Best Gun Kit For Home Defense – Sep 2017

Kel-Tek KSG Pump Action shotgun

If you have a handgun and a shotgun dotted around the house, then you obviously care about home security.

But do you really have a system?

If you have 5,10 or 20 shots before you’re out of ammo, then you’re sailing close to the wind.

Hundreds of Rounds, Not Just a Few

For a real self  defence system, you need to be able to go through a warzone and still come out firing the other side.

You need a variety of weapons and you need them loaded and ready to go.

That’s why you want weapons you can rely on and you also need them to be readily available where you will need them most.

That’s almost certainly in the bedroom. Intruders often come at night, but even if there’s a daytime incident then you’re more likely to be able to get to your bedroom.

It’s simply a numbers game.

So, you need to keep the guns near you where you sleep…

What Weapons You Need For Self Defence

Kel-Tek KSG Pump Action shotgun. Buy your 15-round 12 gauge shotgun now at the best gun store online.

1. Kel-Tec KSG

Price: $829.99

This is a totally different kind of shotgun, because it’s loaded with two tubes that mean you get 15 2 and three-quarter inch rounds into this thing.

Youtubers have proven that you can fit 25 mini shells in there, which makes it a potent force for self-defense. In fact, it might be the best home defense shotgun in the world right now. Update, it has since been overtaken by the box fed magazine shotguns like the Kalashnikov KS-12.

More Shells is a Winner With Shotguns

In the first draft, I  couldn’t let go  of the Benelli M4, but that’s more than double the money, it only holds 8 shells and it simply isn’t as flexible as the Kel-Tec.

In a real firefight, those extra shells in the chamber could prove more than decisive.

So for pure home defense, at any budget, we’ve got the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun as a cornerstone of your attack.

It has turned the favored shotgun of the special forces into an optional extra and the last piece in the puzzle.

Make it the first purchase if money is an issue, as you can buy another weapon with the change and you’ll already have a home defense system in the making.

It’s 26.1 inches long, which makes it one of the shortest shotguns you can legally buy. Every part is functional and it’s a shoot from the hip gun that will swing freely almost anywhere.

It weighs just 6.9lb, too, which means it’s the kind of gun that you can carry as part of a multi-weapon set-up.

Accuracy Doesn’t Matter With A Shotgun

In a close quarters situation, you can’t always be as accurate as you’d like.

Especially with adrenaline coarsing though your veings.

With a shotgun, you don’t have to be.

Anywhere in the general vicinity is enough to deter and debilitate an intruder. So a shotgun should probably be the first addition to that gun safe.

People obsess over handguns, but there are few more intimidating sights than a shotgun pointing at you.

So, if you’re a one-weapon household, seriously contemplate making yourself a shotgun house.

Shotgun Accessories That Help

Consider adding a tactical flashlight to the underside, too. It’s your call whether you use it or not, but it can give you a real advantage in a dark house.

You can fit a sling, or any other manner of tactical warfare gear on your KSG and a lot of them do end up looking a bit much. But it’s fun, so it’s fine.


2. Sig Sauer 9mm MPX PDW

Price: $1,579.99 (Subject to change)

When you’ve run out of shotgun shells, or you want the precision and the sheer output of a 9mm submachine gun, this Sig Sauer 9mm MPX PDW is about as good as they get for the money.

If money isn’t a problem, then you might want to go the full nine yards and get the HK SP5K, which is $900 more but comes with the HK MP5 heritage and potentially a better gun.

Check out a full post of 9mm AR pistols, pistol caliber carbines, call em what you will here…

But if you even think about the money, then the Sig Sauer 9mm is the one to go for. Or a CZ Evo Scorpion 3 actually. Still, this is really good…

Modular Design Means it’s a Custom Pistol

It’s a beautifully engineered gun and you can buy modular components and turn it into an SBR. Fit weapons lights, red dot sights, go tacticool as all Hell.

For home defense, though, you really want to keep it stripped down, with a sling for stability,

The one add-on you might think about could  be this universal tactical flash light at $99.95.

Weapons light works with the Sig Sauer 9mm

You can fit a drum magazine and give this beast 50 rounds to play with.

The standard magazine comes with 30 shots, though, and it’s easier to drop and replace them. You could also strap mags together and just reverse them when the time comes to reload.

Capacity can be everything in a home defense situation and this monster, fitted with a 30-round mag, and the Kel Tec KSG could give you 55 shots before you have to reload.

That’s something to think about.

What if the Sig Sauer is too  expensive?

We recently featured the CZ Scorpion and it has received rave reviews.

Scorpion Submachine Gun

For less than $800, this could be the ideal budget alternative to the Sig or HK SP5K if you have to watch your spending.

We think the Sig is worth the extra money, though, so if you can scrape the funds together then go for that and know you’ve got a weapon you can rely on for many years.

Glcok 19 5th Gen, what's new?

3. Glock 19

Price: $599

Handguns are a deeply personal thing, but  if we’re recommending a home defense system then we’re going to play it by the numbers.

The Glock has become the go-to weapon for special forces, law enforcement and the military. The 5th gen has just come out, so if you’re buying one now then make sure you get the latest gun with the better trigger set, flared mag well and no grooves in the grip.

It isn’t spectacular and it isn’t wildly expensive. But it is reliable, which is all you really want in a home defense handgun.

Well, that, stopping power and accuracy. Again, the fact that Glock has become the weapon of choice for so many men whose lives depend on it suggests it’s a solid choice for a homeowner.

It’s a double action 9mm with a 21oz overall weight and a 4 inch barrel.

Get the 15-round magazines for home defense, or the 33-round mags if you’re willing to put up with a slightly less wieldy weapon. Whatever you do, keep several full mags to hand.

What if the Glock 19 is too expensive?

What about the Taurus G2C or Taurus G3? These are the obvious cheap options. But there are more…

Our insider tip for the 4 inch barrel striker fired class, if you’re looking to save money, is the Springfield Armory Defender line.

These hover consistently around the $300 mark and they’re basically a nuttin fancy version of the almighty Springfield XD Mod 2.

Springfield Armory XD Defender Series. A cheap concealed carry pistol that does everything right. A great bargain pistol.
Sig P365 NItron with manual safety

4. Sig Sauer P365 Nitron

Price: $499

Get the Sig P365 and even consider keeping it by the side of the bed in a separate mini vault. It’s also a great pocket pistol and can hide almost anywhere.

That means that you’re armed from the moment you get out of bed. So even if you don’t have time to get to the gun safe, you have a fighting chance.

Biometric mini Gun Safe

If you’re taking on intruders, this gun can slip into your sock or pocket. So, if you get disarmed, there’s a chance this little beauty won’t get noticed.

That’s what could make it a real life saver and a concealed carry weapon is often overlooked when it comes to home defense.

It really shouldn’t, because this little palm-sized creation could give you a fighting chance when things get really bad.

The 9mm packs in a massive 10 rounds in that double stack magazine. And that can make a difference in a pinch. It’s the every day carry for millions of Americans for a reason and the P365 Nitron has redefined the industry. This is the micro-compact 9mm pioneer, and it’s still arguably the best.

Tactival Vest -A mobile armory. Get the best tactical vests for sale and carry your magazines, shells and tactical gear on you. Like the pros.

5. Tactical Vest

Price: $42.99

It takes a few seconds to throw this vest on, but it can come loaded with all your spare ammunition, the Glock can already be locked and loaded in the integral holster and you know you have everything you need.

In this one vest you could have three spare mags for the Glock, three spare 30 round mags for the Sig Sauer and a pocket full of shotgun shells.

It takes away all thoughts of stocking up. It’s ready-filled pantry of bullets, shells and even guns.

You can put the Springfield in there, too, and just move it to a more subtle position when you have the time.

This vest will ensure you have hundreds of rounds, rather than just a few.

It’s a $42.99 investment, but seriously it could make more difference than any one of the guns in your arsenal.

Bulletproof vest,ideal for home defense

6. Bulletproof vest

Price: $500

There’s no denying the fact that a bulletproof vest can save your life and you can load it up just like a tactical vest with velco-fastening pouches.

Get the basic, lightweight vest here from just $189.99.

Then add your own armor plating and attachments that suit your particular set-up.

Expect to spend about $500 to have a fully equipped bulletproof vest with pouches, holsters for up to two guns and mags and shells.

None of us like to think about taking shots, but it can happen. Body armor boosts your odds, it’s pretty obvious.

So,for the ultimate home defense system, you have to consider a way to take the shots and keep on firing back. A bulletproof vest could prove more valuable than any gun, so think carefully about how you spend your money as you build up your home defense system.

7. A Solid Gun Safe

If you have kids  in the house, make a gun safe the first part of any home defence system. If you live alone then it’s less important, but it would still be more than painful to have your own guns used against you and so gun safes are pretty much vital these days.

We recommend these gun safes and we just don’t think you should risk a biometric gun safe just yet. Check out these posts for options:


Optional Extra

Benelli M4 Shotgun for sale. Get the best Benelli shotguns, custom shotguns and high capacity tactical shotguns at your favorite gunbroker.

7. Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

Price: $1861.69

This is the shotgun the Navy Seals take into action. It’s the best of the best and it has been torture tested to death by the American special forces.

Any weapon that achieves this kind of special approval from the world’s greatest fighting force just has to be exceptional.

The Police Trust the Benelli M4

Benelli is also one of law enforcement’s favorite tools. Police officers might not have much disposable income, but many of them are prepared to spend their own money to have a Benelli in the car.

Again, that’s an endorsement you can’t really top.

It’s still a luxury weapon here, though, and it really isn’t essential.

Increase Capacity with a Magazine Extension

It only holds five shells with one in the chamber, although you can modify it with a longer tube to turn it into a 7+1 shotgun. Get your Benelli parts, accessories and upgrades here:

So it doesn’t have a massive capacity, but as a part of a system, as a first line of defense, it will probably settle most home intruder ‘issues’ with one shot.

Even if you miss, not too many intruders will hang around to take a second attempt from a 12-gauge shotgun with this kind of visual impact.

Keep a side saddle fully stocked with shells on the gun at all times, though, and it gives the gun a better sense of  purpose..

Benelli M4 side saddle

It’s a $114.75 mod, but it provides a solid and proper mount for eight shells that is more than a full reload. It’s also an elegant looking thing that makes the gun look even more menacing.

Also, this $15.51 sling on Amazon comes with space for up to 15 shells, too.

Shotgun sling with space for 15 shells

A Shotgun Can Still Be a World Class CQB

So it’s best practice to get them both and keep everything stocked, locked and ready to go.

In total, those two mods will give you 23 spare shells. That’s not to be sniffed at.

But the Benelli’s limited number of shells makes it a real luxury and we think it might even render it obsolete in the company it’s keeping here.

Quick Summary

We think the absolute best set-up is:

  1. Kel Tek KSG – $779.99
  2. Sig 9mm MPX PDW – $1579.99
  3. Glock 19 – $650.00
  4. Springfield Armory XD-40 Mod 2 – $499.99

Total: $3,508.98

Optional Extra  

Benelli M4 – It’s a great gun and it has the X-Factor, but it might be a little light on shells in this company.

A low budget home defense set-up

If you’re on a super tight budget, then get the following guns and equipment in this order:

  1. Remington 870 DM – $300-$350
  2. ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid – $379.99
  3. Taurus G2C – $219.99

In both cases, a bulletproof vest or tactical vest at the very least should be on the shopping list.

If you get this, you’ve got hundreds of rounds of ammo and you shouldn’t run out in anything approaching a normal home intruder situation.

So this kit can save your life. It’s absolutely worth the investment.


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