Win A US Special Forces Vietnam War Tribute AR-15

Brownells Tribute AR-15, a US Special Forces Classic, Today

You Can Win This Awesome US Special Forces Tribute AR-15

Yes, really, you can win this AR-15 carbine, which is a tribute to the weapon that the US Special Forces carried in Vietnam.

This competition is free to enter, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. Go here, enter just a few details and you go in to prize draw to win this awesome rifle that is built by Brownells.

It sells for $1299.99, so this really isn’t cheap tat.

Brownells ribute AR-15, a special rifle

It’s not quite as famous as the M16 that was the workhorse of the US troops in that ill-fated war, but this is a pretty faithful replica of the XM177E2, which is the shorter, lighter weapon that the Special Forces favored.

Of course, you can’t actually have the full auto military option, so Brownells has basically taken an AR-15 and turned it into a retro homage to one of the guns that America’s best military men took into battle.

The barrel is 12.7 inches, but the pinned and welded muzzle device gets you round the SBR regs, and it weighs in at just 5.3lb. That means it’s a valid addition to your AR-15 line-up on pure merit, without the nostalgia, but the historic look and feel of this gun is hella cool.

It’s built from all-new parts and comes a polymer stock, an XM177 flash hider and a phosphate bolt-carrier group.

Brownel;ls XM177E2 Tribute AR-15

You get a 20-round magazine and a little slice of history, with the traditional iron sights and that traditional carry handle at the top. There is no rail, it’s not that kind of gun. This is one of those to buy for a relative who took one into action, or for yourself if your carbine kept you alive in the the vicious swamps of Vietnam.

But you don’t have to buy one at all right now, just put in your details and try and win this awesome rifle, for free.

Where To Buy An M16

Yes, Brownells also has a pretty faithful tribute to the M16 for sale for the same price.

Get yours here!


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