are leading the way foe a new dawn in shotgun technology.


If they are reliable then this will be a landslide of shotguns for sale online. A 20-round shotgun is the stuff dreams are made of. Tactical shotguns can have as little as seven rounds in them. Compared to the AR-style pistols chambered in 300BLK, there was just no point in the old-school shotguns.


So they have to respond, and the manufacturers are doing an amazing job of making the home defense shotgun relevant again. Admit it, you’re thinking of buying a gun online right now aren’t you?

Black Aces Tactical shotgun with a twist

Mossberg Shockwave’s Time To Shine?


The Mossberg Shockwave with a 20-round mag might just be the most tactical shotgun you can have for your home. The only worry with magazine-fed shotguns is the shells settle over time. So you either need to rotate your ammo, or we are one evolutionary step away from the perfect shotgun.


The next step won’t come from the shotguns for sale online, the Mossberg and Remington will work just fine. It will be the shells that have to evolve, with thicker sidewalls, so that they simply cannot settle in the mag. Then we will have a 20-round shotgun that can switch from buckshot to slugs in the blink of an eye. That is a real tactical shotgun I want in my arsenal and that’s why I’m choosing to believe in the latest generation of mag-fed shotguns.


Support this.


The  USA Gun Shop Promise


We will keep finding the best prices for you to buy guns online. We know it’s the way forward, it’s more convenient than going to your local gun store if you’re honest and once its set-up then this is the perfect way to buy guns.


You can save money on gun deals from the world’s biggest manufacturers. We can find an unusual gun where there is just one in the stockroom and that dealer wants to sell it and move on with their new ranges. It’s amazing what the internet turns up and we work with the very best dealers to give you the best shotguns in the world, together with other discount guns for sale online.


Then you do the background check, pick up your firearm and you’re good to go.


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Order now and they’ll be with you in 48 hours. You will get the best prices in the country, courtesy of the USA Gun Shop. We will never close, our partners are open 24/7 and you can buy a new gun, gun parts or ammunition whenever you’re in the mood.


Your pawn shop as your new FFL dealer is the pro tip, though, because they really are your gateway to every gun dealer on the internet. While some physical gun stores were bitching and driving away custom when they reluctantly did FFL Transfers or flat out refused, pawn shops realised there was an opportunity.


Pawn shops rarely have a massive range of shotguns for sale and they are never the best gun store in town unless they have a real armory and gunbroker business attached. They know this, they have less skin in the game and they have turned the transfers themselves into a legit income stream. That’s a win-win.


Most pawn shops will do the transfer for $25 and some charge less, so it really does save you a fortune when you can go and buy a gun online on sale on several of the best online retailers.


IWI Taor T12: 15-round bullpup shotgun

What are the best online gun stores in 2018? Right now, I think these are the best gun sales outlets on the internet.


  • Brownells – A class act and one of the best online gun stores.
  • 1800Gunsandammo – An emerging force and the Amazon of the firearms and outdoors industry.
  • Rainier Arms – A smaller outfit with some very special weapons.
  • LuckyGunner – Try ordering your ammunition online and you’ll never buy in-store again.


Make your pawn shop your gunbroker, your FFL dealer and your friend, and you can simply order the gun to their door and pay them to do the paperwork. After the first time, it will be as smooth as picking up a parcel.

Check Your Pawn Shop For FFL Transfer Process


Check the site of any local pawn shop and you may well find their FFL information. Some of them even let you download a copy of their FFL Certificate. When they are this organized, though, you’ll never actually need to send that certificate in. Our partners will already have it on file.


That pawn shop is now your middleman to the online gun world. Treat them well, maybe even sell a few guns through them on consignment, and forge a relationship that should never end. Your FFL dealer is probably going to be a better friend than your old gun dealer, because they can’t really rip you off.


As soon as you have the process for ordering a gun, then you’re free to buy a shotgun from any of our partners and save a fortune, as well as get the gun you actually want for the lowest possible price.


You can pick up your firearm at any FFL dealers place and you’ll find this is a better way to a buy a gun, because you get to be the master of your own destiny and nobody gets to try and sell to you.



Then The Fun Part, Buy Your Gun


Then you can start to look for the right shotguns for sale. Or you can take the help and simply select from our list. We’ve done a lot of the searches for you and discounted some of the more expensive options. We have found the cheapest deals, without ever sacrificing customer service, so you should be happy with your firearms purchase if you follow our links.

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We try and keep live search links, so you get the lowest possible prices from the dealers that took us a while to work out. We give you the best deals, special offers and the last gun on the shelf for a serious discount.


We have the likes of the Benelli M4 Tactical, the Kel-Tec KSG, the Mossberg Persuader and the classic Shockwaves for sale right here. Suddenly your budget can go much further and you can get what you want, when you want it, at the price you want to pay.


Buy guns online right now and remember to sign up to the USA Gun Shop’s weekly email at the top. We’re going to make buying a gun online easy, so stick with us and come along for an awesome ride!




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