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Where to Buy Guns in Texas

Where to Buy Guns in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, so the saying goes. The USA Gun Shops in the Lone Star State are generally about the same size, it has to be said, but they do tend to stock some interesting guns.

Texas is proper gun country, with some of the best gun laws in America. If you want a big magazine, no problem. You want a 50 BMG? OK sir, place your order at the USA Gun Shop.

If the gun you want is legal anywhere, it’s probably legal in Texas. Nevada, too. Nevada is cool, but Texas is right up there with the best of them when it comes to good gun laws.

It also has the wide open prairie, where you can take your guns and plink away, blow up old cars and generally do what the hell you like as long as you don’t get in anybody’s business.

So you really don’t have to check if a gun is legal in Texas, you can just feel free to order any of these today and take advantages of cheap guns online.

Semi Automatic AR-style Pistols. Civilian SMGs!

Where is the Best Gun Store in Texas?

So there are no shortage of Texas gun stores, but that’s the old-fashioned way of buying guns. It’s the expensive way, and you are always going to be limited to what the dealer has in the shop.

I have a new way for you to buy guns that is easier, more convenient and cheaper. It’s the new style of USA Gun Shop and you’re in it right now.

Order Guns Online, Collect Locally

You can simply order your gun from our partners, safe in the knowledge that we check the prices regularly and ensure that you pay the right price for the discount gun you want.

We check weekly and we’re constantly changing our deals. Our mission is simple, we find the cheap guns for sale online and then we pass them on to you.

We make a small percentage from the dealers themselves and we work with the very best, including:

  • Brownells – Our favorite online gun dealer with near-perfect customer service.
  • 1800GunsandAmmo – A great range and an Amazon approach that means your gun just arrives with no fuss.
  • Lucky Gunner – Great deals on cheap ammunition in bulk.


Our Job is Finding Cool, Cheap Guns For Sale

We simply shine a light on the best deals out there right now and if you want the inside scoop, a weekly email with the very best deals we have found. We can send you discount codes, special deals and unloved special editions we have found for knockdown prices in the bargain bin at our dealer.

If that sounds like your kind of jam, then sign up on the top bar. Just let us know your email address and we’ll hook you up with the best weekly deals.

When you buy guns online through the USA Gun Shop, you know we have gone through hundreds, maybe thousands of guns for sale. We’ve run the price past our inner bullshit test and we checked our other dealers too.

So every gun for sale has effectively been price-checked against other legitimate gun dealers. So you know that when you buy your AR-15, handgun, shotgun or ammunition, you have got the best price gun online.

Barrett M107 50 BMW Gun rifle

Get Amazing Guns, At Great Prices

We love finding crazy guns, interesting guns, even the occasional vintage firearm. Any gun that interests us could interest you, so keep an eye on the front page!

We have pretty eclectic tastes and you can feel free to join us and shoot the shit about guns. In the end, we want to build a gun community, not just give you cheap guns for sale.

We would love for you guys to come together and share your gun buying tips, shooting advice, hunting coaching, maintenance hacks and just about anything else.

You can even swap stories about the ones that got away.

While you’re here, get the gun of your dreams, rather than the one the dealer wanted to sell you. You get it within 48 hours and you know you got the best price gun possible.

Taurus Raging Bull

How to Buy Guns Online?

You might never have bought guns online before and you’re just not sure how it works. That’s OK, we can talk you though the process right now and you can be browsing the guns for sale in five minutes.

First, though, you need a local pawn shop that sells guns. That’s better than a physical gun store for this particular job.

Pawn shops that sell guns in Texas have an FFL license, which means they can receive your gun. You see it doesn’t come to your door, instead our partners ship your gun to your designated FFL dealer and you do the transfer paperwork right there.

For you, it’s really like completing the sale of the gun in your local store, which can be just down the street from your house. It’s a much smoother process than driving to a larger gun store and then paying more for the privilege.

Most pawn shops will do the FFL transfer paperwork for a fixed price that ranges from $10-$30. So get the price, add it to the total cost of your gun to make sure you are still saving money buying guns online, and then place your order.

Just as an example, I found a few pawn shops that highlight a fixed price deal for the FFL Transfer. These stores mostly have their paperwork online with the dealers already, so just fill out the online form, or let them know your gun is coming, and then you can order right now.

It’s that easy.

In these cases, the store already has its FFL license lodged with our partners. So they know they can ship to your chosen dealer and your gun can be with you in less than 48 hours. In some cases, you can have your gun the next day.

Pawn Shops offering FFL Transfers in Texas

It’s a great way to buy guns and you’ll get comfortable with one pawn shop, who will then have most your details on file. It’s a seamless, painless way of buying guns where you don’t have to negotiate or try and get a dealer to order a particular model.

You choose the gun you want, it can arrive at your local pawn shop in 24 hours and then you can collect it at your leisure and do the necessary background checks.

You won’t save much time the first time you do it, but if you’re gun guy then you’ll wish you found this system out sooner. It’s just the smoothest, easiest way to buy firearms and it means you can order what you want, when you want.

All you have to do is swing by your chosen FFL store and they’ll have you in and out of there in 15 minutes after the second or third time.

The Best Gun Store in Texas is Right here

So now you know how buying guns online works, you know that you’re basically already in the best gun store in Texas. We can sell you everything from a Barrett .50 BMG rifle through to a two-shot Derringer.

We try to entertain in our own special way, too, so you can read our legendary list articles and simply find the best:

At the USA Gun Shop, we have powerful guns, small guns, modular guns, 22 rifles, sniper rifles, the best 9mm handguns and the latest and greatest.

590M Shockwave - A Beauty

We have got.

Street-legal Sub Machine Guns – Semi Auto Pistols

Sig Sauer on sale.

AR-15 Bargains in Texas.

Cheap AK-47 deals online.

Springfield Armory deals galore.

The cheapest Glocks online.

HK handguns at low prices.

Smith & Wesson for sale.

Ruger pistols at rock bottom prices.

Taurus handguns, save money with us.

High tech Assault Shotguns

Mossberg shotguns at outlet prices.

Remington 12 Gauge cheap.

Ammunition deals at the USA Gun Shop.

So we can hook you up. You can stop looking for the best gun store in Texas, you can just order the gun you want instead.

You can now stop looking for:

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Hunting rifles Dallas.


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