Stun Baton And Torch – Non-Lethal Self Defense

Buy a 9.8 million volt stun gun that's also a torch. Stealth self defense weapons you can carry anywhere.


Guard Dog Ultimate Stun Baton Review

  • Price: $35.99-$45.99

Wow! This thing is absolutely amazing! You can tell it is durable and would definitely hurt someone or a vicious dog if you had to hit them with it. BUT if you can hit the zapper before they get to ya, that alone would probably scare their pants off! I feel like I have something that could really protect me!” Michelle, Amazon Customer Review.

Personal security isn’t always about firearms.

Sometimes you need something for close quarters and this multi-purpose baton with an integrated stun gun and torch is the kind of multi-tool we like around here.

You can keep this in the car or take it with you if you need to walk at night. On the surface it’s a torch, but it’s also a heavyweight baton and then there’s the sting in the tail.

Stun Gun Could Drop Wild Animals

It’s an 8,000,000 stun gun hidden in the crown of the torch. Just hit a button on the side and this heavyweight torch transforms into something much more serious.

The noise alone should change everybody’s attitude and you’ve still got a solid lump of metal to use if it comes to that.

For the most part, though, you’ll be happy to have a heavyweight torch that lights up the darkest skies with the 300 Lumen tactical flashlight.

It’s just nice to know that it can explode into life and drop a wildebeest if you need it to.

A 9.8 million volt stun gun. Non lethal self defense that can protect against attackers and animals.


Beauty And The Beast

It’s a pretty looking thing with a sinister purpose and we kind of love this kind of thing.

So, if you haven’t got a stungun, or even if you want an upgrade. Order yours online right now.

You can have an arsenal locked away, but you really can’t take all that with you. This flashlight can be by your side wherever you go and, with any luck, you’ll never need that beast of a stungun.

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