Women and Firearms: An Introduction

Women and guns, what you need to know before buying your firearm and joining the ranks of female gun owners

We live in dangerous time, so more and more women are turning to firearms as a means of self-defense.

For women, owning a firearm is not just about exercising a constitutional right; it’s about empowerment, independence, and feeling sure you can protect yourself. Here we look at the role of firearms in women’s self-defense, offering insights and guidance tailored for the growing community of female gun enthusiasts. 

The Rise of Women Gun Owners

The landscape of gun ownership in the United States is changing, with an increasing number of women choosing to own firearms.

Data, from 2021-2022, show 43% of men and 21% of women personally own a gun. While that has remained fairly constant Men have generally shown little change in ownership over the 2007-2022 period, while women’s ownership has risen from 13% in 2007-2008 to 22% currently.

According to new data cited by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, women made up about 50 percent of all gun buyers between 2019 and 2022. So the gender gap is definitely closing fast when it comes to owning guns.

This shift reflects a broader trend of women taking charge of their personal safety.

Women are not only purchasing guns at higher rates but are also actively engaging in shooting sports, self-defense training, and gun safety courses. 

Understanding the Need for Self-Defense

Women face a different set of safety issues, including the threat of domestic violence, stalking, and other forms of aggression. The ability to effectively defend oneself can be a critical factor in these situations. 

A gun is the great equalizer and instantly negates any size, weight or strength advantage an attacker may well have. Hollywood may want to show women kicking ass with their fists, but a gun is a much more realistic proposition.

With any luck you’ll never have to use it. But simply having a gun and knowing how to use it can give you a more positive, confident outlook. You’l be prepared, so you won’t have to feel like a potential victim. That’s a seismic life change all on its own.

It’s another reason why we’re amazed at the anti gun movement seems to include so many women. But that’s a debate for another day. 

Guns for women. Choose the best firearm for you with these helpful tips

Choosing the Right Firearm

When it comes to selecting a firearm for self-defense, the most important factors are comfort, ease of use, and reliability. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; the right choice varies depending on individual needs and preferences.  

Women should consider factors like hand size, body strength, and lifestyle when choosing a firearm. You might want a 44 magnum revolver, but definitely try before you buy.

Popular options include 9mm suubcompact handguns for their ease of concealment and lightweight design. 

You might want to look at smaller 380 pistols that are even easier to conceal and offer less recoil.

Some manufacturers have engineered guns that are easier to rack, like the Ruger Lite Rack

Importance of Proper Training

Training is crucial for any gun owner, and this holds especially true for women who are new to firearms.  

Proper training includes not only learning how to shoot accurately but also understanding gun safety rules, safe handling and storage, and the legal aspects of gun use.  

It isn’t just about shooting your gun. Again it’s about confidence when the time comes, which can help overcome the adrenaline in a self defense situation and make the right choices.

Women-specific firearm training courses and women-led shooting groups can provide a comfortable learning environment. And there are VR introductions these days, but they’re not the same thing as situational and live fire training with professionals.

The Role of Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is a key component of self-defense, with or without a firearm. It involves being aware of your surroundings, understanding potential threats, and avoiding dangerous situations whenever possible.  

Training in situational awareness can enhance a woman’s ability to identify, avoid, or de-escalate potential threats before they escalate to a point where a firearm might be necessary. 

Self-Defense Beyond Firearms

While firearms can be an effective means of self-defense, it’s important to have a holistic approach to personal safety. This might include learning unarmed self-defense techniques, using pepper spray or stun guns, and implementing home security measures. A firearm is a tool in a broader self-defense strategy. 

Legal Considerations

Understanding the legal implications of firearm ownership and use is essential. This includes knowing state and local laws regarding concealed carry permits, self-defense laws, and use of lethal force. It’s crucial for women to be informed and responsible gun owners, ensuring they are within their legal rights in the case of defensive gun use. 

Overcoming Social Stigma

Women who own guns may sometimes face social stigma or misconceptions. It’s important to challenge these stereotypes by fostering a positive and responsible image of female gun owners. This can be achieved through education, advocacy, and active participation in the gun enthusiast community. 

Building a Supportive Community

The growth of women’s participation in the gun community has led to the creation of supportive networks and groups.

Organizations like The Well Armed Woman and also A Girl & A Gun, provide resources, training, and a sense of community for women gun owners. These groups offer a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and encouragement. 

Personal Stories of Empowerment

Many women have found a sense of empowerment and confidence through firearm ownership and training. Sharing personal stories and experiences can be incredibly powerful, offering inspiration and motivation for other women considering the path of armed self-defense. 

The Psychological Aspect

The psychological impact of carrying a firearm for self-defense is an important consideration.

It involves understanding the emotional and mental responsibility that comes with the decision to use lethal force if necessary. The payoff is knowing that you can defend yourself effectively if you need to. That comes with an in-built confidence glow up that you really need to feel to understand.

Mental preparation, including scenario-based training and stress management techniques, is key to being a well-rounded defensive gun user. 

Regular practice, both at the shooting range and through other forms of self-defense training, is essential to maintaining proficiency and confidence.


Women’s self-defense and firearms are about more than just owning a gun; it’s about embracing a mindset of empowerment, preparedness, and responsibility.

For women, a firearm can be a powerful tool in their self-defense arsenal, but it’s most effective when combined with proper training, situational awareness, and a comprehensive approach to personal safety. Do that and your lifer and the way you view the outside world will change for the better.


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