A Machine Gun Toting Drone – Seriously!

We love guns here, that’s kind of a given.

On our sister site, Boys Toys, we kind of have a little fetish with drones, too. All tech in fact.

So now we have found a way to combine the two and here is a drone carrying a gun.

Does it get better than this?

Actually, to be fair, we didn’t do it.

Duke Robotics built the TIKAD, which can carry and fire any firearm that weighs up to 22lb.

The TIKAD drone.  Gun toting sky killer


A Grenade Launcher Is An Option

The options include a machine gun, a grenade launcher and we assume there will be more. It seems kind of pointless strapping a crossbow to it, but you probably could.

Now there’s no way the FAA is actually going to let you fly one of these round the neighborhood. It’s a purely military application and we can’t imagine one turning up on Amazon anytime soon.

Well, it might, but with a Nerf gun attached. In its own way, even that could be fun.

Ex Special Forces Soldier Designed Killer Drone

Essentially, it was designed by an ex-Israeli Special Forces soldier who wanted to take troops out of harms way when tackling pirates and terrorists.

A  drone is a pretty neat solution for when the enemy is dug in on a rooftop or a hillside that is easy to defend and hard to attack.

We imagine it’s pretty easy to shoot done, as it’s based on a consumer drone and looks like a DJI design. That means it’s mostly plastic and those rotors just aren’t strong enough to armor plate the whole thing.

A New American Eagle?

It is an epic concept, though, and we love the idea of an AI-controlled drone swooping through the air and picking off America’s enemies from the skies.

AI is the ultimate aim, of course, but for now the drone and gun need a human operator. But at  least they will be kept out of harm’s way while they fly.

America needs to build one of these American Eagle…


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