7 Reasons You Really DO Need an AR-15

7 reasons you really DO need an AR-15.

In recent years, the debate surrounding gun ownership has become increasingly contentious. One particular firearm that has found itself at the center of the controversy is the AR-15.

Often misunderstood and unfairly demonized, the AR-15 is a powerful tool that serves a variety of legitimate purposes. So if you find yourself under fire, so to speak, and need an argument why you DO, in fact, need an AR-15, here are 7 solid reasons.

Reasons you do need an AR-15. Self defense is the obvious one

1. Self Defense

The primary reason individuals choose to own an AR-15 is for self-defense. With its lightweight design, ease of use, and high-capacity magazines, the AR-15 provides an effective means of protecting oneself and loved ones in dangerous situations.

Of course that is why the AR-15 endures as the military option, almost universally around the world. Any military units that don’t use the AK-47 or bullpup rifles have an AR-15 of some sort as their main duty rifle.

It is a versatile, light and manoeuvrable self defense weapon that adjusts to your height and build, with controlled recoil and fast reloading. So it’s an ideal choice for individuals that need to defend their homes or themselves.

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OK not quite like this, but you know..

2. Warning Shots and Suppressing Fire

The anti gun crowd has high capacity magazines firmly in their sights. But there’s a counterpoint that nobody seems to have considered, because they just don’t.

A solid number of bullets in your gun gives you the option to fire a warning shot, which can make your would be attacker rethink their plan.

Most altercations could be settled this way, honestly, as when an attacker realizes you’re not easy prey and will in fact put up a hell of a fight, there’s a good chance it ends right there.

It’s simple predator-prey theory. If the potential cost, as in their life, outweighs the potential reward, like your iPhone and maybe your car keys, then they’ll leave you alone. So a warning shot or two can really shift the balance in your favor.

Now if you can fire 20 bullets over the head of your enemy you can pin them down to a position and make your escape to a secure location.

With less bullets and rate of fire, say you have a 3 round mag in a bolt action rifle, you have to make every shot count. So in theory, less bullets makes things more dangerous, for you and the attacker.

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3. Dangerous Game Defense

Not everybody lives in a gated community in the suburbs. Plenty of North Americans share their habitat with the kinds of animals that would just get annoyed with 10+1 rounds from the best 9mm micro compact.

Likewise we don’t all have to face the daily reality of grizzly bears charging at us, or angry bison. But some of us do.

There are enough Youtube videos of mountain lions chasing people down in the California hillsides and pissed off grizzlies to know that it does happen. And in those instances there would be few better forms of self defense than an AR-15.

I mean an AR-10 would be better, but an AR-15 would be about 3000% better than a Glock 19. That’s just science.

Have people died because gun regulations meant they were simply outgunned by massive animals with claws and teeth? Probably…

4. Hunting and Pest Control

Many hunters and landowners rely on the AR-15 for effective pest control and hunting purposes.

Its lightweight construction and adaptability make it ideal for navigating different terrains and engaging targets with precision.

The high capacity and rate of fire gives multiple shots for pack animals or just fast moving critters, although critter guns often come with smaller magazines.

Additionally, the AR-15’s ability to fire smaller 223 Remington caliber rounds makes the best AR-15 ammo suitable for hunting small game while minimizing damage to the surrounding environment.

The AR-15 is a great gun for coyote hunting, whitetail deer and many other small and medium sized game animals. Especially with modern hollow point ammunition that has evolved to produce a clean and humane kill.

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5. Emergency Preparedness

In times of crisis, having a reliable and versatile firearm is crucial for ensuring personal safety and the protection of one’s property and your family.

The AR-15’s reliability, ease of maintenance, and widespread availability of spare parts and accessories, as well as ammunition, make it an excellent choice for emergency preparedness.

Whether it be natural disasters, civil unrest or zombie apocalypses, owning an AR-15 can provide a sense of security and peace of mind.

And every zombie movie ever has shown us that you need headshots and zombies come in waves. You need a high quality AR-15 and red dot sights for that scenario.

The AR-15 is popular for sport shooting and competition like 3 Gun.

6. Sport Shooting and Competition

Beyond self-defense, the AR-15 has gained immense popularity in the world of sports shooting and competition.

Now this is coming into the realm of want, rather than need, as sport shooters can choose another weapon.

But freedom of choice is kind of a big deal in this country, and millions of Americans choose to shoot at paper and steel with AR-15 rifles every day.

There’s nothing more nefarious to it than that, and banning these guns on the actions of a tiny minority would be like killing all the sharks in the ocean because a fat dude got bit on the foot in Florida.

Its ergonomic design, customizable features, and reliable performance make it a favorite among shooting enthusiasts. Whether it be precision shooting, 3-gun competitions, or simply honing one’s marksmanship skills, the AR-15 offers an unparalleled shooting experience.

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7. Preserving the Second Amendment and Freedom

Perhaps the most important reason to own an AR-15 is to preserve our fundamental rights as American citizens.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, and the AR-15 represents the embodiment of that right.

By owning and responsibly using an AR-15, individuals are exercising their constitutional freedoms and ensuring that their voices are heard in the ongoing debate over gun rights.

The gun control debate and movement has told us loud and clear that there is no debate, it’s a constantly shifting goalpost and it’s not about the AR-15 at all. If we tolerate this, then handguns, shotguns and bolt action rifles will be next…

Various changes in State legislation have also shown us that sales of new AR-15s are more likely to be banned, rather than an outright ban on their ownership. So if you already own them, you will be allowed to keep them. But if you wait, you might not be allowed to buy one in the future.

So buying them now is really just smart business. It gives you a competitive advantage and it’s just another reason why you do need an AR-15 right now.


Despite the misconceptions and negative portrayal in the media, the AR-15 is a valuable tool that serves multiple legitimate purposes.

From self-defense and sports shooting to hunting and emergency preparedness, the AR-15 offers unmatched versatility and reliability.

Moreover, owning an AR-15 is a tangible way to exercise our constitutional rights and preserve the freedoms that define our great nation.

So, the next time someone questions the need for an AR-15, remember these seven compelling reasons why you really do need one.

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