Wetwerks M&P Shield For Sale

Wetwerks M&P Shield 9mm Tungsten Battleworn concealed carry. An awesome and stylish peacock of a CCW handgun.

Wetwerks M&P Shield 9mm

Price: $1499 (ON SALE)

Look what I found on the daily trawl through the guns for sale online. It’s stunning isn’t it? And it costs way less than an Agency Arms Glock.

I’m in love with that slide, finished in ‘battleworn Tungsten’. It has its own patina, but its serrated and cut to perfection. Inside, you get a gold effect coated barrel.

You get custom stippling and it’s just a stunning gun. Admit it, you want one too.

Wetwerks M&P Shield for sale. A custom pistol that stands out from the striker-fired 9mm handgun crowd. S&W parts & accessories too.

M&P Shield: One Of The World’s Best Concealed Carry pistols

It’s 6.1 inches with a 3.1-inch barrel. So, this could easily be your concealed carry weapon. If you like to carry one gun all the time, then the Wetwerks M&P Shield might be worth it. Kind of…

You have really got to have disposable income to carry a gun like this, but then anybody that’s even slightly into guns is going to love it.

The lightweight slide should quash recoil even more and you get the extended mag and an 8+1 capacity. The Hi Viz sights should prove useful in the field too.

It should last forever, as Wetwerks has given the gun a Cerakote finish. Maintain it and this gun will be a faithful friend for years.

Wetwerks M&P Shield for sale. A custom concealed carry handgun that looks as good as an Agency Arms Glock. And costs less money.

Wetwerks Is An Emotional Handgun Purchase

But let’s be honest, it’s an emotional purchase. You can’t justify the cost of a gun like this with any rational reasoning. It’s all about how this gun jumps off the page at you. It’s about how it makes you feel when you show it to your friends.

You could buy four decent guns for the price of this tiny, polymer, slimline, concealed  carry 9mm. But treat it like a Swiss watch you wear all the time and could save your life and it makes more sense.

Custom Smith & Wesson is a Stunner

If you have a concealed carry gun at all times and you want the absolute best, then the Wetwerks M&P Shield is a stunning option. And if you just like collecting sexy guns and have the money, then go for it!

Maybe one day…

If your day  is already here, then buy it right now at Rainier Arms, in the Sale section.

Wetwerks M&P Shield Need To Know

  • Caliber:  9mm
  • Capacity: 8+1
  • Barrel Length: 3.1 inches
  • Total Length:  6.1 inches
  • Weight: 1lb 3oz
  • Sights: Hi Viz

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