Where to Buy a Ruger Precision Rifle For Sale

Ruger Precision Rifle for sale. A great target rifle for long range shooting novices.

Ruger Precision Rifle For Sale

  • Price: $1,349
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor/308 Win Mag
  • Threaded barrel: 24 inch
  • Weight: 10.7lb

Ruger Precision Rifle For Sale, Perfect For Hunting

The Ruger Precision Rifle has been a smash hit. It works for hunters, long range target shooters and it’s also a long distance sniper rifle for those that can’t really afford one.

This bolt-action rifle could be the entry-level weapon for assassins of the future. But mainly long-range target shooters looking to get into the sport.

With a left folding butt stock hinge attached to an AR style buffer tube, you could also use it as a seriously weird pistol for home defense.

Most  of us will just use the folding stock for bagging and carrying the 10.7lb weapon. Like normal people…

Aside from that, it’s really a much cheaper version of the best Creedmoor and sniper rifles of other calibers that you can see here:

Target Shooters Love This Gun

This is a gun for the masses. But it’s still a specialist, right down to the bottom Picatinny rail for total stability.

It has rave reviews on almost every forum and skilled shooters are taking on targets from a mile away.

How much cheaper?

Well we could easily help you find a home for more than $4,000 of your money for a custom Creedmoor rifle. Check here for some easy proof and a range of rifles we just couldn’t feature here.

That really is quite the saving.

Ruger Precision Rifle bolt action rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. This was a budget target rifle. Now with this ammo it's a sniper rifle.

This is a Cheap Sniper Rifle

Now we have a long list of sniper rifles we’d prefer if we were actually hitmen. But this hybrid rifle has a lot going for it and the bolt-action attached to an AR platform layout really does make it more versatile than you think.

But if you just want a stellar hide hunting rifle or target shooter that can handle everything from long moon shots, three-pointers plus, to close-up firing, then the Ruger Precision Rifle for sale could be all the gun you actually need.

I mean switch out the Precision MSR buttstock with a soft rubber buttpad for a hunter stock and you’ve got something kinda unique here.

Now. it may not be the best hunting rifle in the world. But it’s certainly a match for the equally eccentric Savage Axis Long Distance Hunter, as an example.

How Does the Ruger Compare to the Competition?

It doesn’t quite have the tolerances of the best 6.5 Creedmoor rifles for sale. It’s a mass market weapon and that’s like comparing a showroom Ford to a NASCAR racer.

The cost savings showing the finish on the skeletal buttstock. The matte black finish isn’t totally uniform wither.

But it’s nothing we couldn’t live with in a bolt-action rifle designed.

Ruger Precision Rifle 4

What Ammo Does the Ruger Precision Rifle Suit Best?

You can get this Creedmore 6.5 version with a 24 inch cold hammer forged barrel. Alternatively, there’s a 20 inch chrome moly steel barrel length version that takes .308 ammo. Either way, you want the Gen 3 version of this cut-price classic bolt-action rifle.

Cheaper Gen 2 versions are on the market and you can get them for less than $800. If money is the primary issue then it’s not bad, but newer is better here.

Yut you get a better grade of pre-hardened 4140 chrome moly steel in the cold hammer forged barrel. There’s also a better billet aluminum bolt shroud, which contains the Ruger bolt disassembly tool for easy channel cleaning at the range.

You get a hybrid muzzle brake to reduce recoil and noise and the gun is tuned to focus the recoil from the rear of the receiver to the Ruger Precision MSR buttstock, rather than a bedding system. Traditionally that’s good for maximum accuracy and repeatability.

It’s compatible with a number of different magazines from the likes of Magpul and AICS. It comes with two 10-round mags, but you can fit something heavier duty if you don’t want to spend time reloading.

Easy to Shoot Equals Fun to Shoot

That oversized bolt makes it easy to chamber the next round, even if you’re wearing gloves, and the cut down Picatinny rail gives you enough space to mount your favorite scopes, optics and more.

You get QD sling attachment points as well, but we expect this to be a bench rest shooter for the most part.

So the adjustable pull and comb height and length of pull on the Marksman Adjustable Trigger are bigger factors than the overall weight on this short action bolt-action rifle.

The CNC machined receiver, one piece bolt, left-folding Ruger Precision MSR stock and CMV steel barrel are all good enough to get you started. It won’t be your last precision rifle. But in terms of bang for your buck, it will never be your worst. It’s just the first…

It’s a collection of short action rifles in one devastating package and we know the world is in love with the Ruger Precision. That means there’s a wealth of parts, accessories and upgrades. They range from an upgraded billet aluminum bolt shroud through to the medium contour barrel with 5r rifling.

So if you’re a hunter and you like to take the long range shots, then get this sniper rifle dressed as a hunting rifle. Treat yourself to a Ruger Precision Rifle hybrid. It’s an awful lot of gun for not so much money.

Parts & Accessories For Your Ruger Rifle

If you need a new barrel with 5r rifling, a different barrel length or a muzzle brake for your Ruger Precision bolt action rifle, you’re well catered for.

This is a big box brand and parts, spares, optics, scopes are easy to come by. You could buy most of it with major brand gift cards. Along with your gun cleaning supplies. And the MOA Picatinny rail means you can attach more or less all your tactical gear to your bolt-action rifle.

It will be a heavy rifle at that point. But you know if that’s a dealbreaker or not. If it is, we have lightweight rifles on this list with medium contour barrel length options and lightweight materials.

That CNC machined upper receiver and one piece bolt is low profile and easy to switch out. You can change the threaded barrel length, or the forged 4140 chrome moly steel barrel, in the field too.

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