23 Best 22 Pistols For Sale – Jan 2022

Ruger Mk4 Lite - The best 22 pistol in the world

The humble 22LR has a lot to give. The ammunition is some of the cheapest in the world, it’s a capable hunting round for varmints and critters and it’s an invaluable part of your firearms education.

The best 22 pistol will pay for itself with one day at the range or backyard plinking and it will teach you about good technique, basically for free. You have such a wide variety to choose from too.

That’s why any true gun connoisseur, not just a rimfire pistol man, will have a selection of 22LR pistols, as well as more conventional gunporn.

So what is the best 22 pistol for sale right now? Here are our picks.

Ruger Mark IV Tactical 22LR pistol for sale - the best 22 Pistol for sale in 2022.

1. Ruger Mark IV Tactical

  • Price: $656.99
  • Barrel Length: 4.4″
  • Total Length:  8.5″
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Capacity: 10 + 1 Rounds

The Ruger MkIV compact tactical pistol is the stuff of legend and it’s basically everybody’s favorite range gun. it’s also sort of gunporn in its own right, which is rare even with the best 22lr pistol.

Lots of Options With Ruger Mark 4

This is a full-fat tactical version of the gun with a rail on top that turns it into a real multi-purpose handgun that could be useful if you live in the country. Small game hunting is sort of what this pistol was built for.

But there’s a Mark 4 for everybody. There’s a basic gun, a high quality target shooter with a 10″ barrel and accessory rail and a few others besides. Check the full line here.

We really like the new model Tactical Lite by the way, which is really just a drilled out and lightened version of this compact tactical handgun you see before you. It’s easy to handle, you can field strip it with the one button takedown mechanism and it’s just a near perfect pistol if you’re hunting small game.

This 22 handgun is famously accurate and people take it into competitive settings every week. With an optic on top, or a red dot, it’s a formidable foe for the local squirrel population. Even with the adjustable rear sights fitted as standard. And it’s a long-distance snake gun, which you can equip with lasers, reflex sights or a full on handgun scope.

Fit a Suppressor to Your 22lr Pistol

The Ruger even got a thread for a suppressor, a chassis mounted safety and it has a single button for a complete takedown, which makes a field strip easy. That was a big problem with the Mark 3. It’s fixed now and that makes for a more reliable handgun.

With this semi auto and the rest of the best .22 handguns, it’s nice to get a magnified optic, even though it costs a little more, and get in close and personal with the target.

Get a rimfire Ruger Precision Rifle to go with it and you’ve really got something.

Weaver Optic, $175

Become a Small Scale Hunter to Learn the Craft

In its own way, this best 22 pistol is a small-scale tactical hunting system. Get into small caliber rimfire handguns and you’ll start to see the world in miniature.

It can be the most fun kind of hunting you can do and you can take your lessons to yourbig bore hunting handgun.

See the world as a scaled down version through the adjustable sights of one of the best rimfire pistols for sale in 2022. Then ditch the adjustable rear sights and go for something more advance.

It’s a critter killer and potentially a snake sniper if you live in the country and you’ll wonder how you ever did without this cheap and effective handgun.

Learn to take out a rat or a squirrel at 50 feet with this gun and you’ll get most of the handgun hunting skills you need to deal with something bigger. Only then should you start looking at the gunbroker sites for the big game hunters.

Hit the Parts & Accessories Store

You can also dress this gun how you want tactically. That means it’s great for target practise, training drills, dryfire training and just about everything else.

Seriously, get one. It will pay you back after a couple of plinking sessions at worst and this rimfire pistol is an invaluable teaching aid. It’s easy to shoot, the low recoil means you can go all day and you can focus on your shooting technique and firearms training.

If this is your first handgun and you want to learn with the 22lr pistol, then this is probably the best. It’s expensive and if you’re just looking for a trainer then you might want to save some bucks. If you’re a gun connoisseur, though, then this is the one you want.

You will learn hunting on a small scale with rimfire ammo that costs almost nothing.

Favorite Range Toy and Race Gun?

You can still take this gun to the range, lots of people compete with them,but the threaded barrel and rail give this weapon a real sense of purpose and we prefer this version for real world applications.

Ruger took a number of 1911 features for this single action 22 handgun, particularly the grip angle. The frame is made from anodized, aerospace-grade aluminum and it’s still a relatively lightweight handgun, despite all the tactical gear. So it won’t tire you out, and the recoil is about as gentle as you’re going to find in the world of firearms.

The barrel is 4.4 inches long, it’s supremely accurate and fun to shoot. Seriously, too many people claim this single action is their favorite range gun. That can’t be a coincidence and it is definitely one of the best 22lr pistol options on the market.

Smith & Wesson Victory Target with Carbon Fiber barrel. A 22LR race gun to take the fight to the Ruger 22 arsenal.

2. Smith & Wesson Performance Center Victory Target CF

  • Price; $665.99
  • Barrel: 6 inch
  • Total: 11.3
  • Weight: 2.1lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Is this specialist target shooter the best S&W Victory for sale? Well it’s certainly the most spectacular, and that tends to count for something. So even though most of us will actually order a simpler version of this classic firearm, you might be ready to go all in.

The custom muzzle brake and Carbon Fiber barrel are obviously the highlights here. There’s a flat face trigger too. And the Tandemkross hiveGrips that provide finger grooves that you either love or hate. The S&W Performance Center has thrown the kitchen sink at this longer barrel target shooting flagship…

A polished feed ramp, extended mag release button and ambidextrous safety are all there too.

Smith Wesson SW22 Victory For Sale

S&W Victory Base Model

  • Price: $391.99
  • Barrel: 5.5″

If you don’t want to spend big money then this Smith & Wesson model offers a simpler, cleaner version of the same gun. It’s one of the best .22 LR pistols out there for general use.

Essentially, the new Smith & Wesson Model SW22 Victory looks more like an old Ruger than the new Ruger does. It has borrowed heavily from that classic German WWII rimfire pistol design and simply refined a rimfire competition handgun concept that works.

Long Barrel is Great for Accuracy

This single action 22 handgun finished in satin stainless steel and the barrel is actually 5.5 inches. There’s no getting round the fact that makes the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory a potentially more accurate weapon than the shorter-barrel Ruger. Especially when you spot the match-grade barrel in the spec sheet and quality rear sights.

So, really, it depends what you want from your 22 handgun. A range toy? Is it meant for back yard critters or does it have its own unique purpose? Answer these questions and you’ll know whether you need the range-oriented Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory, the range skills of the more expensive sibling or the real world practicality of the Ruger

Glock 44 is one of the finest 22 handguns on the market. Get your next next 22 at your favorite online gun store.

3. Glock 44

  • Price: $421.99
  • Barrel: 4.02 inch
  • Total: 7 inch
  • Weight: 1lb

The Glock 44 might be your first pistol to help you get to grips with the basics of Everyday Carry, or it could be a training gun to save 9mm rounds. Either way, it’s a sensational piece of hardware.

Glocks aren’t meant to set the pulse racing. There are others here for that. No, a Glock’s first point of business is to be a reliable firearm in a small size package.

It just works, whether it’s chambered for 22LR or 45 ACP ammo. This is a .22 Glock with all the same dimensions as the legendary Glock 19. That’s our best compact pistol, best carry pistol, just about everything really.

The 22LR version comes with a lot of Gen 5 performance boosts too.

You get simple dot sights, but the front serrations on the slide mean that’s all good. Glock parts & accessories are easy enough to find too. This polymer frame .22 is a welcome addition and one of the best 22 pistols for sale in 2022.

Volquartsen Custom Scorpion 22LR 1911 for sale. The best 22LR pistol for sale in 2019. But it's expensive.

4. Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR 1911

  • Price: $1, 668.99
  • Barrel: 4.5 inch
  • Total Length: 6.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.75lb

You will have to be seriously devoted to target shooting and the caliber to spend this kind of money on your pistol. But then just look at it…

The Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR 1911 is a 22LR pistol with a compensator, so you know this is a target pistol taken to the absolute limit. The attention to detail is beyond obsessive, but the resulting gun is beautiful in its brutality.

The 1911 style frame changes the grip angle and shifts the balance point to the rear, which is generally a good thing when you’re taking aim in a competitive setting or out hunting small animals.

Machined Frame, Best of the Best

The frame is machined from high-grade aluminum alloy and there’s a competition spec bolt in there. Volquartsen has fitted its own Exact Edge Extractor that is available as an aftermarket add-on for other firearms. The company’s SureStrike firing pin is another 22LR upgrade you can buy for other weapons.

The crowning glory is that Volquartsen LLV compensator. Is a compensator overkill on a 22LR? kind of, yes, but then this whole firearm is overkill and it seems kind of petty to start poking holes in the muzzle device.

For dedicated target shooters or people that just love hunting with 22LR enough to spend big bucks on their hobby, then the Volquartsen Scorpion 22LR is a hell of a thing. It’s peak engineering and it’s also an emotional purchase. It might also be the best 22 pistol money can buy.

American Tactical ATI GSG Firefly 22LR for sale - A recreation of the classic Sig Sauer Mosquito.

5. American Tactical ATI GSG Firefly 22LR

  • Price: $272.99
  • Barrel: 4 inch
  • Total Length: 7.2 inch
  • Capacity: 10+1
  • Weight: 1.53lb

This low budget effort is actually a pretty faithful recreation of one of the most famous 22LR pistols of all time, the Sig Sauer Mosquito.

This icon of the rimfire pistols world was discontinued back in 2013. Before then, the German company had one of the best 22 pistols of all time on its hands.

Now German company GSG bought the license and created a budget version of the Sig Sauer Mosquito that will cost you a less than $200 and give you a suppressor ready tactical handgun that will prepare you for a full-sized 1911 or Sig P229, without the ammo costs or recoil. You can use a number of muzzle devices, too.

It’s a great gun and the likes of the ATI Firefly are a great option for new shooters and old hands alike. It will pay for itself with a day at the shooting range, it’s a great practise gun if you own a Sig Sauer P229 or any of the variants as an everyday carry then it’s a solid little starter pistol. At this price, we love this thing.

23 Best 22 Pistols For Sale – Jan 2022

6. Ruger New Model Single Six

  • Price: $799.99
  • Barrel: 6.5 inch
  • Total Length: 11 inch
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Capacity: 6

The Ruger New Model Single Six is the classic six shooter, chambered in cheap ammunition that also gives you a lightweight and fun gun.

You can order a Ruger New Model Single Six in a variety of barrel lengths and gets specialist holsters, sights and more to satisfy your cowboy fetish. Or simple love of old school Americana. Neither one of those things is wrong really…

Beretta M9-22 for sale. This is a full-size Beretta M9 chambered for 22LR. It's a great training gun, then, and can save you a fortune in ammunition.

7. Beretta 92FSR-22

  • Price: $419.99
  • Barrel: 5.3 inch
  • Total Length: 8.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.6lb
  • Capacity: 15+1

The Beretta 92 doesn’t need an introduction, but that’s kind of what we do. So bear with us.

In 9mm form, or .40 S&W, it has starred as the US military sidearm for 30 years and has only now given way to the military version of the Sig P320. It’s a legend for good reason and some people still use one of these steel, full size handguns for home security and EDC.

If you shoot with the Beretta then a similar training gun makes a lot of sense. And if you’re looking for a full-sized 22 handgun, that’s fun to shoot, well the Beretta is a great start for a platform.

That 5.3 inch barrel and 1.6lb weight stay faithful to the original and that can help you run drills with the cheaper, quieter, lower recoil ammo. It will also pay for itself if you swap one shooting range day for this dirt cheap ammunition.

23 Best 22 Pistols For Sale – Jan 2022

8. Kel Tec CP33

  • Price: $549.99
  • Barrel: 5.5″
  • Total Length: 10.6″
  • Capacity: 33+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.5lb

The Kel Tec CP33 is a mean looking plinking tool that is really a compact tactical and a long range specialist all in one, if you need those in 22 Long Rifle.

And there’s a little of the spirit of the old gangland SMG 9mm pistol in there, too. Threaded barrels and all.

Despite the long stainless steel barrel this new model is probably not the most accurate long range tool here, but it is hella fun and holds a lot of 22LR thanks to that quad stacked magazine that might yet cross over to other calibers. I mean you’re gonna need big hands for the 45 ACP new model…

You get high-quality fiber optic sights front and rear, as well as a full-length rail, a proper safety and a fun little gun with 34 rounds magazine capacity. Add a pistol brace and red dot sights and you’ve got something special in terms of a target pistol too.

So if you’re a dedicated range target shooter and want something a little different, take a look at the new model Kel Tec CP33.

Walther P22 M2 22LR - A great plinking pistol and a faithful full-size Walther PP2, so a solid training gun.

9. Walther PPQ M2 22

  • Price: $441.99
  • Barrel: 5″
  • Total Length: 8.1″
  • Capacity: 12+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.19lb

Do you want a 22 that looks and feels like a standard striker-fire polymer pistol? If you’re looking for a training weapon, then the answer should really be yes if your everyday carry is one of many plastic fantastic pistols that include the Springfield Armory XDMOD2 and Glock 19 alike.

The Walther PPQ is a big gun with a 5 inch barrel and a proper front sight with an orange fiber. So for firearms training at the range, particularly with the quick draw aspect, and sight acquisition, this is a much more useful 22 handgun and it will help you with your firearms training drills.

Some people still like the smaller Walther P22 rimfire pistols, but honestly this is a newer, better, more representative rimfire to train with. It’s one of the best .22 LR hanguns you can buy. Look out for the Walter PPK 22 LR later on (spoiler alert etc…). But honestly we think the Walther P22 has had its day. This is the future…

Junior Version of the Grown Up 9mm

The slide comes with the right amount of serrations, front and rear, so you can handle it just like you would a larger caliber. Spend two or three days at the range with this, perfecting your technique, and the gun will pay for itself in cheap ammunition in a day of target practise.

This might be the best firearms training gun out there right now and if you start with this one then you might stick with Walther for your CCW. In terms of a training weapon, this might be the nicest you’ll find and it’s one of the best guns here.

You get a rail underneath the four-inch barrel and in front of the shaved down trigger guard, so you can go tacti-cool if you really want to. But this is a gun that can teach you a lot about your own technique and CCW weak spots. It’s a worthwhile investment on those grounds alone.

If you want to learn, the Walther PPQ M2 might just be the best 22 pistol in the world. The Walther P22 is still popular, but this is better.

Colt 1911 22 LR Walther Arms for sale - A great handgun if you want a firearms training tool that saves money on ammo.

10. Walther Colt 1911 Government

  • Price: $389.99
  • Barrel: 5″
  • Total Length: 8.6″
  • Capacity: 12+1
  • Weight: 2.25lb

This is a full-size 1911 22 LR for sale that acts as the ideal training gun. It means you can plink all day without the kick, the fire and the fury of a full-bore 45 ACP Colt 1911.

You can run drills all day with this gun without killing your hands and ears. It’s a plinking gun, that sits in an interesting niche. If you carry a 1911, you really should have one of these for training with. Especially new shooters, who can learn with reduced recoil, noise, cost and plain old intimidation.

Now the weird part, Colt doesn’t actually manufacture this gun. It’s officially licensed out to Walther, which makes it under the Colt banner.

It’a cool little gun, it’s fun at the range and if you collect 22 LR pistols then you’ll definitely want a semi-automatic 1911 with a 5 inch barrel. I mean why wouldn’t you? This is the wide variety of life.

Taurus TX22. A compact handgun that's great for learning the intricacies of concealed carry.

11. Taurus TX22

  • Price: $324.99
  • Barrel: 4.1″
  • Total Length: 7″
  • Capacity: 16+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.1lb

Taurus has done good work in the polymer frame semi-auto pistol sector recently with the Taurus G2 and G3 models. The new model Taurus TX22 has made a similar splash in the 22lr pistol market today.

Now there isn’t anything really groundbreaking on the Taurus TX22. Just a manual safety, which is nice, and a relatively simple compact tactical pistol. The polymer grip is probably the highlight and comes with a neat set of angles that are mirrored in the trigger guard, as well as a massive amount of 22LR ammo.

The Taurus TX22 is a simple, budget 22 pistol done well. Sometimes, that’s all you want…

Ruger SP101 revolver chambered in 22LR on sale now. Get your plinking wheelgun here.

12. Ruger SP101

  • Price: $769.99
  • Barrel: 4.2″
  • Total Length: 9.12″
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.875lb

The Ruger SP101 is a double action that’s available in a range of calibers, so a training revolver makes sense to if you’re going to burn through ammo.

This small-framed revolver holds 8 rounds, too, which makes it a fun range target shooter. A triple locking cylinder also keeps this shooting straight and true for a long time. So it does serve as a compact competition revolver, as well as a self defense tool. But the defensive pistols usually come in bigger calibers.

Ruger’s pedigree with this gun higher up the range means it gets a lot of love here, too, and you often see them adorned with red dot sights and other accessories in the hands of folks who might not normally wield a wheelgun at all. I mean the standard front sight is pretty decent.

In 22, there’s a neat simplicity to this high capacity revolver with a transfer bar safety system, and we totally get why people love theirs.

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact - a great training pistol and it comes threaded for a suppressor.

13. Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact

  • Price: $418.99
  • Barrel: 3.56″
  • Total Length: 6.65″
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 0.94lb

This is another muzzle devices ready training gun, especially if you rock a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield as your every day carry as a higher caliber pistol. This gun will feel familiar enough to make it invaluable as a training aid while you plink away with cheap ammunition.

You get 10+1 rounds and a solid pistol that basically looks and feels like this 22LR handgun’s bigger brothers. That makes it one of the best .22 LR handguns for sale.

That also means it’s a great backyard and critters gun, especially if you have a suppressor for it. The threaded barrel means the Smith & Wesson is both suppressor ready and seriously tacticool.

But with a 22 LR handgun then it can really be handy to run a suppressor instead of wearing the full works in terms of ear protection.

Ruger Mk4 Target for sale Black Synthetic and one of the best simple range shooters you can buy.

14. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Target

  • Price: $389.99
  • Barrel Length: 4.4″
  • Total Length:  8.4″
  • Weight: 1.56lb
  • Capacity: 10 + 1 Rounds

Two Ruger Mark 4 Tactical is just a touch Operator for some people and they want a simpler gun that pays tribute to the old-school Rugers and actually has more character. The basic ass gun is also much cheaper, like much cheaper.

It’s also enough gun for 22 LR casuals who don’t want to devote themselves to small game hunting. If you’re not quite ready to go undercover with the local rat population and you just want a fun 22 handgun for plinking at the range or some backyard shooting, then this is absolutely fine.

You get traditional sights, a one-button takedown just like the more expensive gun and that legendary Ruger accuracy. You also get change from $350 and that will swing it for some of you. Especially if you can live with a basic magazine release etc. It’s not the fanciest member of the Ruger Mark series, but it is one of the cheaper ones.

If you wantr something more advanced with longer barrel lengths and the finishing touches, then you can spend a ot more on a Ruger Mark series weapon. That’s before you start on the mods.


Ruger SR22 .22 LR Pistol for sale - a bargain 22 Long rifle handgun


15. Ruger SR22

  • Price: $455.99
  • Barrel: 3.5″
  • Total Length: 6.4″
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.09lb

The rimfire Ruger SR22 .22 LR pistol is here by popular demand. Having given the win to the Ruger Mk4, we were going to leave this fairly straightforward, hammer-fired, plastic training pistol out.

People complained…

So, here it is, the budget friendly Ruger SR22. It’s a solid little semi-automatic .22 LR handgun that is just about the same proportions as the most popular CCW handguns out there. That means it is useful for drills, shooting skills, backyard plinking and simply getting your eye in with an adjustable rear sight.

Do quick draw drills, shot grouping and more with a .22 pistol, before you move up to your 9mm.

You get a thumb safety, neat magazine release and a rail for a laser or light. Also, you could mount a dryfire training system on there and analyse your work at the range with these semi-auto pistols.

A Range Tool, Not Just a Range Toy

A decocking lever and a three-dot sighting system, together with an adjustable rear sight, are nice touches, as is the aluminum slide. It’s a good rimfire for practising everyday carry situations, mag changes and grouping with multiple targets on the outdoor range. Threaded barrels drop in for suppression too.

This rimfire Ruger will improve your general skills with your EDC and we guess that’s the point of a .22lr Pistol. So get a Ruger SR22, the people have spoken…

North American Arms Mini Revolver. It's fun, and we it could be a modern day Derringer.

16. North American Arms 22 Short

  • Price: $209.99
  • Barrel: 1.125″
  • Total Length: 3.6″
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Weight: 0.25lb

Are you a ‘sock gun’ kinda guy? If you need a back-up, then this little beauty makes a lot of sense and it’s one of those last-minute guns you can throw in a pocket or indeed a sock holster that might just save your life one day.

This is like a more practical version of the old Derringers. 22 LR will only work close up, but it isn’t the peashooter some people would like to think it is. It’s a legitimate revolver for self defense. Just about…

A round of 22 LR to the face will probably stop just about anybody and on that day, this would be one of the best .22 LR handguns in the world for you.

You will also have the smallest and lightest mini revolver on the market today, which is enough for the firearms collectors to get all gooey-eyed over it.

The barrel is just 1.125 inches, the whole gun measures just 3.6 inches and it weighs 0.25lb. It’s more than a novelty, it’s a specific tool for a specific job and if you need a small pocket gun and don’t particularly like the Derringer then this could be for you.

It’s no Ruger Mk4 when it comes to long range accuracy, the trigger pull is unique and there is no trigger guard. But you already knew that, right? Also it’s the weakest home defense gun, really don’t buy it for that.

23 Best 22 Pistols For Sale – Jan 2022

17. Browning Buck Mark Challenge

  • Price: $555.99
  • Barrel: 7.5″
  • Total: 11.3″
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 2.5lb

Browning has taken the traditional Ruger design and brought it up to date with a look more in line with modern semi-automatic handguns with a sporting flavor. The Buck Mark has some rosewood and blued nostalgia to it though, but this is a high-tech competition shooter at heart.

This is a Family, Not Just One Gun

The Browning Buck Mark series has evolved into a model line-up in its own right. Now you can get the Browning Buck Mark Camper, Browning Buck Mark Contour, Plus, Challenge, Hunter and there may just be more.

The Browning Buckmark is milled from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum billet. You’re pretty much guaranteed a high standard target shooter’s dream gun that is built around precision engineering that guarantees reliability and consistency. Adjustable sights at the rear and a fiber optic front sight are ideal for competition, ran

The only issue is the Ruger is more flexible, but some people love the Buck Mark Series. And some people write it Browning Buckmark. Like this dude in the video. It’s right there, Browning Buckmark. And that’s just the way it is.

Walther PPK for sale, James Bond gun in 22LR

18. Walther PPK/S

  • Price: $487.99
  • Barrel: 3.35″
  • Total: 6.06″
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 1.44lb

Really, you can have the James Bond gun in 22 LR form. That’s just about the only reason I can think of for buying the Walther PPK/S.

Honestly, it’s an elegant little gun and built to a high standard. But unless you want to put on a tuxedo and stand in front of a mirror, doing the classic draw, then I don’t see why you’d want this gun anymore. As a concealed carry, the Walther PPK is redundant.

There are better options just about everywhere and if we’re honest it is time for Bond to move on to a better weapon and get a proper concealed carry. His might be 380, but we all know that 9mm is the concealed carry ammo of choice.

A Useful Gun or Nostalgic Relic?

The slimline PPK sits nicely in your hand and is an accurate little thing that still has a fanbase. I would no longer want its big brother, though, and would recommend you don’t use on as your EDC either.

So that makes the 22 LR Walther P22 a niche buy just because you want it, rather than any obvious firearms training angle.

That’s OK too, of course. Sometimes guns are meant to be fun and the Walther P22 fits that particular bill. But there are better pistols at this price point.

S&W Model 41. A 22 pistol with competition pedigree and a serious price tag.

19. S&W Model 41

  • Price: $1,689.99
  • Barrel: 5.5″
  • Total: 6.5″
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 2.56lb

The S&W Model 41 is a competition shooter that can switch between 5.5 and 7 inch barrels. It’s expensive, but the Model 41 is also one of the most accurate 22 handguns of all time and a great target shooter.

The Model 41 is still a favorite with club and national shooters and the adjustable trigger pull is legendary. Get yours, and find out why it’s one of the most popular target shooting 22lr pistols in 2022.,

Ruger Charger, a fun 22 pistol

20. Ruger Charger 22 LR

  • Price: $257.99
  • Barrel: 10″
  • Total: 19.25″
  • Capacity: 15+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 3.13lb

On paper this rimfire Ruger Charger looks ridiculous. But then, as a training gun, it makes perfect sense. It’s a stripped down AR-15, or large format pistol, and you can dress it up and train with it as you see fit.

You can fit an optic on the Picatinny rail, or a red dot, depending on your own personal preferences.

It’s got all the ingredients of a great plinking gun, just for its unusual form and Ruger internals. A 10-inch barrel is about as accurate as you’re going to get without going for full 22 rifle.

That’s enough justification. The truth is, this rimfire Ruger Charger is a fun gun that should be great to plink with. It might not be the most accurate here. It might not be the most tactically sound. But does that always matter?

It’s an oddity, but you could also use it as a training tool and a range warrior. At this price, it’s pretty much a no brainer. You want one…

Heritage Arms Rough Rider 22


21. Heritage Arms Rough Rider Small Bore

  • Price: $194.99
  • Barrel: 6.5″
  • Total: 11.75″
  • Weight: 2lb

We had to have at least one proper cowboy revolver and here it is, the Heritage Rough Rider.

It’s cheap, it’s simple and it’s a great little gun to take to the range. Is this single action revolver going to be as accurate as the Ruger at 50 feet? Probably not, but then it does come with real old world character and we think that counts for something.

The Heritage Rough Rider is an 11.85-inch gun, too, so it’s one of the biggest here. It weighs in at 2lb, you get imitation Mother of Pearl grips, a proper blued metal finish and a gun that will put a smile on your face. You also get a thoroughly modern transfer bar safety mechanism.

It’s a single action revolver, rather than a double action, and it’s fun to shoot. The Heritage Rough Rider is every schoolboy fantasy, in an affordable cowboy gun you can buy today on your credit card.

Colt Woodsman for sale. Where to get the great 22, on sale now.

22. Colt Woodsman

  • Price: $900-1200
  • Barrel: 6″
  • Total Length: 11.1″
  • Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Weight: 2.77lb

The Colt Woodsman went out of production in 1977, so you’re not getting a new one. But that doesn’t stop 22 enthusiasts from scouring the classifieds for this classic Colt.

Why? The great 1911 inventor John Browning designed it and the early incarnation of the gun that would go on to become the Woodsman series. It was called the Colt Caliber .22 Target Model was really the first successful semi-auto rimfire pistol. A simple slanted single-stack magazine was the answer to the rimmed cartridges catching on each other and jamming the mag.

So the Colt Woodsman is a piece of history and hardcore enthusiasts will always claim it’s a match for the modern target shooters. If you want one of these extremely popular pistols, you should be able to find one, at a hefty price.

Smith and Wesson 617 22LR for sale. An awesome range toy, firearms training tool and small game hunter.

23. Smith & Wesson Model 617

  • Price: $732.99
  • Barrel: 6″
  • Total Length: 11.1″
  • Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Weight: 2.77lb

This revolver is just so magnificently over-engineered for the caliber. It’s an 11-inch handgun and that’s really not much smaller than the X-Frame special that is the S&W 500.

That’s kind of ridiculous for this caliber pistol. But here we are looking at a duty revolver, with a long double action and crisp single…

That means this is a useful training gun if you’re going big game hunting with revolvers, but it’s also just a fun thing to fire at the range. You have all the space in the world for a proper scope up there and you can turn Smith & Wesson’s revolver into a comical vermin hunter.

Now this rimfire revolver sucks as a concealed carry for personal defense. But then if you’re relying on a 22 LR Handgun for concealed carry, home defense or anything more serious than small game or firearms training, then you have other issues.

A Modified 38 Revolver, and Other Calibers

The K-Series frame was originally developed for the 38 Special. But now it holds a 10-round 22 LR cylinder in the S&W Model 617, that means this gun can hang with the semi-automatics when it comes to capacity.

Buy a speedloader online and this gun becomes an attractive range proposition and its great for target practice and big revolver training.

It’s also a traditional revolver, that looks the part and feels solid in your hand. That 2.77lb weight should help squash recoil completely and it’s hard to find a reason not to love this gun. If you have wheelgun fever, then this is the 22 LR we’d have to recommend.

Is it one of the best .22 LR handguns for sale? We don’t think so, but only because we’re a bit prejudiced against wheelguns. If you’re not, this is one you’ll just love.

The handgun reviews online love this thing, the user reviews are even more excitable. So yeah, if you want to plink all day with a hand cannon that doesn’t kick back, this is a great option.

What About a 22 Rifle to Go With That?

The 22 rifle has come a long way and you can have a real precision rifle, a purpose built range target shooters for recreational shooting with a cold hammer forged barrel through to compact tactical rifles. Standard models include the classic lever-action and bolt-action rifles you know and love, and training guns for law enforcement types.

But 22 precision rifle options are almost as good as the sniper rifles we have elsewhere. Indeed you get some of the same models. The rimfire Ruger Precision rifle is the most famous, but there are more from the likes of Sig Sauer.

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