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Where to Buy Cheap Guns in California

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California is a minefield of regulations for gun owners and it can be a complete pain in the ass to buy for a State that has gone mad on paperwork.


But it’s really not that hard to find cheap guns in California, as long as you don’t go to the actual gun store. It’s counterintuitive, but when you want to buy guns in Los Angeles, or you are looking for a gun store in San Diego, or a gunbroker in Silicon Valley (There is one, I cannot imagine his rent), you don’t actually need any of these places.


I can show you guns for sale across the web, and the way to buy them right now.


I feel for the best California gun stores, I really do. It’s one never ending government rimjob with the paperwork required to sell a gun in California and that inevitably drives the prices up. The potential market is cut by the year as Californians turn against guns and slowly outlaw them anyway.


You live in a world of 10-round mags, theoretical closer background checks and a tougher time of it generally. But that doesn’t mean you should pay more for your guns.


Oh, and make sure you’ve got a DOJ-compliant safe, too, with quick access and an electronic combination. If you’re in a school zone, that’s a Federal requirement. If you’re not, do it anyway.


Anyway, increasing legislation and problems for your local mom and pop gun store, they are not your problems.


Buy Guns Through Your Pawn Shop


The simple way to avoid paying for the gun store owner’s stress medication is to do business with your local pawn shop.


All you need is a pawn shop that sells guns, any guns. They can be the worst guns in the world, Hi-Points even, you’re not actually going to buy your guns from them.


So what do you do? You call the pawn shop, or check on their website to see if they have a procedure for sending guns for an FFL Transfer. If they do, then our partners will probably already have their details on file and you could order your gun within the next five minutes.


Now you don’t even need a local gun store. You don’t need to go to gun store in Los Angeles, or a firearms retailer in San Francisco, or even a gunbroker in the Valley. You are in the nation’s biggest gun store right now and all you have to do is choose your gun, get it delivered to your local pawn shop and then collect it at your leisure.


The first time, your paperwork will take 15 minutes. After that, you’re on file, it’s going to be even easier than dealing with separate gun stores. Your local pawn shop becomes your centralised hub for gun ownership. This is the streamlined way to buy guns online.


That’s because all the personal details get dealt with at the pawn shop that knows you. Our partners simply send the gun to your pawn shop. From there, you do the background check in person as you’d expect. Get it done once, though, and this is a seamless way to buy guns. Next time, it will take minutes.


Then you are free to buy guns across the web, and remember to sign up at the USA Gun Shop as we’ll have lots of last-minute offers for you each and every week.


How to buy guns online?


Then comes the magic part. You look on our partner’s website for California-compliant weapons and you’ll find they even have their own category, it’s that easy.


I have done general searches for some of the most popular guns out there right now. They all have California compliant handguns for sale, but the live link tends to change and I want you to find it within seconds.


So follow these links and just scroll down the page to find the California version, it’s that easy.


Cheap California Compliant Guns on 1800GunsandAmmo

All California Compliant Gear, Guns and Parts on Rainier Arms


Get your gun delivered to the pawn shop and then complete the background check there as normal. In real terms, it’s like you are buying the gun at the pawn shop, but you saved a bundle by putting the gun on your card, getting the best deal from a collection of dealers and cutting the poor local gun store right out the equation.


This is the future of buying guns and it means you’ll never have to take what the dealer has in store again, or pay over the odds for a gun you can buy online. The USA Gun Shop exists purely to find the best deals on handguns, shotguns and rifles from around the web. We set up the links for you so you cannot fail and then you get the cheapest guns in all of California.


You also don’t have to go to a gun store anymore.


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