6 of the Best Crossbows For Sale in 2023

Raptor Pro STR crossbow for sale

Modern hunting is moving towards Tac-Ops style sniper operations with sniper rifles. But sometimes you want to be different and the best crossbows certainly tick that box.

Sometimes you want to get closer to nature and hunt with the relatively analog crossbow. Alternatively, there’s something deeply satisfying about slamming bolts into the dead center of a sandbag and watching it suck up all that energy.

It’s a strangely addictive, old-school and relaxing method of shooting. It’s still shooting, too, and you might find you really enjoy it as a separate and unique activity. It will also help your shooting.

If you have a backyard range and you don’t have a crossbow, then you really need to fix that.

You will find it raises your game as a hunter and target shooter, because you’ll have to stalk your prey and you’ll also feel the difference of your breathing and body position much more clearly with a crossbow. So, go out and take potshots with this, even with target shooting, and you’ll become better all-round.

It’s a visual way to learn about elevation, wind and other factors that come into play when you’re taking a much longer shot with a rifle. So you’ll soak up information playing with a crossbow that will serve you well in the wider world.

Consider it small scale rifle hunting training, and if you iron out bugs in your technique with the crossbow, you won’t even feel them with the Creedmoor.

Here are 6 crossbows for sale that we think you will love.

Barnett Raptor Pro STR

1. Barnett Raptor Pro STR

  • Price: $369.99
  • Speed: 400fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 135lb/ft
  • Draw weight: 187lb

Now this isn’t the most advanced crossbow for sale, but it is an absolute bargain. It strips out some of the bells and whistles of the top flight marksman jobs that you might want to progress to, and still gives you the brutal 400fps speed that turns this relatively small crossbow into a real lethal hunter.

If you want to experiment with  crossbow hunting, or just want to thump targets, without breaking the bank, then this might be the ideal way to get started.

Raptor Pro STR crossbow for sale

The Barnett is made from steel and glass fiber composite, rather than carbon-fiber. it comes with TriggerTech Frictionless Release trigger assembly that gives you a crisp 3lb break, and the crossbow works with external crank coking device to help you load the next bolt and draw the bow.

STR stands for Step Through Riser, which used to be a feature on Barnett’s top-end competition crossbows and now features on a selection of the company’s premium offerings. Barnett is going hard on value for money and even though this crossbow costs a fraction of the most expensive ones here, it does the basics just as well.

You get a rope cocking device in with the package, too, together with two Headhunter carbon bolts, a 4x32mm illuminated scope and a Picatinny rail that means this crossbow can take your existing accessories and you can tac this crossbow up to holy Hell.

Ravin R20 Sniper crossbow for sale

2. Ravin R20 Sniper Package Predator Camo

  • Price: $2,699
  • Speed: 430fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 164lb/ft
  • Draw Force: 12lb
  • Weight: 7.1lb
  • Length: 34.5”

This is the Ferrari of the crossbow world. It’s the Sig Sauer Rattler, or more accurately it’s a super expensive Noveske Creedmoor of crossbows for sale, because this is a long range, serious hunting crossbow.

This crossbow comes with a scope that you can dial up for elevation and it’s good for a 200-yard shot with, theoretically, a kill shot at the end.

It’s a 400gr bolt at 430fps, which is enough to harvest mid-large game. Deer, hog, they’re all fair game and you don’t need a single bullet. You just need to get close, or hide out like a sniper and wait for the animals to come to you, then you get one good shot before you have to reload.

That takes time, so really you get one clear shot at the animal and you have to make it count. If it’s a target, then it’s probably not going anywhere and you’ve got time to rack up another bolt.

Crossbow hunting is a different skill and it will raise your game across the board. So even if it’s just to sharpen your skills and actually stalk your prey, then it’s worth breaking out the crossbow from time to time.

It functions almost like an AR platform and you even get a big safety, which is a neat touch for a novice crossbow hunter.

Forget the whole old concept of a massive bow out front, too. That system of pulleys generates the power with the reverse draw, so this is a seriously compact weapon.

The Vortex Strike Eagle scope gives you 2.8x magnification, which will get you in synch with the animal’s breathing, or just to zero in on targets and feel your own body’s input into the shot. There’s a red dot in the scope, with full illumination to help you home in on your target.

The spirit level is also a big deal. Because if you’re going for long distance accuracy, dropping either side of the crossbow by just one degree will send your bolt winging wildly off target. That’s all part of the process of learning archery and the Sniper package will help you out.

You can even put your own red dot on it, or your own scope, which is a big deal for some people.

This is the top of the line, the luxury crossbow and the best of the best.

Ravin has a range of cheaper, lesser-powered crossbows that will do you just fine for target shooting. Check those out here:

Ravin Crossbows for sale on eBay right now.

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro Crossbow for sale



3. TenPoint Turbo S1

  • Price: $1,399
  • Speed: 365fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 122lb/ft
  • Draw Force: 165lb
  • Weight: 7.8lb
  • Length: 34.5″

An ultra light carbon-fiber barrel and stock keeps the TenPoint to 7.8lb total in weight.

It’s a reverse draw 10-point crossbow that is just 10” shoulder-to-shoulder when cocked.

You can adjust the cheek support, the ACUdraw cocking mechanism makes it a lot easier on your shoulders and this is the epitome of modern day crossbow hunting. The bow itself is ridiculously complex, but you just need to worry about your breathing and sending those bolts on target.

You get a scope in with the deal and it’s a good one. So if you have that crossbow itch, this is one way to scratch it. it’s one of the best crossbows for sale in 2022, that’s for sure. Have a look here at an old TenPoint favorite of ours.

Horton Ultra Lite crossbow

4. Horton Legend Ultra-Lite Crossbow

  • Price: $949.99
  • Speed: 330fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 97lb/ft
  • Draw Weight: 175lb
  • Weight: 6.8lb
  • Length: 35.5inch

This looks more like the kind of cross bow we know and love. It’s simpler, then, and that can be a smart business decision out in the field.

It’s properly adustable, it fires out carbon-fiber bolts at 330fps and it’s 13 inches across when it’s ready to go.

This crossbow isn’t quite as powerful, but it is more straightforward.

You get the skeleton stock and the 3x scope in with this package and it looks like a solid deal where you can start shooting right away.

Camo Express cheap crossbow

5. Carbon Express Crossbow Blade Camo

  • Price: $183.99
  • Speed: 320FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: 86lb/ft
  • Draw weight: 165lb
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Length: 31 inches

The velocity all looks the same, but look closer and you’ll see that this crossbow fires 100gr bolts, which means its down on power.

Still, it’s hardcore enough for small game, it could probably take a squirrel out the air and pin it to a tree, so it’s got plenty of power if you just want to backyard hunt or hit targets.

It’s basic, it won’t last forever and it isn’t in the same league as the more expensive crossbows. But if you want to play with one, if you want to headshot squirrels with crossbow bolts or you want to thump targets in the backyard, then this is all the crossbow for sale that you actually need.

It does have an adjustable stock and foregrip, but it doesn’t have advanced carbon-fiber construction, which is ironic considering the name.

Crossbow pistol

6. Pitbull Crossbow Pistol Grip

  • Price: $49.01
  • Speed: 150fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 110lb/ft
  • Draw Weight: 28lb
  • Weight: 1.95lb
  • Length: 9 inches

OK, now we’re getting to the realms of toys and you probably shouldn’t take this out hunting. For fun, though, for playing in the back yard and taking on your friends with targets, it’s a great little game.

It’s a legit crossbow that you could use for small game, but a 22 pistol will be simpler. If, for whatever reason, you like getting down and stalking rats, this should be able to take them down without a drama.

Your neighbors will think you are weird, is the only problem.

Even if you don’t hunt rodents quite that obsessively, this is a great game to play with one or two beers (no more, obviously…) and it’s a simple target game that gets surprisingly addictive as you get to the limits of the crossbow’s range.

Strangely, the more we look at it, the more we hover over the Buy it Now button.

We think ours will arrive about the same time as yours….

Don’t forget the Barnett Recruit while we’re here. That’s an oldpost now, but still work a look.


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