What is Your EDC?

What is your EDC? Daily CCW, handgun

What Is Your EDC?

It’s time for you to shine with your every day carry weapon. We want to hear which gun you choose to take out the house with you, the gun you actually trust when the chips are down.

Yours can be a compact CCW or a giant Casull strapped to your thigh to keep the bears at bay. As long as it’s yours, and it means something to you, we want to hear about it.

So send us your pictures, with the serial number concealed, of course, and tell us about your favorite guns. We want to share the reasons why people opt for a particular weapon and they can be driven by sentiment, as much as cold, hard logic.

Tell us about your favorite gun, the one that goes with you everywhere, and tell us why.

We want to know the following:

  • What is your EDC?
  • How much did you pay for it and where?
  • What do you love about your gun?
  • Has it ever saved your life? If so, tell us as much as you want!
  • Would you swap it for anything else?

We don’t have to publish your full name, or your face, or any details you don’t want. We just think it would be cool to share our guns and the reasons why we carry them!

Send your answers to nick (@) usa-gun-shop.com

I hope everybody wants to get involved!



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