7 Gunsmithing Tools You Need Today

Last updated July 6th 2024

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The best gunsmithing tools can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to maintaining your gun collection.  

But it’s easy to get carried away and buy a whole ton of shiz you never use. And yes we’re guilty of that too. 

So what are the essential tools for guns that you can’t dio without? And how much do you need to spend? 

Here are our top picks.  

1. Punches

A good set of flat end punches roll punches are just essential for stripping and installing pins. Look for a kit with a series of punches that can deal with the awkward moments, like a nylon finishing punch, pin alignment tool and staking punch. 

If you need to adjust sights, disassemble your trigger or strip a Glock, punches are an indispensable tool and pretty much everybody should have a decent set.  

A selection of hammers and mallets can make your life a bunch easier, too. And make you look like a pro.

Wheeler Driver Set -

2. Gunsmithing Driver Set 

Now you can just get a really good screwdriver set. But household screwdrivers tend to be tapered and don’t give the tightest fit.  

A specialist gunsmithing driver set will give you precisely the tool you need for each and every occasion. That means you can get to difficult screws and avoid gouging your gun or rounding out the screw head.  

Armorer's Wrench is one of the basic AR tools you really need

3. AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench

An AR Armorer’s wrench, also known as AR multi wrench, might seem like an unnecessary luxury, until you get a good one. Basic wrenches inflict all kinds of torture on your barrel and castle nut. They can skin your knuckles too. 

A thick AR wrench with a wide spine and strong teeth just makes the job that much easier, and they often come with additional tools included.  

A good armorer’s wrench will often come with a hammer for your punches with various heads, varying sizes of wrench. It can also be used for self defense tool, but you’ve probably got a gun to be fair… 

A high quality gunsmithing level.

4. Level

If you ever mount scopes, and most of us do, you need a bubble level. The best kits come with two levels, one to ensure the receiver is parallel to the surface and the second to ensure the scope is perfectly in line with the receiver. Dump the plum bob method and get with the 21st Century with a proper level kit. 

A gun vise is a great investment if you work on your weapons.

5. Gun Vise

If you’re punching out pins or cleaning the trigger assembly, it’s a lot easier with a quality gun vise. Again, a hobby shop vise works, until it doesn’t. One ruined slide or cracked frame is all it takes to change your perspective. 

You might want to go all out with a bench mounted vise, but a table top vise is more than enough for most occasional gunsmiths.  

A good quality vise can handle pistols and rifles, and the you can rotate the jaws to give you the angle of attack you need for each job.  

A torque wrench desiugned for use on pistols, rifles and shotguns.

6. Torque Wrench

OK this is a luxury, but repeatability and precision are good things. If every screw is torqued up the same, or to spec, you will feel the benefit in the end. Firearm torque wrenches will give you a range up to about 65 inch pounds and will give you that little added confidence when you’re working on your gun.  

For An AR-15 you’ll need a sturdier torque wrench.


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