TenPoint Shadow NXT: A Serious Hunter’s Crossbow

Crossbow, fun for hunting season


TenPoint Shadow NXT: A Serious Hunter’s Crossbow

Price: $1,099.00

If you have cut your teeth with a cheaper crossbow and you want to move up in the world, then this TenPoint Turbo GT comes highly recommended.

It’s the winner of the 2016 Game & Fish Reader’s Choice Award and comes with a 13.5” bow assembly. It launches arrows at speeds of up to 360ft/s and it carries a punch, hitting the target with 107ft/lb of kinetic energy.

It weighs in at 6.5lb and you get a selection of Pro-Elite carbon arrows that you load with the ACUdraw system that reduces the strain by a solid 50%.

You get a usable Pro-View 2 Scope on top of the crossbow and this is a rig you could take hunting right out the box.

Of course, you’ll want to order more arrows and I’d recommend sticking with the Pro-Elite. Consistency is a big deal in crossbow hunting and you can get a six pack for less than $50 here.

TenPoint Turbo GT: Compound Interest


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