NRA Backs Bump Stock Ban, But Why?

Bump Stock Ban is on the way

The NRA has given its full support to a bump stock ban in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings and that has shocked some. But it’s kind of obvious when you look at it objectively.

The National Rifle Association has some shrewd politicians and legal minds in charge. They knew there would be an outcry after the Stephen Paddock massacre at the Mandalay Bay and the thorny issue of gun control could come up again.

By actively encouraging a bump stock ban, the NRA clearly wants to switch attention away from a ban on semi-automatic weapons and instead give up a pointless novelty that nobody really has any use for.

ATF Is Better Than Congress

It also wants the ATF to deal with it, rather than Congress. This makes sense, too, because if it’s a straightforward ban from law enforcement then it means guns don’t go anywhere near Congress. This is good for the NRA and its members.

Bump stocks are a novelty at best. They have no practical use and they turn a precise semi-automatic weapon into a laughing stock. You could just about hit a barn door at 10 paces with one of these on your gun.

The only real use anybody could find for one is firing indiscriminately into a crowd. So apart from putting a smile on someone’s face as they empty a magazine in seconds, there is simply nothing good that will ever come from bump stocks.

Bump Stocks Are Toys

No serious enthusiast will ever keep one on their gun. It’s a toy to play with for a while and then put away forever when you have to order new ammunition.

Giving this up is no big deal, especially if it keeps everyone away from the issue of banning AR-15s altogether.

The NRA doesn’t want to see this kind of thing happen, of course it doesn’t, but its outspoken support for a ban on bump stocks comes with its members’ best interests at its core.

Let’s Welcome The Bump Stock Ban

That’s not a bad thing. None of us want to see a ban on semi-automatic weapons and none of us really want bump stocks on our guns.

So we’re going to give a thumbs up to the approach by the NRA, and welcome the inevitable bump stock ban when it comes.


  • Nick Hall

    Nick is a lifelong gun enthusiast who has a simple mission. He wants to find the best deals for guns online and help you make the best choices with weapons your life may depend on one day.Nick won a minor league shooting competition at the age of 11 and it all went from there. Now he runs one of the biggest firearms websites on the net and his work has featured in Playboy US, Tatler Asia, Forbes and a whole host of national magazines and websites.

1 thought on “NRA Backs Bump Stock Ban, But Why?”

  1. Banning bump stocks is only the beginning Nick. The bump stock ban law isn’t just a bump stocks they are looking to ban drop in triggers, cranks, anything that speeds up your finger. Yes it is a peace of plastic. No I don’t have one or would I get one. I’ll have to side with the GOA on this and say no to more gun control.

    1. I am inclined to agree with you, just in the world we live in we need to oppose everything. I think my viewpoint has changed slightly since I wrote this and yeah I’m more in line with your thinking now. Everything is a ‘compromise’ for a deal that will just get renegotiated from that fresh starting point shortly.

      So, I think we’re on the same team here in the end!

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