Best 223 Rifles – 2024

Last Updated January 1st 2024

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The best 223 Rifles remain some of the most popular rifles in America.

Of course the best rifles are pretty much all AR-15s, but here we’re going to give you a representative spread.

For one thing the AR-15 lives under constant threat, while some of these will slip under the radar for a long time to come. They shoot exactly the same ammo and could be a tactical addition to your home gun safe.

Check out more of the best AR-15s here, but these are the best 223 rifles, across the board.

Ruger Mini 14. It might look like a toy, but it really isn't. AR-15 skills with a less threatening look.

1. Ruger Mini 14 Ranch

  • Price: $989.99

Best All-Rounder

This is the gun that does more or less everything the same as an AR-15, but without the threatening military look.

It’s a Garand-style action and breech bolt locking mechanism, so it is different. And this is old tech now, but it does still work like a charm.

You get a self-cleaning fixed piston that is pretty slick and reliable. And it’s a fun rifle that comes with everything from a traditional wood stock to modern synthetics and stainless steel.

FN SCAR, the ultimate battle rifle?


  • Price: $3,494.99

FN built the SCAR for military use, and that didn’t work out for cost reasons, but it’s still a Hell of a rifle for civilian use and home defense.

Big selling points for the military were the multi-caliber modular set up, so you can switch out to more powerful rounds, and a slick 40mm grenade launcher that you can’t really buy.

It’s a short stroke gas piston system that the military approved and some units carry the full auto rifle to this day.

You get low recoil, insane reliability and 1.5 inch grouping at 50 yards out the box. Of course you pay for the privilege, but this is AR-15 2.0.

Tikka T3X Lite, the best hunting rifle?

3. Tikka T3x Lite

  • Price: $749.99

Best Bolt Action Rifle

The Tikka T3x is one of our favorite hunting rifles in any caliber.

It’s accurate, reliable and the single stage adjustable trigger is pretty damned sweet.

You can get a version with a detachable box magazine, too, which is seriously nice.


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