Where is the Best Gun Store in Connecticut


Where to Buy Guns in Connecticut


If you live in Connecticut, well done you. That shows you’re a particular kind of person. A responsible person, maybe even a successful person if you live in Greenwich, New Canaan or Westport. If you live there, you have made it as a man.


So, give yourself a pat on the back before we get back to the best places to buy guns in Connecticut. You need to protect your beautiful home after all.


See how we’re friends now? It’s a sly little marketing trick, you know that, and the next thing we’re going to tell you is the big shock and awe moment of the presentation.


You’re sitting in the best gun store in Connecticut right now.


You don’t need to trawl round gun stores in Hartford and New Haven. You don’t need to find a gunbroker in Greenwich. It’s a hassle getting round Connecticut, especially in the winter months.


And there is an easier, cheaper way to buy guns. When you buy guns online, you open up a whole new world of cheaper deals and weapons that your local store simply does not stock.


So how does it work, buying guns online?


Essentially, you make a connection with your local pawn shop that sells guns. The fewer guns they actually sell, the better, but it’s important that they sell them because then they’ll have the FFL License you need to order guns from around the country.


You see the gun isn’t delivered to your door. Not quite. It does get delivered to your nominated pawn shop, though, and if they have their shit together you could order your gun in the next five minutes.


Go to your pawn shop’s website. If they have an FFL Transfers section then this whole process is going to be easier than buying in-store.


And you can order any of these guns right now…



Some gun shops don’t like doing FFL Transfers because they were getting turned into glorified delivery men by the online gun sales outlets. So they jacked up the prices and some simply refuse to do them.


That’s why it’s better to buy your guns online through your local pawn shop. These guys spotted a business opportunity. They are background check and ID specialists, so this wasn’t a huge leap of logic.


Now pawn shops are sending the traditional gun store under, because you can buy guns at a massive discount online from a wide variety of sources.


We do business with some of the best online gun stores in the business and we’ll happily tell you who they are and point you to the biggest discounts. That’s our whole reason to be. We’re not just another Shopify guns store. We are here to find the best deals and point you towards the best guns.


We will save you money when you buy the guns we recommend, and we’ll make sure your gun collection is totally streamlined with 3 and 6-gun kits on the regular.


But if you want to start saving on guns right now, Google your chosen pawn broker, find the FFL details and then order from these guys:


Brownells – Great customer service, a perfect website and a system  that just works. Also some gorgeous guns.

Rainier Arms Top end, premium guns. This is gunporn you can buy.

1800GunsandAmmo.com – Basically the Amazon of the guns world. Some amazing prices and obscure guns.

Lucky Gunner – Buy ammo in bulk and save serious money.


Place your order at 1am, or 1pm, it just does not matter. You can pick yourself a new hunting rifle, or the best concealed carry handgun in the world, at the time you want. Your order gets processed, you pick it up at the pawn shop and it will probably take 15 minutes.


That’s the first time. After that, you are all set-up on the system and your pawn shop is effectively your gun dealer. You will form a rapport, you’ll be in and out in minutes and you will wonder why you ever used to buy your guns in store.


If there’s a big fault, the gun has to go back to the manufacturer anyway and all you’re doing is taking a link out of the chain by cutting out the gun store. I do feel sorry for those guys, but really the traditional gun shop is heading the way of the tiny inner city mall with sky high rents that you end up paying.


We can cut the margins to the bone if we do without the storefront. You just want to buy your gun online at the best price and get it without hassle. This is the way to do that now.


So, buy guns through your pawn shop and suddenly every online dealer can deliver to you. That includes Gunbroker, the eBay of the firearms world, and you will be shocked how much time and money you save. You will also get the gun you want, at the price you want to pay.


Our dealers always have something different in the backroom, too, and we’re constantly amazed ourselves at the deals. That’s why we started the site, we just love finding great guns at even better prices. If we pass that on to you and hit the buy button, we get paid a few bucks by the vendor. It’s an awesome system and if we’ve been some help to you, then I hope you buy guns online through us and we all win!


If you are not sure which gun you should buy, then have a look at these. Some of these guns are on sale, all of them are on sale and you can pick up a new gun for used gun money. You’re welcome…


Stop looking for the best gun store in Hartford, New Haven, Greenwich and the rest of Connecticut. Thanks to the internet, and a few dedicated souls, you’re already in the best store in the state.


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