Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow – $165!

Compound Crossbow, budget, cheap

Barnett Recruit Compound Bow Review

Price: $165.00

After spending the afternoon sighting in and shooting this little beast, I’m 100% sold!! I shot the Recruit easily over 100 times today, keeping the track lubed. Flawless from the first shot to the last shot, zero issues, strings, cables and limbs didn’t blow up and look like brand new still,” Jeff  O’Hare, Amazon Customer Review.

Every hunter has thought about a crossbow at some point.

But then you get lost in a world of seriously expensive kit, put it on the backburner and go and blow a deer away with a rifle instead.

The Barnett Recruit Compound crossbow is a great starter crossbow to see if you have the knack.


Cheap Crossbow With Great Reviews

At this price, though, you could take a crossbow with you next time just to try it out. It has 328 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 Star rating, so it’s fair to say this Amazon best-seller has a reputation.

It also normally costs more than $250. So this is a steal.

Of course, this isn’t as slick as the $1000 crossbows you can find out there in the wild, but it’s perfect as a starter weapon.

If you want to get fancy, then upgrade later and we have the best crossbows for sale in 2022 right here.

Training Wheels For Compound Crossbow

But, if you just want to get the hang of a compound system then this is ideal. It’s fine for small women and kids, as you can insert the included crank cocking device to help with the 130lb pull and you also get an adjustable stock and a lightweight frame.

It comes with 3 bolts, but you’ll want more and the proprietary carbon ones at $35.71 for five should be devastating killing machines.

So if you want to just practice on a target or you’re heading out into the field, this is a great starter crossbow for you.

Order yours now, and you might find yourself leaving the artillery at home.


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