Desert Eagle .50 Brushed Chrome – $1629.99

Desert Eagle .50 Brushed Chrome – $1629.99


Desert Eagle

Price: $1629.99



This is the one. The icon. The legend. The Desert Eagle .50.


We know we shouldn’t, but we do get a bit misty-eyed when we see the legendary Desert Eagle for sale. It costs more than a great 1911, the recoil is frightening and you had better like stripping and cleaning handguns, but it’s still just an awesome piece of engineering.


It’s the last word in intimidation and can settle a dispute without a bullet being fired.


It’s really like walking up to the urinal and pulling out a snake. It’s bringing a tank to a gunfight and now you can own this piece of American history.


Of course, it’s made to US military standards from high-quality steel.


This one gets a brushed chrome finish, but you can get everything from snakeskin to 24K gold and tiger stripes. No, we’re not kidding. This is pretty much the most extreme Desert Eagle for sale. If you own one of these, I’m guessing you keep your pimp hand strong.


Desert Eagle stripes


You get seven bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber. Each and every one of them could crack the engine block of a truck.


Just watch the Desert Eagle in super slow motion here. It’s a work of art.


Polygonal rifling reduces wear and tear and this is a notoriously reliable gun.


When the last round fires, it stays in position for a rapid mag change.


Come the zombie apocalypse, that could prove invaluable as this gun will blow them up like ripe watermelons when it comes to the close quarters craziness.


Want to know what a Desert Eagle blowing watermelons up looks like? Youtube always has the answer…




Watch The Walking Dead. There’s at least five dead characters that would have welcomed a Desert Eagle when shit went down.


It’s a solid lump of gun at 10″ long and 6.25″ in height. It weighs 4.5lb, too, which really is significant for a pistol.


Desert Eagle .50 In The Movies


Because of its sheer size, the Desert Eagle has been a big screen hit.


The Agents in The Matrix Trilogy carry Desert Eagles, so there’s some amazing footage.



My favorite cinematic moment with the Desert Eagle is, though, this scene in British gangster film Snatch. He doesn’t fire the gun, but Vinnie Jones shows its psychological impact in this very sweary, but funny scene.


Admit it, you’re browsing the listings and finding a Desert Eagle for sale right now aren’t you? You should own own once in your life. You might sell it later, but buy a Desert Eagle and live the dream before then


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